Friday, November 30, 2012

Obama Propaganda - Paying Your Fair Share

Socialist President Obama, with the help of the lame stream media, is as adept at propaganda a Josef Goebbels, the NAZI Minister of Propaganda, who perfected the big lie.   The President and his Socialist pals in Congress continue to say that the "rich" do not pay their fair share.   This is plain and simple BS.   Here are the facts.   The top 1% of income earners pay 37% of all income taxes in the United States.   The top 5% of all income earners pay 60% of all income taxes in the United States.  And finally, the top 10% of all income earners in our country pay 71% of all income taxes.   The bottom 50% of income earners pay just 2.4% of all income taxes in the United States. 

As such, we have the most progressive income tax system in the world.  Obama can call for higher taxes to support his PEEP's, those on the dole, the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, public employee union members, illegal aliens, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony capitalists; but President Pinocchio should at least tell the truth.  As a Socialist that supports redistribution of income in the name of social justice, Obama simply wants to confiscate wealth from hard working Makers and give it to his PEEP's, the Takers in our society.   That is the real truth. 

This Blogger has said many times that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, or historically in some cases even murder, to stay in office feeding at the trough.   This notion that the "rich" do not pay their "fair share" is the biggest lie at all.  Cards talk and numbers don't lie; but Socialists do lie all the time.   As we face the debate about the Fiscal Cliff, it would be nice if President Obama would at least tell the truth.   Don't count on it.  This Man/Child is the biggest liar of them all. 

The reality is that if Obama got his way and tax rates were raised on the "rich" as he wants, it would bring in just enough money to fund the federal government for about 8 days a year.  Obama is borrowing $4 billion a day to fund his Trillion Dollar plus annual deficits, with no end in sight.   Raising taxes on the "rich" will not end deficit spending, nor pay off our National Debt.   Only spending cuts will do that and neither Obama nor his Socialist pals in Congress, that are bankrupting our country, will vote for meaningful spending cuts, or entitlement reform.  It is what it is. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Going Over The Fiscal Cliff

This Blogger is starting to believe that we may have to go over the Fiscal Cliff on December 31 to get President Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress to get serious about dealing with Obama's Trillion Dollar Plus annual deficits and our $16 Trillion National Debt.   Obama is focused on raising taxes on the "rich", rather than cutting spending.  Even if Obama gets what he wants, assuming new taxes don't change economic behaviors, which is not the case, on paper, it will only bring in about $70 Billion a year in additional federal revenues.   Since new taxes are a job killer, it will not happen anyway.

Even if it did happen, that is a drop in the bucket when Obama is borrowing $4 billion a day to fund his Socialist Schemes and entitlements.   And, this is before ObamaCare kicks in, which many now estimate will cost $2 Trillion in the next ten years.  If Obama's trajectory is allowed to go forward, assuming the markets will allow it, which is doubtful, we will have a $20 Trillion National Debt by the time Obama leaves office in four years, with no end in sight.   Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will be bankrupt. 

This Blogger believes that Obama is intentionally out to bankrupt our country to "transform" our nation into a Socialist or Communist country.   Since Obama is clearly not stupid, in fact, far from it, what other explanation can there be for Obama's irresponsible, fiscal mismanagement.   Obama is in business to take care of his PEEP's, people on the dole, the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, public employee union members, illegal aliens, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony capitalists, no matter what damage it does to our country. 

However, when the United States experiences financial collapse, no one will be immune from the suffering and chaos that it will cause.  The Republicans in Congress should be for tax reform designed to stimulate economic growth and job creation again in America.  Republicans should support lower tax rates and elimination of many deductions, except the charity deduction, and loop holes that distort the market.   We also must reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to save these programs for future generations.  Otherwise, Republicans should just say NO to Obama's Socialist Schemes, even if it means going over the Fiscal Cliff.  It may be the only way to achieve fiscal sanity. 

The National Debt Limit - Here We Go Again

In a matter of weeks, the United States will hit our $16.4 Trillion National Debt Ceiling as Socialist President Obama is borrowing $4 Billion a day to fund his Socialist Schemes and Entitlements.   Drama Obama will turn this event into another crisis because without raising the debt limit, the federal government will not be authorized to borrow more money to fund expenditures.    Irresponsible Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, who is leaving the Administration in January, has said, there should be no debt limit at all. 

Don't be surprised if Obama attempts to end the Debt Limit by Executive Order, which was hinted at the last time around.  If Obama does try to do this, it will cause a Constitutional Crisis and turmoil in the markets.   The reality is that we have to get spending under control; yet Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress continue to play games.   There is no way to cut deficit spending without reforming Socialist Security, Medicare and Medicaid and eliminating redundant programs, agencies, departments etc.   We have to get federal government spending down from Obama's 25% of GDP to the more traditional 18%.  Obama will never do it because it means using attrition to eliminate many public employee union jobs.  

Obama and his Socialist pals in government are in power as a result of public employee union support.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing even if it bankrupts the country.  So now, we will go through the National Debt Ceiling dance once again.   Expect Drama Obama to cause a crisis.   It is now the norm with Obama. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Drama Obama - Four More Years Of Crisis

We are likely to see four more years of crisis, caused by Socialist President Obama because it is his management style and the means of advancing more of Obama's Socialist Schemes.   As Raum Emmanuel, Obama's former Chief of Staff and now the Mayor of Chicago, once said, "never let a good crisis go to waste".   This means that our country will be in a constant state of turmoil because Obama is incapable of actually governing. 

Turmoil translates to uncertainty, which will result in less investment by business, higher unemployment and a lower standard of living for the American people.   We are mad as hell and we can't take it any more.  We need peace and tranquility in our country to restore economic growth and job creation again in America.   This Blogger believes that Socialist President Obama is intentionally attempting to bankrupt the United States to cause our nation's economic collapse to grab more power by Executive Order to "transform" our country into a Socialist, or even Communist country.   What other explanation can there be for Obama's Trillion Dollar plus annual deficits added to our $16 Trillion National Debt.

Obama is out on the campaign trail again rather than working with Congress to overt the Fiscal Cliff that is coming on December 31.   This Man/Child is incapable of actually being President of the United States.   Obama needs to get his butt back to Washington DC and bring the leaders of Congress into the White House to hammer out a deal to avoid the Fiscal Cliff.  It should have been done a year ago; but now we are down to the wire. 

Our nation cannot take four more years of constant turmoil caused by Drama Obama.    It is time for Socialist President Obama to stop the campaigning and start doing his job.    We need a common sense deal to cut spending and deal with the Fiscal Cliff.   If not now, when??

Monday, November 26, 2012

Obama - There He Goes Again

Socialist President Obama continues to be in campaign mode, dividing the country, even though he won the election.   It is time for the Campaigner and Chief to be President of the United States, fully capable of actually governing a very divided country.  Obama continues to make matter worse when he tries to portray Republicans as opposed to tax policy benefiting the Middle Class.   The fact is that the Bush Tax cuts, on a percentage basis, reduced taxes on the Middle Class, most.   And, it was Republican Presidents including Nixon and Reagan that agreed to the earned income tax credit that is still in effect today to help the working poor stay off Welfare.   It is time for Obama to stop all the BS and put the teleprompter away to meet with Members of Congress to overt the Fiscal Cliff that is looming.   That will not happen if Obama continues to pollute the political atmosphere with more lies and propaganda that he used to win reelection.  It is time for the truth squad, which is always tough for Socialists that will lie, cheat or steal to stay in office. 

Where in the hell is Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, or even Lyndon Johnson, when we need them, all of whom enjoyed politics and knew how to make deals and govern.  Obama is a Man/Child that would rather run for President than be President.  We need leadership and we need it now.   The nation is about evenly divided between people that foolishly adore Obama and those of us that can't stand him.   For once Mr. President, rise above politics and do what is best for the nation.  

We need to reform the tax code along the lines recommended by Simpson Bowles that called for lower tax rates for all and elimination of loop holes and deductions in the tax code.   We need entitlement reform to save Social Security and Medicare that are headed toward bankruptcy.  ObamaCare, as a new entitlement, must be on the table because the money is just not there, after all the smoke and mirrors, to pay for it.   And finally, we need lower corporate income tax rates to keep jobs in America.  This is the deal that must take place if we are to have any chance of economic growth and job creation again in our country. 

