Thursday, September 29, 2022

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) & Climate Change

Whenever there is a forest fire, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, or any other major weather event anywhere in the world,  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) scream climate change to justify their Socialist Schemes that include higher taxes, regulations and the Green New Deal that will destroy the American economy.  Can we get real.  First, climatic cycles have occurred since the beginning of the world and actually formed the continents and the oceans, with or without God's help depending on your beliefs, and long before there were carbon emissions.  The recent hurricane in Florida is not that unusual.  Hurricanes have been happening in Florida ever since the peninsula was formed thousands of years ago.  

The difference today is that Florida has highly dense population areas along their coasts.  People  want to live near water even if it is not smart.  Remember, Florida as a narrow peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides and includes many rivers, streams, ponds, swamps etc throughout the state. It is a flood waiting to happen.  They actually drained swamps to build much of Florida.  The fact is that building homes and other structures at 3 to 5 feet above sea level is not very smart unless these structures are built on stilts as happens in other parts of the country.   At a minimum, they should have raised foundations. 

The devastation we see from the recent hurricane in Florida was very predictable aside from any climatic changes that may be impacting the world.  Hurricanes are a fact of life in Florida.  People that buy, or build homes within 20 miles of the Florida coast in lowlands are risking their lives and catastrophic damage to their properties.  Yet, they keep building homes without any concern all over the gulf coast and Southern Atlantic coasts.  Florida is growing like crazy as many older people in particular escape Blue States, high taxes and cold weather.  It is time for truth, not fiction related to climate change.  The recent disaster in Florida is man made; but not just because of climate change.  Building homes and other properties in Florida near the coast in low lying areas is a disaster waiting to happen.  

Stop Taxing Social Security - Hurting Seniors

In 1983, Congress with Bipartisan support enacted legislation to tax Social Security.  The bill was actually signed by President Reagan.  Their logic was that 50% of Social Security was paid for with employer contributions.  And, since employers could deduct these contributions as a business expense, they were not taxed as part of corporate income taxes.  This problem could have easily been solved by preventing corporations from taking this deduction.  So, even if that logic were true, then why are 85% of Social Security benefits being taxed for many people.  And, why are people who choose to work past 65 - 70 penalized losing part or all of their Social Security benefits for every dollar earned.  This is very unfair since if older people are working, they are still paying into Social Security.  

If Socialist Fascists and Republicans want to help Seniors, very simple, just stop taxing Social Security benefits.  We often hear that nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes, it is time to at least take the Social Security taxes out of the picture.  Seniors will face death soon enough.  Many Seniors need this money to live on.  Don't forget, Medicare is already means tested.  The very same people being taxed on their Social Security income are also paying the highest premiums for Medicare. 

All of this is double dipping.  After someone works a lifetime, Social Security benefits should not be taxed.  Wealthy Americans still pay taxes on any other income they may have, so why not give people a break related to Social Security benefits.   The good news is that some states, like Arizona, that still have a state income tax do not tax Social Security benefits.  And obviously, states that have no income tax at all do not tax Social Security or any other income, which is why many retired people move to those states.  

It is time for the federal government to stop taxing Social Security benefits especially now that we are facing real Biden inflation of 17% or more.   Seniors need this money to live, to buy groceries, to pay for the rising cost of medical care and utilities.  Don't expect Socialist Fascists to cut these taxes, but this could be a real win for Republicans to advance.  Let's hope fairness and common sense prevail.  

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Senator Joe Manchin Screwed The People Of West Virginia

In order to secure the Socialist Fascist votes needed to fund the government, Socialist Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia had to screw the people of his state.  Manchin originally voted for Biden's Inflation Bill that will actually cause higher inflation because it included easier permitting for carbon energy and a pipeline from West Virginia to Virginia to get their natural gas to other states in the region.  Since Socialist Fascists are opposed to anything that allows for more carbon energy, they would not vote to fund the government as long as Manchin's provisions were in the bill.  

