Sunday, April 29, 2012

President Bill Clinton Supports Obama - Really

There is evidence that Bill and Hillary Clinton are solidly supporting Socialist President Obama for reelection in 2012.   First, what choice do they have.  Second, if Obama loses in 2012, this is all about securing the Black vote for Hillary in 2016.  Bill Clinton used be referred to as the first Black President, that is before we ever had a Black President.   During the Socialist primary in 2008, Obama actually questioned Clinton's credentials related to Black issues because the Clinton's were not Socialist enough.

This Blogger has heard President Clinton speak to a small business audience, during a paid speech engagement and I can tell all that Clinton sounded far more like a Republican than a Socialist.  Of course, it could have been the audience since Clinton is very good as telling people what they want to hear.   In many ways, Bill Clinton is a brilliant crowd manipulator.  In any case, if there was even 50% truth in Clinton's speech, Bill Clinton could not win the Socialist nomination for the Presidency today because the old Democrat Party is dead. 

Socialists prefer to refer to themselves as "Progressives" because they know the word Socialist is toxic; but an ugly duckling by any other name would still be a duck.   Bill Clinton recognized that the Democrat Party had gone too far to the left years ago when he was active in spearheading the more more moderate wing of the party.   It won Clinton two terms in office.  The Moderates are now all gone.  What is left are Socialists and maybe even some Communists in the old Democrat Party.   There is only the left wing and the very left wing in what was the old Democrat Party.   What few old Democrat Moderates are left in the US Senate will likely be gone in 2012. 

Hillary Clinton will run for the Presidency in 2016, if Obama loses, or 2020, if he wins reelection.   That is going to happen because the Clinton's are used to having the big jet and the big house.  They like all the trappings of the Presidency.  Hillary Clinton has already said she will not serve in a second Obama Administration.   That will happen for two reasons, first to distance herself from Obama and second, because Hillary Clinton like her husband, can command $100,000 a speech to add to the family wealth.

And, since Hillary Clinton will seek the Socialist nomination for the Presidency in the future, she needs to be a free agent in an attempt to move the party back to the center, if it is possible, which is doubtful.  In the mean time, the Clinton's will play the game and support Obama for reelection.  But, there will be no tears shed if Obama loses because there is no love lost between the Clinton's and Obama.  It is what it is.  Politics always makes strange bedfellows. 

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