Obama and the leaders in Congress of both political parties should be at the table non stop to hammer out a deal that all can support.  Instead, Obama first went to Asia right after reelection and now is back on the campaign trail trying to get his way like a spoiled child.  Enough is enough.   It is time for the grown up's in Washington DC, including the President if he is a grown up, to stop the non sense and get the job done.   This Blogger and the nation are tired of all the posturing and more campaigning.   The President won reelection.  Now he needs to govern, if he can.   

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Repubicans & The No Tax Increase Pledge

Most Republicans in Congress, over the years, have taken a pledge to the American people not to raise taxes.   Remember, George Bush I, who said, Read My Lips, No New Taxes.  Bush I then got rolled by the Socialists in Congress, when he agreed to raise taxes, for nothing in return and then proceeded to lose his reelection campaign because the base of the Republican Party abandoned him, voting instead for Ross Perot, me included. 

The Socialists are very good at rolling Republicans in the name of compromise.   They have been doing it for a 100 years to expand the size of government with all their Socialist Schemes that are now bankrupting our country.   Obama is intent on raising taxes on the "rich", which he defines as singles earning $200,000 and married couples earning $250,000 a year.   The problem with this particular Socialist Scheme is that it will also result in higher taxes for a million small businesses, that employ 70% of all Americans.   Raising taxes on small businesses is a job killer. 

Obama could care less.  This Socialist President supports redistribution of income in the name of "social justice" to take care of his PEEP's; those on the dole, the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, illegal aliens, public employee union members, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony capitalists.   It is what it is.  The fact that the "rich" already pay more than 70% of all income taxes in the country is not enough for Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress.  

This is all about the Makers being forced to support the Takers; Obama's supporters.   This Blogger does not mind helping people who are really in need.    We do it through many charitable donations, in addition to the taxes we pay.  But, many of Obama's PEEP's are just working the system and living off the fat of the land. 

Obama has been borrowing $4 Billion a day to fund his Trillion dollar plus annual deficits with no end in sight.   Any Republican that agrees to raise taxes, without first getting significant spending cuts from the Socialists, is history.   Those Republicans that contribute further to our National Debt, by agreeing to more Socialist Schemes, will be challenged in the primaries by more Conservative candidates and they will lose.

We need real tax reform that lowers rates and gets rid of most deductions that distort markets, except the charitable deduction.   Capital Gains and Dividends should be taxed at no more than 20%, which would be a tax increase.   The $5 million Estate Tax provision should be made permanent, if the Estate Tax cannot be eliminated altogether.   Corporate Income Taxes should be cut to no more than 20%  to be competitive with other countries to keep more jobs in the US.   All of this would be common sense tax reform that would lead to economic growth and job creation again in America.  

There are already 21 new taxes in ObamaCare that are job killers.   The last thing we need is a huge tax increase that will only lead to slow or no growth, higher unemployment and a lower standard of living for the American people.   Obama has no mandate to raise taxes.  Obama actually got several million fewer votes in 2012 than he got in 2008.  The House of Representatives and 31 states Houses are controlled by Republicans.   While Obama got 50% of the popular vote, 48% voted for Romney.   The nation is very divided.   Those of us that don't support Obama are completely opposed to his Socialist Schemes.   Republicans would be wise to remember their base, before voting for tax increases, if they have any hope of reelection. 

The Permanent Under Class In America

The poverty rate is up in America as a result of Socialist President Obama economic policy.   15% of Americans are officially living in poverty, higher than when Bush II was President.   47 million Americans are on Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama took office.   23 million Americans are either unemployed, under employed working part time, or they have just given up looking for work altogether.  Millions of Americans are on Welfare and Medicaid.  9 million Americans are collecting Disability benefits, many fraudulently, up 1 million since Obama took office.  Is it any wonder that Obama was reelected.  Whose bread you eat, whose song you sing. 

Years ago, it was considered shameful to go on Welfare and Food Stamps.  Today,  both the federal government and states like California actually advertise these benefits on the Internet and radio to encourage more dependency.   There is a Poverty Industry run by government employees, usually in Public Employee Unions, that have a vested interest in creating a permanent under class in America.   The reality is that the more Americans on Food Stamps, Welfare, Disability and Medicaid, the more government employees there are paying union dues, there to support them.   This has become a vicious circle of dependency. 

This is the reality we face; but the truth is that there is a permanent under class in America that is composed of people that are under educated, with no marketable job skills that cannot compete in a global business environment.   Many jobs that have gone overseas are never coming back.   The notion that someone can earn Middle Class wages in a job that requires little education, or job skills in a union job, except in government, is over.   That is why in the last 30 years, union membership in the private sector has gone from 35% of workers to just 7%.   This has occurred because manufacturing jobs have gone to lower cost countries like China.  

In addition, in the last 15 years, a lot of back office jobs have been off shored to India and other countries, at about a third the cost in the US.   Technology has also replaced many lower level employees as a result of ATM's, the Internet and Robotics.   There is even a company working on a robot to flip hamburgers to eliminate those jobs too.  This trend is going to increase, not go away.   As such, many people in industrialized countries have no jobs to go to, unless and until they acquire marketable job skills.  It is what it is. 

Those people that refuse to take advantage of job training programs to learn a skill are destined to be part of the under class in America.   The problem with all of this is that the Makers in society are then expected to support the Takers.   As long as entitlement programs like Disability benefits provided people that are neither physically or mentally handicapped, Welfare, Medicaid and Food Stamps are open ended,  there is no reason, or motivation for these people to do anything to help themselves.   And, this will not change as long was we continue to have a Poverty Industry in America. 

These entitlements are bankrupting our country.  As such, we must change our thinking related to providing benefits to people that can work; but refuse to.   We need Workfare not Welfare.   Anyone getting Welfare  should be required to go to a vocational school to learn a trade, or work cleaning up city streets, or parks in their neighborhoods.    Only those that are physically or mentally handicapped should be receiving Disability benefits.   We have to stop all the fraud related to Disability benefits because these monies are coming out of the Social Security Trust Fund that is headed toward insolvency. 

We have to change the paradigm to deal with the Permanent Under Class in America.   We can't afford them.   But more importantly, we can't have millions of unproductive Americans, living off the fat of the land.   It is time for tough love.  

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rethinking National Defense Beyond Obama

Since many of us are counting the days left in Socialist President Obama's second term, it is also time for the United States to rethink our National Defense strategy.   The United States is still the only super power left in the world, however, if we don't get our financial house in order, like the old Soviet Union, economic reality will overcome military reality and superiority.   So, dealing with the National Debt and actually paying it off is a National Security issue.   We cannot be a super power if we are not economically strong.   That goes without saying; but I said it anyway.  

Next, we really must assess our vital interests, those worth going to war over.   Clearly, we cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear power, not because we need Middle East Oil; but because Iran supports Terrorists around the world that would kill Americans, using nuclear weapons, given the opportunity.   And,  Iran is both a threat to Israel and other countries in the Middle East.   If Iran goes nuclear, other countries in the Middle East will be forced to go nuclear.  Given the tinder box that is the Middle East, this will eventually lead to catastrophe.   We can't let that happen because though we could live without Middle East oil,  it is still important to the world economy.  

We do need an all of the above Energy Plan, using all of our natural resources, to make the US energy independent once and for all so that we are not held hostage to the turmoil in the Middle East that will not end any time soon.    While this likely will not occur as long as Socialist President Obama is in the White House, it will eventually occur out of necessity.   At some point, common sense will prevail; though Socialists are usually a road block as long as they are in power.   But the pendulum will swing and eventually,  American voters will see the light and elect pro-growth Republicans, when they see gas at $5 a gallon or more.  

In any case, when that day comes,  we can turn over defense of the Middle East to those benefiting from their oil, Japan, South Korea, Europe and maybe even China.   This could become a NATO priority for Europe, with our support; but not us in the lead.   Of course, we must continue to provide Israel whatever they need to defend their country; but our direct involvement should be worst case only.  