So, Joe Manchin agreed to remove them; which means they will never happen.  In doing so, the people of West Virginia just got screwed big time.  They are getting Green New Deal regulations on coal that will kill the state's primary industry with nothing in return.  Senator Joe Manchin should face the wrath of the voters in West Virginia.  Gutless Manchin has to go.

Europe adopted the Green New Deal hook, line and sinker.  And, now Europe will have to ration energy this winter.  People in Germany, which is freezing in the winter are being told they will not be allowed to heat their homes as normal.  Germany should have built liquified natural gas terminals along their entire coast to buy natural gas from the United States.  Instead, they invested in solar and wind mills that cannot power their economy.  They relied on Russia for energy, which they were warned long ago was a huge mistake.  They laughed at Trump when he told them they were a bunch of dummies.  Now, they will pay the price this winter as their people freeze. 

Italy just elected Giorgia Meloni as Prime Minister, the first woman Prime Minister in Italian history; but more important, she is an Italy First Conservative that will push back a lot of these stupid Socialist schemes that are destroying these countries.  First, Meloni will focus on the illegal immigration that is happening.  Italy is being invaded by illegal aliens from Africa that they can't support.  Sound familiar.  Meloni will push back on the European Union and all the demands they have made on Italy that have hurt their country.  Most important, Meloni will stop the Green New Deal Socialist Schemes that have made Italy a poorer country.  

We need to watch what is happening in Europe.  Gutless politicians like Joe Manchin are harming our country.  They have to go sooner than later.  Hopefully, we will see a Red Wave in November and then again in 2024 so Republicans can get our country back on track.  We can't take much more of the Socialist Fascist BS happening in Washington DC and many state capitol's.  

Quemala Harris, The Border Czar Going To The Korea Border

It has been reported that Clueless Quemala Harris is going to the border in Korea.  No doubt, she will visit the demilitarized zone to look across the way at North Korea.  It is good that someone from the Administration is going to South Korea to show support for our ally as North Korea continues to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them to the United States.  It would be better if feckless Joe Biden made the trip; but Harris is better than nobody.  Since the dictator of North Korea will not even deal with Biden, it is best that we sell not give South Korea all the defensive and even offensive weapons they need to defend their country.  North Korea is a real threat to them and world peace.  

So let's get this straight.  Quemala Harris was named border Czar by Biden.  Harris has been to our border only once, since taking office and not to ground zero where most of the illegal aliens are crossing into our country.  Harris has pronounced our border as secure, which is bizarre given the 200,000 or more illegal aliens invading our country every month; about 5 million since Biden took office.  Maybe Harris is now the border Czar for the Korean border.  

Hopefully, when the Republicans take control of Congress they will immediately move to secure our border by eliminating the 87,000 IRS agents the Socialist Fascists have included in their budget and putting that money into more border guards to stop the illegal alien invasion that is happening.  And, of course, the money must be there to finish the wall.  It is time to secure our border once and for all and that means dealing with Mexico and the cartels.  Biden does not have the guts or the will to do it.  It will not happen until we have a Republican President in 2024.  There is no other way.  

Sunday, September 25, 2022

European Countries Rejecting Socialism Moving Right

Italy is about to elect their first woman Prime Minister who happens to be Trump Light.  Her name is Giorgia Meloni.  There are several European countries that have moved right rejecting Socialism in favor of Conservative ideology and nationalism including Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Hungary and others.  This is a reflection of stupid Socialist policies that left many of these countries woke and poorer and now without energy because they foolishly adopted the Green New Deal.  A lot of these new leaders sound just like President Donald Trump.  Well what do you know.  And, they see a real problem with an aggressive Russia that must be dealt with one way or another.  