While Russia may be a threat to Europe, particularly if the Euro Zone disintegrates, the Europeans must do more to defend themselves, creating a bigger nuclear deterrent if necessary; though given the trade between these countries, it is more integration that is the best deterrent to war.   All of this will allow the United States to devote more military resources to Asia Pacific to keep sea lanes open and to deter China's aggressive tendencies.   We don't need to "contain" China; but rather work with China to keep the peace in the region.   It is both in our interest and China's interest to maintain peace in Asia Pacific, since our primary trading partners will be there in the next 100 years.  

At the same time, we must pay some attention to Latin America, particularly the new Panama Canal and dealing with the drug cartels that are threatening governments in some Latin American countries.   We need peace and stability in Latin America, or some of those countries will succumb to Socialist, or even Communist tendencies, which will lead to even more illegal aliens entering our country and a burden on our social welfare system.   We can't let that happen. 

Africa is a wild card in all of this.   However, the reality is that the United States has relatively little business dealings with Africa.   That could change in the future since Africa is rich in minerals; but for now anyway Africa is not a vital interest of the United States.  The Chinese are far more active there so perhaps they need to step up to the plate to insure peace and stability in that region.   The United States does not have to be the world's policeman every place on earth to project military, or economic power.  

To the degree possible, we should avoid foreign entanglements.  Teddy Roosevelt's adage to walk softly; but carry a big stick is a pretty good idea.   That means that our military should be second to none, in the event we really do need to defend our nation.   Ronald Reagan's Peace Through Strength is also the right positioning.   We need to pick and choose our battles, so to speak, recognizing our vital interests, not some emotional approach to international relations.  

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Republican Party & The Working Man

This Blogger was born in what once was one of the nation's five steel centers, before the steel industry went to China and other countries.   And, while my paternal grandfather experienced the American dream, owning a successful grocery store and associated businesses, I had many relatives, with little or no education, including my maternal grandfather, that worked in the steel mills, the foundries, or the auto plants.   They were joined by millions of other immigrants who came to America for a better life. 

Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt was their hero because he was for the "common man", or so it seemed even though the New Deal probably prolonged the Depression.   These were very hard working people with solid values that included the notions of faith and family.  Most to them did not go on Welfare, or what they called Relief because of their pride; but instead worked multiple jobs if necessary to support their families.   60 years ago these people strived to own a small home, with one bathroom, a car, a TV set and a washing machine that were viewed as luxuries.  There was no such thing as vacations away from home.   They focused on holidays with family and church activities.

One of my aunts always referred to the Chevy, their first car, which they bought in 1952, as the "working man's car".   She actually made this reference as criticism because her younger and slightly better off sisters and their husbands owned Buicks, Oldsmobiles, or even Cadillacs, which were more expensive.   The blue collar working man and woman is considerably better off today as a result of two incomes in many cases; but they continue to live pay check to pay check using credit, which my relatives would never have used 60 years ago, to support a life style that they really can't afford. 

It is these people that still vote for Socialists that gave President Obama two election victories.   While about 50% of Americans pay no income taxes at all, not all of them are on Welfare and Food Stamps.   Sadly, many Republicans just don't know how to talk to, or relate to these people.   Mitt Romney thought the recent election was all about the economy, the budget deficit and the National Debt and that was true for the 48% of Americans that voted for him.   But, if that was true for most Americans, Obama would have been defeated.  The fact is that to the blue collar working man and woman in America, the election was about day to day survival.   This Blogger saw that first hand with my own parents.  

This really relates to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to get very nerdy.   People cannot think about bigger issues that seem far off when they are focused on putting food on the table and trying to figure out how to provide their families the basic necessities of life like clothing, housing, medical care and paying for gas and utilities.   If Republicans are going to win national elections, they must recognize that there are a whole lot of people in the United States, usually poorly educated, that are just barely getting by trying to support their families.   These people wrongly look to government for solutions, when government is often the problem, not the solution.   We have to do more helping these people see this reality.  However, today, it is what is and has been so since Franklin Roosevelt. 

While Republicans should remain true to our Conservative values,  we must build a bigger tent that includes our base, some percentage of hard working minorities, especially Hispanics and more single women and young voters.   This means that we must adopt nuanced positions that attract the other 5 - 8% of voters we need nationally to win elections.   We need the Reagan Democrats, blue collar Mid Westerners that cling to their guns, faith and family in our tent.    These people are values voters and they should be voting Republican.  It is time that Republicans start talking to blue collar working men and women and others that vote for Socialists in ways that are important to them.  This is just Sales 101. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Israel Hamas Cease Fire Agreement

Socialist President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have brokered a cease fire between Israel and Hamas, the Terrorist organization in control of the Gaza Strip, supposedly guaranteed by Egypt, run by the Muslim Brotherhood, another Terrorist organization.   This will stop the killing for a while; but solves nothing.   In fact, since as part of the deal the border between Egypt and Gaza will now be open, it will mean even more weapons shipped from Iran to Gaza, through Egypt.   This just give Hamas more time to stock up on rockets that they will once again fire at Israeli cities.  

There have actually been more than a dozen cease fires since 1993 dealing with the Palestinian territories and Hezbollah in Lebanon and none of them have worked because most Arab countries, Iran and these Terrorist Groups refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist.   Officially, all of these entities support the destruction of Israel no matter how long it takes.  There will never be peace in the Middle East until Israel's right to exist is accepted and relations between these countries can be normalized.   This is the reason successive US Presidents have failed to end the fighting between the Palestinians and Israel.  

The reality is, pending any other settlement, the Gaza Strip should be turned over to Egypt and the West Bank should be turned over to Jordon.  They then can decide how they want to deal with their Arab brothers.  Jerusalem, the city of David is the historic capital of Israel and should so remain.   Perhaps the religious sites can be governed by some joint organization that would include Muslims, Jews and Christians to guarantee access to various religious groups.  

The notion of the Palestinian right of return to Israel is problematic at best.   The question is, return to what.   The land in Israel is privately owned by Jews, Christians and Muslims, who are Israeli citizens.   Most Palestinians were not born in Israel, so what are we really talking about.  The Jews that moved to Israel, in the last 100 years, bought the land they own from Arabs and others.  This issue is really overblown by corrupt Palestian leaders to fire up their people and create hatred of Israeli's.   It has to stop.

In any case, the recent Cease Fire between Israel and Hamas is a sham.  It may last a few weeks, a few months, or a few years; but it will not be the end of this story.   Unless and until Israel's right to exist is recognized by all countries in the world, there will never be peace in the Middle East. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Obama's Middle East - A Real Mess

When Socialist President Obama was elected in 2008, many, including him, believed he was the Messiah sent to earth to save the world.  Guess what, it did not happen.   Obama assumed that since he has lived in a Muslim country when he was a child, that this somehow prepared him to deal with the age old problems in the Middle East.  We see the end result.   Islamic fanatics are now in control of North Africa, including Egypt, the largest Arab country.   Syria is falling apart resulting in thousands of deaths.  Iran is that much closer to having nuclear weapons.   And, finally, Israel is under attack. 

No one can say the Middle East and our relations with these countries is in better shape today than when Socialist President Obama did his Apology Tour to the Middle East in 2009, blaming the US for all the evils in the world.  In fact, the Middle East Is A Real Mess worse now than has been the case in many, many years. 

Israel has endured years of rocket attacks on their country from Gaza and Southern Lebanon.  Giving these areas back to the Palestinians was supposed to buy peace.   It did not happen as Hamas and Hezbollah, both Terrorist organizations, funded by Iran and other Arab countries deny Israel's right to exist and continue the fight.   What country on earth would tolerate these attacks, year after year.   Israel must act to destroy Hamas and Hezbollah to defend their nation.   What else can they do?

Ultimately, if we don't act first, Israel will have to deal with Iran to prevent that country from having nuclear weapons.   A nuclear Iran, in addition to being a threat to Israel, will destabilize the entire Middle East as other Sunni Arab countries, like Saudi Arabia, that hate Shia Iran will feel compelled to go nuclear too to counter Iranian influence. 

Socialist President Obama has failed in the Middle East as he has failed to restore economic growth in our country.   The situation there is worse today than when Obama took office.   Just think, we have to endure four more years of Obama's incompetence.  God help us all. 

The Republican Party & Entitlements

It is often said that dealing with Social Security and Medicare is the third rail of politics and therefore impossible to do and survive.   Yet, both these Entitlement Programs are going bankrupt and so failure to deal with them in a thoughtful way will ensure their demise.   This is an opportunity for the Republican Party to offer common sense ideas that will insure that these programs are there for generations to come.  To do so, first the American people must be convinced of the gravity of the problem.  

75 million Baby Boomers are beginning to retire, which will place immense financial strain on both Social Security and Medicare.   If these programs are not modernized for future generations, they will go bust.   It is just that simple.   So, no changes for people 55 or older that don't have time to adjust to any changes.   However, for Americans who are younger, there must be meaningful change.   First, early retirement and ability to start taking Social Security should be at 65, not 62 to conform to the age Medicare is applicable.   The full retirement age should be at 68 graduating up to 70 for Americans under 30.  

When Social Security came into being in the 30's, life expectancy was 62.  Today, people are living to be 85 or more.   If anything, with modern medicine, life expectancy will only increase.   Young people today are likely to live to be 90 or more, on average, so taking the retirement age up to 70 for full benefits is warranted.   Further, those under 55, should be given the choice of either keeping all their retirement contributions in the current Social Security system, or taking their half each month and adding it to a 401K.   While the employer's half would remain in the Social Security System, the employee's half could be invested as the employee sees fit to get higher returns than are typical with Social Security.  This makes perfect sense for younger employees that still could retire early at 65 years old if they so choose by accessing their personal accounts. 

Further, the fraud and abuse related to Disability benefits that come out of the Social Security Trust Fund must come to an end.   Many of the 9 million people receiving Disability benefits are neither mentally, nor physically disabled.   People on Disability for things like high blood pressure, a common ailment, must stop.   These people are fully capable of working and so they should not be on Disability taking money out of the Social Security Trust Fund.  It is time for tough love related to these people. 

Finally, Medicare, which is already means tested, should be further means tested for wealthier Americans so that those that can afford to do so are paying up to 50% of the cost.   While the "rich" have paid for their Medicare coverage many times over while working,  this trade off is necessary to insure that the poor have adequate Medicare coverage after retirement.   Yes, it is redistribution of income; but so be it. 

It is time for Entitlement Reform and the Republican Party should lead the way.   These common sense ideas will insure that both Social Security and Medicare are solvent for current recipients and for future generations.   It is time to get this done. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Unions Attacking Wal Mart

Unions have been trying for years to unionize Wal Mart's Sales Associates that grow to one million during the holiday season.   The latest stunt is a walk out by disgruntled workers on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year.   Of course, it will amount to a hill of beans as most Wal Mart employees will report to work; but the lame stream, left wing media will provide the publicity to make it a story.  

What is really missing in this discussion, is that Wal Mart provides jobs to many people that would otherwise be unemployable, since they have no real job skills, or education.   These are people making about $8 to $12 an hour, plus benefits doing work that requires minimal training, or knowledge.  Fully loaded, these employees probably cost Wal Mart about $20 an hour.  Many Wal Mart employees may be people working part time to supplement family income, or students earning the money to attend college.   While there is honor in all work, it is important to recognize that Wal Mart's claim to fame is providing low prices to consumers that benefit from Wal Mart's low labor cost and volume purchasing power.  

Raising Wal Mart's cost of doing business by raising total compensation and benefits for unskilled workers would hurt the very people unions are trying to help, (nothing unusual), lower and middle class people that primarily shop at Wal Mart.   Wal Mart provides a training platform to help otherwise uneducated employees get a second chance to gain some marketable job skills and the discipline that comes from just showing up on time.   Those employees that gain marketable skills at Wal Mart can then take those skills and move on to higher paying jobs in a free market economy.  

As such, for many people, Wal Mart, as an entry level employer, can be a stepping stone to better jobs.   Once again, given the chance, unions will screw this up hurting not only Wal Mart employees; but Wal Mart customers that benefit from Wal Mart's lower prices.   Of course, Socialist President Obama will use his National Labor Relations Board to support his Union PEEP's because it is really all about collecting union dues to support Socialist campaigns that counts.   Do these job killing characters every learn the lessons of history, as unions have destroyed industry after industry, resulting in jobs going over seas.  Wal Mart will go to automated checkers and thousands of their employees will lose their jobs, if they are forced to pay union higher wages.   It is what it is. 

20 Republican Governors Say HELL NO to Obamacare

20 Republican Governors have wisely said they will not set up the Health Care Insurance Exchanges required by ObamaCare arguing that there is no point in incurring expense at the state level, since these Exchanges are governed by the federal government anyway.   The other 11 Republican Governors should follow suit.   This is Obama's Socialist Scheme so Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress should be held completely responsible for ObamaCare when American citizens begin to see the end result of government intrusion into their health care.   As such, the federal government will have to set up these Exchanges so that the estimated 20 million Americans, likely to lose their company sponsored health insurance can buy their own coverage, some with subsidies and some with none.  

There are already doctors that will not accept Medicare patients because the payments are so low as a result of the $716 Billion cut to Medicare that is in ObamaCare to pay for insuring 30 million of Obama's PEEP's.   And, when the Medicare Advantage HMO program, impacting 22 million Senior Citizens, is eliminated in 2014, requiring Senior Citizens to buy Medigap insurance, assuming they can afford the $300 - $500 a month that it cost, they need to blame Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress for their handiwork.  

Finally, when medical care is rationed as a result of the Death Panels that are part of ObamaCare, just call Obama to find out why a medical procedure is being denied by the insurance company.   This "rich" will buy what they need.   The poor and middle class will just be out of luck because they will not be able to afford these procedures.   All of this is coming beginning in 2014.  

Those of you that voted for Obama in 2012, you can take credit for ObamaCare.   It is now your baby.  Just wait until your insurance company tells you that you can't have a cancer screening, prostate exam, or heart surgery that could save your life.   All of this is coming to a doctor or hospital near you, thanks to ObamaCare.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unions Destroy Hostess Brands

Eighty five year old Hostess Brands, maker of Wonder Bread, Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Snow Balls, among many other bakery products, will close its factories and lay off 18,500 workers thanks to numerous unions demanding higher compensation, benefits, pensions and crazy work rules.  This is another case of unions both destroying jobs and in this case an iconic company. 

Of course, the unions are blaming "Vulture Capitalists" that twice came to the rescue with investment money in an attempt to save Hostess from bankruptcy.   But finally, since unions would not relent related to unreasonable demands, Hostess just decided to call in quits and liquidate.   So now, it is feasible that these brands will be sold to bakeries in China, or other countries to take advantage of this brand identity.   Though manufacturing will not likely come back to the United States, unless it happens in Right to Work states with no unions. 

While Public Employee Union membership has skyrocketed, unions in industry today only represent 7% of workers because unreasonable union demands have pushed many manufacturing jobs overseas.   The reality is, for better or worse, that work is only worth so much as determined by the market place.   Hostess could not charge $10 for a package of Twinkies because the consumer will not pay it.   So in the end, union demands for higher compensation, benefits, pensions and work rules that drive up the cost of doing business, are irrelevant.   Consumers voted NO to higher union demands and so now Hostess will soon be gone. 

Socialists in unions and government just do not understand market realities.   Price in determined in the market place, not a smoke filled room full of union bosses, based on the price a buyer is willing to pay a seller.   The price for all goods and services are determined in this way.   The reason this Blogger does not oppose private sector unions, though they too are job killers, is that this process is self regulating.   If a private sector union demands too much in compensation, benefits, pensions and crazy work rules and company management is dumb enough to agree, then the company will just go out of business, sadly destroying the jobs the union purports to represent.  This has happened time and again. 

The same is not true for Public Sector Unions because government cannot go out of business.   And, Public Sector employees hold a monopoly on jobs.   There is little competition for public schools, unless poor and middle class parents are given School Vouchers to allow them to pull their children from failing public schools and send them to private schools.   Of course, Teacher Unions oppose School Vouchers and School Choice for this very reason.   They do not want any competition.   The same is true for police, fire and most other government services.  

Lack of competition breeds mediocrity; hence the saying "good enough for government work".   And, Public Sector Unions are able to demand higher and higher compensation, benefits, pensions etc. that are bankrupting our country because Socialist politicians, owned lock, stock and barrel by the Unions, are more than happy to comply because it is their ticket to power. 