Usually, what happens in Europe portends a trend for American elections.  There is a Red Wave coming and many of the Republicans that will be elected in November are MAGA Trump America First Republicans, the kind that Socialist Fascists, RINOS, Fake News, Big Business and the Deep State openly hate.  And, they believe as does half the country, the the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump.  Sorry Liz Cheney, you are over.  The problem for them is that a majority of Americans really do want to Make America Great Again.  We want to push back Wokeness that is about as dumb as it gets.  And, we want our country to have a secure border and be energy independent as it was when President Trump was in office.  

When the Republicans take control of Congress, expect the money for the 87,000 additional IRS agents to be cancelled and reallocated to more border patrol agents where they are badly needed.  And yes, the money will be there to finish the Wall.  The Republicans are planning a Parent's Bill of Rights to give parents more say over their children's education in public schools.  This is needed to stop the Justice Department from prosecuting parents that protest at School Board Meetings as "domestic terrorists".   The Republicans will stop the crazy Green New Deal that will destroy our economy and instead get the United States back on track to be Energy Independent.  Of course, feckless Joe Biden will Veto many of these critical initiatives; but the battle lines will be drawn in preparation for the Presidential election in 2024.

In any case, watch European elections.  I guess feckless Joe Biden will condemn their new Prime Ministers as MAGA Republicans and Fascists.  As it is, Biden will not deal with the leaders of Hungary because they are MAGA Republicans putting their country first.  So, is Biden going to stop dealing with Britain and Italy next. I wonder.  JM


Saturday, September 24, 2022

United States Military Woke & Demoralized

The United States military is composed of men and women of all races, religions and sexual orientations.  It may be the most diverse organization in the nation and it has been working pretty well for years.  Those in charge of the US Military, the Generals and Admirals have determined that in order for them to advance in their careers, the need to make the United States military woke infused with Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist fake history and radical gender ideology indoctrination.  

As a result, those in the military are being forced to undergo training to make them woke.  The air force recently implemented training telling their cadre not to use the words mom or dad because somebody might be offended.  This is sick.  This is causing a backlash and demoralization.  Most important, recruitment is way down and those in the military when their terms are up are leaving the military.  Men and women are not joining our voluntary military because they don't want to deal with this BS.  In addition, hundreds of men and women were thrown out of the military because they refused to get the Covid vaccine.  

You can bet the Chinese are not focused on making their military woke.  They are focused on making the men and women in their military fighting warriors to defeat the United States should we ever go to war with China.   This craziness has to stop.  Certainly, this was not happening when President Trump was in office because he would not tolerate it.  This is happening under feckless Joe Biden.  The Generals and Admirals are following orders to go woke or lose their jobs.  

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are destroying our country.  We need a strong military to deal with the threats that we face from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.   Turning what is left of our military into woke thinkers will do nothing to prepare them for war.  Hopefully, retired Generals, Admirals and MAGA Republicans in office will speak up to stop this crap from happening.  

Friday, September 23, 2022

National Education Association (NEA) Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) Teachers Union

The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest teachers union in the United States.  They are an extremely partisan political organization totally tied to the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat Party).  Feckless Joe Biden, owned by the NEA as are all Socialist Fascist politicians spoke to the NEA this week and said not one word about improving the quality of education in the United States where half the kids cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  The fact is that the NEA is opposed to all reforms needed to improve the quality of education and academic achievement in our country, including School Choice, metrics to improve quality and academic achievement, merit pay, ending teacher tenure so bad teachers can be more easily fired etc. etc.  

Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt was opposed to any government employee unions because he believed it was incompatible with the public interest and would lead to corruption and boy was he right.  It was failed President Jimmy Carter that created the federal department of education in exchange for teacher union support when he was being challenged for the nomination by Ted Kennedy and we see the end of that story, lousy public schools in many parts of the country.  

The NEA is not a labor union solely in business to represent the interests of teachers concerning working conditions and compensation and benefits.  Instead, the NEA supports the Socialist Fascist agenda including open borders, defunding the police, abortion on demand right up until birth and even after, letting criminals out of jail, BLM and Antifa Terrorists, higher taxes and more regulations, the Green New Deal,  and all the other crazy socialist schemes advanced by the far left that are destroying our country.  Of course, the NEA hates America First MAGA voters.  And, the NEA believes that parents protesting at school board meetings against Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist history and gender ideology and indoctrination, which the NEA supports are "domestic terrorists" that must be arrested and prosecuted.  This is a very dangerous anti-American organization.  