In any case, what is happening at Hostess Brands has happened to various industries in the United States like Steel, Textiles, Furniture etc. that for the most part no longer manufacture goods in the United States.   Unions have destroyed these industries in the US because of unreasonable demands.   Even the auto industry in the Rust Belt, where auto unions predominate, is much smaller today than 20 years ago.   It is no accident that foreign car manufacturers, that do make cars in the US, are almost all in Right to Work states in the South in non-union shops.   

Unions in industry served a purpose 100 years ago when working conditions and pay were miserable.   Today,  the law governs most working conditions and total compensation and benefits should be based on what the market will bear not arbitrary demands.   Until unions start to understand the forces of Global Free Market Capitalism, we will continue to see more and more manufacturing jobs shipped overseas.   It is what it is. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Socialists Push For Higher Taxes - More Stimulus

A gang of Socialists in the US Senate are pushing for $2 Trillion in tax increases, an even higher amount that what Socialist President Obama is asking for to fund more SwindleUS Plans.  Even though Obama's previous Trillion dollar, borrow and spend stimulus plans, did nothing to create jobs, these Senators want to double down as unemployment continues to rise.  Hold on to your wallets, Middle Class that voted for Obama, they are coming after YOU. 

No one should be surprised.   Just look at California to see Socialists in action.   California already had the highest taxes in the nation; yet Socialists just made them higher by an initiative vote on all Californians.   Yet, California still has billions of dollars each year in borrowing to fund deficit spending that is unsustainable.  California bonds are classed as junk bonds, paying around 6%, in a 1% environment.    The Public Employee unions are calling the shots in California that now has a legislature that is two thirds Socialists along with a Socialist Governor.   These characters have not only killed the Golden Egg, as job killers, they are killing the Golden state.  

The "rich" have been fleeing Califonia for years to places like Nevada that has no personal, corporate or estate tax.   This latest California tax increase will be great for property values in Nevada, so as a Nevada resident, I say thanks much.   But for the people of California, including the Middle Class and small businesses, California is becoming intolerable.   Gas in Texas is a dollar a gallon cheaper than in California because of California regulations as just one more example of Socialist regulations.   It is impossible to manufacture anything in California because of very high utility cost and regulations, which is why companies have been leaving for the last 20 years.   This is what is coming to Obama's America. 

Republicans in Congress should just say NO to higher taxes.   We need tax reform, not tax increases.    Tax rates should be cut for all Americans, along with deductions, except the charitable deduction, that distort the tax code.  Capital Gains and Dividends should be taxed at no more than 20% to create jobs.  The corporate income tax should be cut to no more than 20% to be competitive with the rest of the world.  The $5 million Estate Tax exemption should be made permanant.   It is not that all levels of government don't collect enough in taxes, it is that government spends too much.

We have to cut the waste, fraud and abuse that exists in government, beginning with eliminating 500,000 federal civilian employees, out the current 2.65 million, through normal attrition.    We also must get rid of all the redundent programs, agencies, commission and departments to stream line the federal government.  We have to cut government spending from Obama's 25% of GDP down to more traditional 18%.   Unless and until all of these things happen, there should not be one more dime in new taxes imposed on anyone. 

Socialists are job killers.  Higher taxes and more regulations are job killers.   We will never bring down unemployment if these Socialist schemes are allowed to prevail.   We are stuck with Obama for four more years.   However, 20 Socialists in the Senate are up for reelection in 2014.   If you have a Socialist Senator, call him or her and help them see the light and feel the heat.   Tell your Socialist Senator to knock it off.   They have made a mess of our economy in the last four years.   Enough is enough. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Obama Scandals - Sex, Lies and Video Tape

The Obama Scandals are now unfolding like the movie Sex, Lies and Video Tape.  The extra marital affair of former CIA Director and General David Petraeus with Paula Broadwell has grown into a full blown mystery and maybe spy story, since it was discovered by the FBI that Broadwell somehow got possession of thousands of pages of Classified documents.  The question is how and why.  A second General, Jack Allen based in Afghanistan, is somehow involved in this story along with another woman, Jill Kelley.   But the real question, since this investigation was going on since last June was why Socialist President Obama was supposedly not informed of these shenanigans involving the CIA Director until a few days after the election.  Oh really!

If anyone with a brain believes that story, I have some land to sell you in the desert.   If it is true that Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller failed to inform the President of this investigation involving National Security issues, last summer when it was happening, then Obama should fire both of them immediately.   This Blogger does not believe for a minute that Obama and his Boys in Chicago running the campaign were out of the loop on this one.   It is time to drag them all before Congress and force them to testify to get at the truth under penalty of perjury.  But just wait and see, Obama will claim Executive Privilege to prevent them all from testifying.  

And, then there are the lies surrounding the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans in Libya.   Obama saw this happening live during a 7 hour assault on our Consulate and did nothing to stop it.   Obamanistas, including the President, knew this was an organized Terrorist attack; but then went on TV for several weeks saying it was the result of a spontaneous demonstration because of some silly video disparaging Islam.   Of course this was all election year politics and a bunch of baloney.  

All should know that Socialists, like Obama and especially those from Chicago, will lie, cheat or steal to stay in office feeding at the trough, so no surprise there; but one would hope that in cases involving National Security, in particular, that there really would be the transparency Obama promised.   Don't hold you breath.   In the weeks ahead, we will see more lies.  Oh what a tangled web they weave when the practice to deceive.   Eventually, it will all come out showing that Obama is the Liar and Chief he has been since his first day in office. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Republicans & Public Education

The United States spends more on public education than any other country in the world; yet produces poorer results than many industrialized nations.   To hear Teacher Unions tell it, what ever we spend is never enough.   Most of the money goes for Teacher and Administrator Compensation and Benefits and especially Pensions.   In general, in many school districts Teachers are paid very well for employees that only work 8 months a year.  

In any case, Republicans have an opportunity to win over Independents and parents that often see public schools as their critical issue when voting.   We should support great teachers by advocating merit pay, while opposing collective bargaining involving Teacher Unions, the same as for all public employees.   Republicans should strongly support School Choice for kids in failing public schools.  This clearly would impact minority voters, primarily Blacks and Hispanics whose kids are trapped in failing, inner city public schools.   Those kids should have the opportunity to opt out in favor of private, or parochial schools to give them a chance at a good education.  It is absurd that rich Socialist politicians, like President Obama and many others, can send their kids to private schools, yet they will not give poor kids the same right.  

Republicans should also support reform of public education.   If a kid is not college bound, it is just crazy for that kid to leave high school without a vocation.   There is nothing wrong with being a plumber, electrician or mechanic.   We should determine by 9th grade if a kid can make it to college and if not those kids should be on a vocational track, which should include apprentice programs as part of a high school education.   What we are doing now is failing many kids.  Drop out rates are often 30% or more in many inner city schools.   This is intolerable.  

And, rather than it being discriminatory as has been alleged in the past, should a kid be a late bloomer and be channelled into vocational education, there are always community colleges as a safety net.   So what if a kid ends up learning a trade and then decides to go to college later.   In fact, that kid might be far ahead of the game.   This Blogger is not allowed around tools because I might hurt myself.  It might have been good if I had learned how to actually do something useful, in addition to all the years I spent at University. 

The Republican Party should be the education party.   We have to improve our public schools if we are going to be competitive in the world.   We can't have half our kids "graduating" for high school, or not graduating at all with no skill and no ability to go to university.   Republicans should propose reforms to improve public schools, even if those reforms are opposed by Teacher Unions that support Socialists, that are often an impediment to real reform. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Republicans & Public Employee Unions

As Republicans look out at the election in 2014, when 20 Socialists Senators and 13 Republican Senators will be running for reelection, along with the entire House of Representatives, Republicans across the country should adopt Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin's positioning on Public Employee Unions, which is very simple.  Public employees, that are contributing to the bankruptcy of local, state and the federal governments should not be paid more than what is common in the private sector for like jobs.  