The National Education Association is not in business to support the interests of students and parents, rather they are all about teachers doing less for more and feeding at the trough.  The NEA exists to elect Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrat) politicians that will follow their orders, which is why any tax exempt status must be eliminated.  If Republicans take control of the Congress, they must move to repeal tax exempt status for any so called non profit organization that is using dues money or donations for political purposes.  The Socialist Fascists always talk about "dark money" in politics.  The darkest money there is comes from Planned Parenthood and the NEA that spend millions of dollars every year supporting Socialist Fascist candidates for office.  They are free to donate monies as they choose, but this cannot be done under tax exempt status.  Even setting up political arms is bogus because all donations, or dues are fungible.  This is just a corrupt shell game.  

Thursday, September 22, 2022

2020 Election - The Big Steal Did Happen

Feckless Joe Biden got about 81 million votes in the 2020 election the most of any candidate for the Presidency to President Trump's 75 million votes, the most ever tallied for a sitting President.  Biden clearly won the popular vote.  Most of the vote difference came from a few states,  California, New York and Illinois.  However, the popular vote is not how elections are won in the United States.  It is the Electoral College vote that matters.  And, in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, where the popular vote differences were minimal, there were shenanigans in these states that gave Biden the votes he needed after election night to win the Electoral College votes in those states to win the election.

To learn how the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) stole the election in 2020 just read The Return written by Dick Morris. It has become a bestseller; but you would never know it from the New York Times because they have censored Dick Morris and will not report the sales of this great book.  In it, Morris explains exactly how mailing out millions of unsolicited ballots, ballot harvesting, unmanned drop off boxes, lack of voter ID requirements and curing ballots to favor Biden did the trick.  Yes, Biden got 81 million votes and carried those five pivotal states, but many of the ballots counted were fraudulent enough that would have given Trump those states The dead voted in many of these states because they got ballots in the mail so did people that had moved.  And, then Mark Zuckerberg tampered with the election by spending $423 million to hire those ballot harvesters that made sure that Biden ballots were dropped off after election night in those drop off boxes in the pivotal states. 

Fake News, RINOS and Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) say that Trump challenged all of this in court.   Well Yes and No.  Some of the judges dismissed the cases without even hearing them.  Some just claimed that the votes cast that were counted were undisputable.  How would these judges know if those votes were not fraudulent.  Keep in mind, many of these judges were appointed by Socialist Presidents.  The Supreme Court would not even hear any appeals because it was such a hot potato.  RINO John Roberts was more interested in protecting the Court than election integrity. 

The reason we know that Trump won is that no candidate that carried Texas, Ohio and Florida by wide margins has ever lost the election.  Those states did not use the same Covid emergency shenanigans that Socialist Governors and Secretaries of State implemented in violation of their own state Constitutions.  In the case of Georgia, it was RINOS scared to death of Stacey Abrahams that did  nothing and watched as these same shenanigans occurred.   

Of course, you will never hear any of this from Fake News, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and RINOS that claim the story that Trump won is the "Big Lie".  The real "Big Lie" is that feckless Joe Biden won fair and square without voter fraud.  The real threat to Democracy is election fraud.  Now that the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) have learned how to steal an election, they want it all codified in federal law.  If that ever happens our democracy is over.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Misery Index - The Cost Of Gas and Bacon

Economists have all sorts of fancy and often complex computations to measure the state of the economy.  We are officially in a Recession even though Bidenistas deny it.  A Recession is generally proclaimed after two quarters of negative growth and we are there.  But forget about all of it.  My Misery index, which measure the cost of a gallon of gas combined with the cost of a pound of bacon says it all.  If those two cost more than $10 combined, we are in big trouble.  