Today, government employees are earning 40% more on average in total compensation and benefits than what is paid in the private sector.   The only question is why?   Why should any government employee be paid more than what is common among Mid Sized companies.   And, why should government employees get pensions that are often equal to their last year's annual salary, when the rest of us are on Social Security and the maximum we can receive no matter how much we pay in is around $2,500 a month. 

It has to stop.  This is a matter of fairness to the American taxpayer that is paying for all of this.   Look, we all love teachers, fireman and cops for sure.   And, they should be well paid.   But should they earn more than a high level Manager or Director at a Mid Sized company, after working many years, that today is getting some where between $70,000 and $120,000 a year.   Old style pension plans in the private sector went away two Recessions ago.  Nearly all Mid Sized companies today provide contributory 401K Plans instead, which should be the means of providing supplemental pension benefits, in addition to normal Social Security to government employees, as well.  

In Wisconsin, Public Employees rioted because Scott Walker was asking government employees to pay a small share of their medical benefits.   Employees in the private sector have been paying 20 - 30% or more of their medical premiums for years.   Public employees should be bench marked against a basket of Mid Sized companies related to total compensation and benefits.  This is about fairness.  The American people showed in the recall election in Wisconsin that they get it as even other industry union members voted to keep Scott Walker in office. 

This issue has nothing to do with unions in the private sector.  Though unions in general are job killers,  if they push too hard in industry and businesses are stupid enough to pay more than is logical, the company will go out of business and or jobs will be moved overseas.   Unions in industry have caused this exact scenario.   So in a sense, this situation is self regulating in the private sector and therefore is not an issue for the American taxpayer. 

It is Public Employee Unions that are the big problem because they have a monopoly on these jobs.   Even Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt opposed collective bargaining for public employees and he was right.   There should be no collective bargaining for public employees.   Instead, total compensation and benefits should be determined by Civil Service Commissions in all states and the federal government cognizant of this market basket of what is paid in Mid Sized companies.  

And,  though public employees should be free to form unions to express their opinions about working conditions and other matters important to them, government employees should not be forced to join and Public Employee Unions should be prohibited from making political contributions, or being involved in elections in any way.   The current system is fraught with corruption as Public Employee Unions support Socialists to extract more compensation and benefits from government, at taxpayer expense.   That does not mean that public employees themselves should be prohibited from participating in campaigns, or elections in any other way they choose. 

The Republican Party should be clear in opposing Public Employee Unions because they are contributing to the bankruptcy of our country.    We have to get spending under control to prevent our country's economic collapse and a loss of our national sovereignty.   Dealing with Public Employee Unions is critical to this process. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

American Citizens Petition For Succession

With the reelection of Socialist President Obama, American citizens in 20 states are signing petitions to request a peaceful succession from the United States.   Since the Constitution allows for a redress of grievances, it is believed that if 25,000 people in each state sign a petition asking for succession that the Obama Administration will have to respond to these petitions.   Of course, nothing will come of this since we already fought this fight during the Civil War; but it demonstrates the deep division that exists within our country.

The 48% of Americans that voted for Mitt Romney not only dislike President Obama, they see him as a clear and present danger to our country as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.   This is really about the the likely continuation of our country's slide into Socialism under Obama and the coming economic collapse of the United States that will occur as a result of Obama's annual Trillion Dollar Deficit spending.   Americans see what is happening in Greece and Spain and they don't want to live though the same mess in our country.  

Shortly, Obama and the members of Congress will have to deal with the Fiscal Cliff.   Plans being discussed as a "compromise" will only slow the financial collapse.   Raising taxes by a Trillion dollars over ten years, Obama's plan, and cutting spending by $4 Trillion dollars over the same time period, if that is the deal that is consummated, will do nothing to end deficit spending, or pay off our National Debt, which will grow to $20 Trillion in the next four years.  

At some point, the markets will just say NO.   The Federal Reserve is already printing money to buy up 75% of federal debt issues every month because there are no takers.   This is destroying the value of the dollar and eventually will lead to very high interest rates and inflation.   We are on a road to fiscal insanity.  It should be no surprise that thousands of Americans want out.   If Obama's current trajectory is allowed to continue, we will see the economic collapse of the United States, a loss of our national sovereigty and civil strife on our streets.  Don't think it can't happen because it is happening in Greece and Spain.   On that day, we will see the dissolution of the United States into more than one country.   That will be a very sad day, indeed as this wonderful experiment in Democracy we call the United States, will come to an end.   

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Republican Party & Gay Rights

In order to build a Republican majority, we have to be more inclusive related to various interest groups in our country.   While Gay Americans make up a very small percentage of our population, they are a very vocal minority group, particularly since the left wing media acts as their loud speaker.  It is incorrect to say that Gay Americans are discriminated against in the workplace.  In fact, various studies demonstrate that Gays actually earn more than the average American primarily because they tend to be better educated.  So that is a non issue to the extent that it is happening; though there may be individual cases that warrant attention.   I just don't see it happening in business today. 

The really big issue for Gay Americans is the ability to marry, or perhaps more important to have all the rights afforded married people under the law.  The reality is that other than all the hoopla that goes along with weddings and the religious aspects and history of marriage around the world, marriage in the United States is actually a contract between two people that is recognized under the law.  That is the reason married people can't just say I divorce you three times, as apparently happens in some societies, to just end a marriage.   Divorce is the dissolution of a contract and it can be ugly because of the emotion involved. 

However, use of the word "marriage" as defined by religious tradition and history as between a man and a woman is a sacred institution for many people.   The words husband and wife are gender specific.   This is the reason why many people are uncomfortable when two Gay men refer to themselves as husbands; or, two Gay women refer to themselves as wives.   Strictly speaking from an English language perspective, it would seem more appropriate for Gay Americans to use the word spouse, or partner, however, what they choose to call each other is their business.   To put this in perspective, if I were to refer to my wife consistently as "my woman" instead of my wife, or my "old lady" again instead of my wife, it might make some people feel uncomfortable because of the connotation.  I only make the point to say that words matter.

In any case, other than a reference to the relationship itself, the word marriage as defined between a man and woman is sacred to many people, which is why many get riled up concerning Gay Marriage.   Yet the reality is that if two Gay Americans choose to enter into a contract, a Civil Union, that replicates the advantages of marriage, why should anyone care.   Yes, I know about the passages in the Bible that refer to Gay Sex as an abomination.   But there are other passages in the Bible, as well, that would require all of us to be Kosher.  I don't know about you; but I just love bacon, so no Kosher for me. 

Obviously, two people of either sex can live together anyway, so why would any Republican care about a contractual relationship that is not called "marriage".   We have to get over this issue.  Gays need to get real too.  Using the word "marriage" is poking many in the eye and as long as the rights of marriage come from Civil Unions, what purpose does it serve to do that to the majority population.  In the broader scheme of things, while I am sure the issue of marriage, or Civil Unions is very important to Gay Americans that may be single issue voters, why should anyone else care about this particular contractual relationship.  I certainly don't. 

And, there is some humor in all of this because with Gay Civil Unions will come Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Gay Divorce, Alimony and Child Custody issues.   Anyone who has gone through a miserable divorce, something this Blogger has only seen from a distance with employees and friends,  Gay Americans that enter into Civil Unions may rue the day they asked for this right.   In any case,  it time for Republicans to stop worrying about other people's contractual relationships.   Civil Unions, without using the word marriage, but providing all the rights of marriage, should be the Republican position and the law of the land.   Can we please move on to more important things like the potential economic collapse of the United States if we keep adding to our $16 Trillion National Debt. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Republican Party & Abortion

Mitt Romney, a very honorable man, spoke to the big picture and the national interests during his campaign in an attempt to attract enough voters to form a majority.   It did not work.   Socialists, including President Obama, played interest group politics.  That is, they hobble together a group of single issue voters to form a majority.   While Republicans characterized the Obama campaign as dealing in small things, which was true, Obama pandered to every conceivable interest group possible to win reelection.    Obviously, it worked because many people are only concerned about the issue important to them, even if the world is crashing down around them. 

There are people and women in particular, that will never vote for a Republican, or Socialist candidate for that matter, for any office, who is pro-life, even if the United States was facing Armageddon, or complete economic collapse.  Republicans will never get these single issue, radical Pro-Choice abortion voters that favor unrestricted right to abortion under any and all circumstances.  So forgettaboutthem. 

Instead, in building our Republican majority, we need to focus on people and women in particular that are more moderate and reasonable.   To be clear, this Blogger is ardently pro-life.   Advances in technology prove clearly that we are dealing with a living human being, not just fetal tissue, not long after conception.  And, as such, I believe that abortion is the killing of an innocent human being.  That said, I am also a pragmatist that comes from years of running a business.   I often have to make decisions that are not my preference; but they are necessary to the success of my business. 

Abortion is a much more serious issue requiring even more careful due diligence.  But let's start with the facts.   Roe V Wade, allowing abortion, is the law of the land since 1973.   This court case will not be overturned even by a Conservative Supreme Court.   It is not going to happen so Conservative Pro-Life Republicans have to stop chasing windmills and accept reality.   That does not mean giving up our core principles in attempting to limit the number of abortions. 

The Socialist Party, in their party platform, supported unlimited right to abortion under all circumstances.   The Republican Party in our party platform, which was repudiated by Mitt Romney, supported no right to abortion under any circumstances.   Both these positions are too extreme. 

First,  we have to accept that abortion is the law of the land.   While we don't have to like it, in cases rape, incest, or if the mother's life is really in danger, the right to an abortion should be clear.   However, since abortion is a serious medical procedure, no one of any age, should be able to walk into an abortion mill and get an abortion 30 minutes later.   We should demand reasonable common sense restrictions on abortion that are nothing more than proper due diligence.   The vast majority of Americans agree that partial birth abortion is a heinous crime against humanity and it should be outlawed, out right.   

Next, every woman should be required to have a non invasive sonogram before an abortion is performed to clearly see that it is human being that will be impacted by an abortion, not just a blob of tissue.   This would be no different than getting x-rays, or other tests, prior to surgery, when going in for any surgical procedure.     And, then there should be a three day waiting period, afterwards, before an abortion can be performed.   This will give the mother at least a little bit of time to reflect on her decision, which can have life time consequences.  This three day waiting period will help prevent abortions as potential mother's may reconsider their decision to go forward. 

Finally, the notion that an abortion can be performed on a minor without parental notification and perhaps consent is absurd.   Public schools are not allowed to give a child an aspirin, or send a child on a field trip without a parent's consent; yet they can send a minor to an abortion mill without parental notification and approval.  There is something very wrong with this picture.   If the public school suspects parental abuse, there can be provisions in the law that involve Child Protection Agencies, or even the courts; but barring anything unusual, parents need to be involved in these life and death decisions. 

The Republican Party should remain the pro-life party.   That said, we need to recognize that not all Americans are pro-life and that if we are going to build a majority and a bigger tent, we have to attract more women and young people to our party.    We will never attract people and women in particular, that favor unrestricted abortion under all circumstances.   However, we can attract common sense voters, including women and young people, that see the need for reasonable limitations on abortion because it is a serious medical procedure.   It is time for common sense; not extreme positions concerning abortion.    

The Case Against Raising Taxes

As both the Republicans in Congress and Socialist President Obama deal with the Fiscal Cliff, Obama clings to his Class Warfare argument to raise taxes on the "rich", families and small businesses earning more than $250,000 a year.  The Republicans in the House and Senate should just say NO because it is a dumb idea.  First, assuming raising taxes on anyone would not retard economic growth, which it will, raising taxes on the "rich" that already paying most of the income taxes in the United States will only bring in about $70 Billion over ten years.  This is drop in the bucket when Obama is borrowing and spending more than a Trillion dollars each year, more than we take in, adding to our $16 Trillion National Debt. 

Obama claims this "balanced" approach is necessary because of badly needed spending cuts that will impact students, Seniors and the poor, most of whom pay no income taxes at all.  But, Obama's thinking once again is flawed.   This Blogger has been in the belly of the beast, Washington DC, many times.   I encourage everyone to visit our nation's Capital because it is a beautiful city we can all be proud of.   However, once there, you will see block after block of agencies, commissions and departments, filled with bureaucrats earning 40% more than what is common in the private sector for like work, that demonstrate the size of the federal government.   You will also see the many Associations and Lobbyists on K street, all feeding at the trough, in business to milk the federal government and American taxes payers like milking a cow every day.   

Before we have to raise taxes on anyone, or cut spending on students, Seniors, or the poor, how about if we eliminate redundant programs, agencies, commissions and departments by cutting 500,000 federal civilian employees, out of the current 2.65 million, through normal attrition.   We have got to cut the waste, fraud and abuse that exists at all levels of government before confiscating even more money from hard working people. 

Next, rather than raising tax rates on anyone, we should get rid of all the deductions, except the charitable deduction, exclusions and gimmicks in the personal income tax code that distort buying and selling decisions and the economy.  While the mortgage deduction perhaps made sense to encourage home ownership, it just results in higher prices for homes since the after tax mortgage payment is always figured into the purchase price.  Phase the mortgage deduction out over time to give people and the market time to adjust. 

It might be OK to raise the tax on Dividends and Capital Gains to 20% from the current 15%; but doing more will cause a crash in the stock market and be bad for job growth.   We are already seeing the stock market go down as a result of Obama's election and fear of new taxes and regulations that will kill jobs.  The US Corporate Income tax rate, at 35%, is the highest in the world.   This is causing companies to push more jobs overseas.   Rather than imposing any kind of punishment on global companies, Obama's Socialist Scheme that will lead to a trade war, we should lower corporate income taxes to no more than 20%, again by getting rid of various deductions, exclusion and gimmicks in the tax code.

It is time for common sense related to our tax system in the United States not silly Socialist, feel good ideology.   We need to have a fairer, flatter tax code that encourages growth, not one that is a job killer.   Hopefully, in dealing with the Fiscal Cliff and or shortly thereafter in 2013, which is projected to be a lousy year because of Obama's reelection, Republicans and Socialists, including the President, will come together to do what is best for all Americans. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dealing With Immigration Reform

It is time for Republicans to get ahead of the curve and propose meaningful Immigration Reform that is bigger than just dealing with Illegal Aliens.  We need to secure our border first of all to stop the flow of Illegal Aliens, Drugs and potential Terrorists from entering our country.   That goes without saying as the foundation of any Reform plan.   Republicans have to stop talking about deporting, or self deporting the current 12 million Illegal Aliens living in our country.  That is not going to happen anyway and it is just plain dumb.

Instead, we need to provide legal status for these people, not Amnesty and probably not Citizenship since in entering our country illegally, they have violated our laws.  They should not be rewarded with Citizenship, now or in the future.   However, that does not mean that these people can't be assessed a fine and provided permanent residency status with perhaps a Blue Card, instead of a Green Card.   This assumes that people provided a Blue Card have not been convicted of a crime. 

Any foreigner of any status convicted of a crime in our country, other than murder, should be deported immediately.  If these people entered the United States with children under the age of 18, they should be provided a path to Citizenship since an argument could be made that these children came into our country as a result of their parent's illegal action and therefore not voluntarily. 

In any case, we need to recognize that these 12 million Illegal Aliens are doing work that is not being done by other Americans.   We need the fruits of their labor in our country, so we must stop this silly discussion about deportation.   Next, we need a Guest Worker Program to allow single people to come from Mexico to work in the United States.   These people should only be given Guest Worker Status and should wait in line just like everyone else applying for permanent residency in the United States.   This should help with securing our border, since the need to come here illegally would be diminished.

Finally, any foreign student that graduates from a US university should be given permanent Green Card status and a path to citizenship.   This is particularly relevant to kids graduating in the Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, Medicine or any other field that would benefit our country.   The notion that we educate these kids and then turn them away to go back to benefit their country of origin is crazy.  We also need to increase the number of Green Cards we issue each year for these same disciplines because we need this talent in our country. 

Republicans need to get ahead of the curve on Immigration Reform.   A bill should be introduced in the House of Representatives controlled by Republicans.   There may need to be some compromise with Socialists in Congress and the President to get this done; but Republicans need to make it happen.  Let's not forget that it was the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, that signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 ending slavery.  And, so too should it be the Republican Party that once and for all deals with Immigration Reform. 

Latinos should be part of the Republican coalition because many of them are hard working, values voters.  If we get this done, many Latinos will see the benefit of Free Market Capitalism to their economic well being.  Latinos can and should be included in the Republican big tent.   Republicans need to push for Immigration Reform and make it happen.   

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Two America's - Makers Versus Takers

The reelection of Socialist President Obama clearly demonstrates that there are two America's.  While Obama won decisively in the Electoral College, the popular vote demonstrated the divide in our country.   And, those that voted for Mitt Romney, not only dislike President Obama, we see him as a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.  Obama clearly proved in his reelection campaign, if there was any doubt, that he is a divider, not a uniter. 

The United States is now divided into Makers and Takers.   The Makers voted for Mitt Romney.  The Takers voted for Obama.   And, we are at a tipping point.   Obama intentionally created even more Takers, as a result of his failed economic policy, during his first term, to win reelection.  With poverty higher than when Bush II was President and 47 million people on Food Stamps, more than 9 million people receiving Disability benefits, many fraudulently, millions more on Medicaid and Welfare, Socialists like Obama have built a dependent constituency.   Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing and vote for.   And, why not.   Those feeding at the trough will obviously support the guy doing the feeding. 

Obama's PEEP's, the 50% of people, including 12 million illegal aliens, that pay no income taxes at all, those on the dole, public employee union members, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers and Crony Capitalists, all feeding at the trough, at our expense, have absolutely nothing in common with the hard working Makers in our society that pay all the bills.   In fact, Obama demonizes the Makers in our country as greedy "rich" people rather than seeing them for the job creators that they are. 

Further,  Obama implemented the dirtiest, Chicago style campaign in modern history pitting Men against Women, Rich against Poor, Whites Against Minorities, Employers Against Employees, those of Faith against Big Government Secularists, Gays against Straights and those that support Pro-Life against Pro-Choice.   Obama is the most divisive President in American history.  Obama won the election; but now he will not be able to govern because of the fissures he has caused in our society. 

There really are Two America's in the United States.   Obama is certainly not my President because Obama's big government Socialist Vision for America is contrary to everything many of us believe.   As such, the last thing we want to see is for Obama to succeed in expanding 100 years of Socialist Creep because it will mean bigger, more intrusive government into all aspects of life and less freedom.   As such, the Makers in our country are vested in Obama's failure, which is very sad for our country. 

Obama - Four More Miserable Years

The reelection of Socialist President Obama will result in four more miserable years of decline for the United States.  We will continue to see high unemployment, higher poverty, slow or no economic growth, higher cost for everything and a lower standard of living for our people.   It is a very sad and dangerous day.  Socialist President Obama was reelected by his PEEP's, the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, those on the dole, public employee union members, radical feminists and environmentalists, Crony Capitalists, Hollywood types and the lame stream media. 

Our nation is as divided as ever.   The popular vote was about equal so no big mandate for the President.   We still have divided government as the House of Representatives in controlled by Republicans as are most state houses and state legislatures.  Half the country doesn't just dislike Socialist President Obama, we see him as a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.   And, now that Obama is free of the need for reelection, Obama is likely to be even more radical and dangerous. 

The Republican House of Representatives will have to act to stop Obama's Socialist Schemes as much as possible.  We will expect nothing less from them.  We may also have to use the courts to deal with Obama's illegal Executive Orders designed to bypass Congress.  Obama has added $6 Trillion to our $16 Trillion National Debt, more than any other President in American history, with no end in sight.   If Obama's trajectory is allowed to continue, this dangerous President will add another $10 Trillion to our National Debt, assuming markets will allow it, which is doubtful.   We are heading toward the bankruptcy of the United States and economic chaos.  Buys guns for protection and gold for security because we will see civil strife on our streets, in the not too distant future, just like in Greece and Spain.   

Socialist President Obama implemented the most divisive, dirty, Chicago style campaign in modern history.  Obamanistas demonized, Mitt Romney, a very decent man and we will never forget it.   Obama has pitted men against women, rich against poor, Whites against minorities, Gays against Straights, Neighbor against Neighbor and Employers against Employees.  Obama won the election; but now it will be impossible for him to govern. 

The real losers are the American people.   We face the Fiscal Cliff on December 31 when the Bush Tax Cuts expire, the Payroll Tax Cut expires and we will hit the $16.2 Trillion National Debt Ceiling.   There is no reason to believe that the President and Congress will reach agreement to deal with these issues.   We are likely to see another Recession in 2013.  As a business owner, I will be very hesitant to make major investments as long as Obama is President.   We will now go from crisis to crisis as we experience four more miserable Obama years.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote Mitt Romney On Election Day

This Blogger created the National Freedom Forum on August 19, 2009 because it became very clear to me, as a former American History and Government teacher, that Socialist President Obama was and is a clear and present danger to our nation.  After watching Obama for the first six months of his Presidency, we started to see what Obama meant when he said he wanted to "transform" our country, it turned out into a European style Socialist nation.    Since I frequently travel to Europe and I see the lower standard of living that exists in Europe, along with more intrusive governments that results in less freedom for Europeans,  I knew that I had to do something meaningful to help make Obama a one term President and so the National Freedom Forum was born. 

Then as result of ObamaCare, I went to Washington DC twice to march with Tea Party Protesters to say HELL NO to Obama's Socialist Schemes.    We don't want the federal government taking over one sixth of the US economy, intruding into our personal health care decisions.  ObamaCare was a call to action for many of us because we realized that Obama's vision for America is not our vision.   Obama is a Socialist and for those of us that believe in Free Market Capitalism and freedom, we just cannot tolerate four more years of Obama, especially since this President has failed miserably on all fronts. 

On November 6th, American voters can take back our country.   It does not matter where Obama was born, this man does not think like an American.  Both Barack and Michelle Obama do not understand, nor do they believe in American exceptionalism.   As a student and teacher of history, I know that our nation, conceived in liberty, is like no other nation in human history.   This is the reason people will risk their lives to come to America.   It is the American Dream that brought my immigrant grandparents to America with nothing.   We have to pass on the American Dream to our children and grandchildren, which will not occur if Obama is reelected.   As such, on November 6th, we must make Obama a one term President. 

If you have yet to vote, I ask you to cast your vote for Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States and to vote for Republicans at all levels of government to restore respect for our country around the world, economic growth and job creation again in America.   We have to take back our country to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   We can do it.   We will do it on Election Day to get our country back on track.  Call your friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers and tell them to vote for Mitt Romney.   Our country depends on it.   

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama - Four More Years Of Misery

If Socialist President Obama is reelected, we will see four more years of misery for the American people.  Things will get even worse than today.  We will have gridlock as a result of divided government.  We will go from crisis to crisis.  The United States has already lost our Triple AAA Credit Rating as a result of Obama's Trillion Dollar annual deficits.  Our nation will be downgraded further as Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress push our National Debt up to $20 Trillion or more.   Obama will raise taxes on all Americans to advance his Socialist Schemes in the name of national emergency to support bigger, more intrusive government.

Since Obama will not be able to ram through many of his Schemes through Congress, Obama will use Executive Orders to rule as a quasi Dictator.   The President has already said he will go around Congress to "transform" our nation into a European style Socialist country.  Obama has already issued more than 900 Executive Orders,  15 times more than any other President so there is proof that he will do more of the same, if reelected.   Obama is a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.   This Blogger and former American History and Government teacher fears an Obama second term like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. 

Let us hope that the American people vote to elect Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States and gain Republican control of both Houses of Congress on November 6 to restore respect for our country around the world, economic growth and job creation again in America.  Should Obama be reelected instead, it will be time to buy Guns for protection, Gold, Land and other Commodities because Obama will push our nation into bankruptcy.   When that happens the Federal Reserve will print even more money because there will be no takers of our debt, which is happening even now and we will see very high inflation and interest rates.   This will be a very dire time for our nation; one too horrible to even contemplate.  Obama is a threat to our national sovereignty.   As is happening in Greece, other countries will then determine our fate.  This will lead to civil strife on our streets and a threat to our freedom.   We just can't let any of this happen.

We have to make Obama a one term President to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   An Obama second term will result in four more years of misery for the American people.  We need Mr. Fix It, Mitt Romney as our next President to get our country back our track.   We just can't stand four more years of Obama.