Gas is starting to go up again.  Depending on the state, it is over $5 a gallon.  California in La La Land is back up above $6 a gallon.  The cost of a pound of bacon at Costco is now about $6 a pound and that assumes buying the three pound package.  It has gone up 60% since Joe Biden took office.  It is even more in regular grocery stores. 

On election day in November, Republicans will win based on this Misery Index.  For every dollar above $10 gas and bacon cost combined, Republican will gain House seats and perhaps even take over the Senate.  Republicans will take over the House.   The only question is by how many seats.  Right now the pundits are saying a gain of 16 seats.  If gas and bacon combined are above $12, I suspect it will be more like 30 seats and if the cost goes above $14, it will be 40 seats.  Republicans could very well gain the majority in the Senate as well by 2 - 4 seats.  Several states are in play.  

The Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are running on the abortion issue, the January 6th riot and hatred of President Trump because feckless Joe Biden has made such a mess of everything he has touched.  You can't eat abortion.  The other issues will not fill a gas tank.  And, the invasion of illegal alien and drugs coming across our border is totally out of control.  Further, crime in America is rampant in many Blue State big cities.  People are scared to death.  In the end, inflation will cause people to vote for Republicans.  Watch my Misery Index.  The Red Wave in coming.  

Feckless Joe Biden & The Threat Of World War

The world sees Joe Biden as feckless and weak.  This is very dangerous since we can see it has caused other countries to miscalculate making the threat of world war real.  It is highly doubtful that Russia would have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still President.  Now Russia's back is against the wall.  As a world power, how can they allow Ukraine to win.  Ukraine is not Afghanistan.  It is very possible that they will use nuclear weapons to prevent a loss of this war.  And, then what?  

China is determined to take over Taiwan, one way or another.  Taiwan is the largest semiconductor chip producer in the world, so any war there would affect world wide production of just about everything.  Within 5 years, China's military will be bigger and more powerful than the military of the US.  The only counter would be the combined armed forces of the US, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and NATO countries.  Biden has stated that the United States would go to war if Taiwan was attacked by China going beyond just supplying arms to Taiwan.   So rather than the "strategic ambiguity" that has always been American policy, Biden has made Taiwan an American protectorate even though his staff members had to walk it back.  War would China would immediately turn nuclear.  

Iran will end up with nuclear weapons and the missile delivery systems to use them sooner than later even if they do agree to a deal with Biden.  Israel and Saudi Arabia will never allow that to happen.  Israel has nuclear weapons and would use them against Iran.  Then what?   North Korea continues to develop nuclear weapons and long range missiles.  They will not even deal with Joe Biden.  

Seeing all of this through the lens of history, it sure looks like we are the path to World War III and it will be the war that ends all wars because it will destroy the world.  We are talking the Armageddon predicted in the Bible.  Joe Biden is not up to the job.  Biden has made a mess of everything he has touched.  Aside from all the problems Biden has caused in the US, we are facing a very dangerous time around the world.  Hopefully, the Republicans will take over the Congress in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024.  Let's just hope it is not too late to bring the world back from the brink.  

Monday, September 19, 2022

Feckless Joe Biden - Knows The End Is Near

A few months ago, feckless Joe Biden was saying that he would absolutely run for reelection.  In a recent interview Biden said that he has made no decision about running in 2024.  Maybe his doctors have given him bad news.  On a good day, when he is lucid, Biden is seeing the train coming.  Biden has been told by pollsters that given his dismal poll ratings that the Republicans will take the House and may even take the Senate in the Midterm elections.  Biden has been around the block many times.  He knows that if Republicans take the House, there will be multiple investigations almost immediately.  If Republicans also take the Senate there will be even more investigations of Biden coming from both directions.  

Clearly, the Biden Crime family corruption will be on the table.  Hunter Biden and all the money that went to him and the "big guy" Joe Biden will be daily news.  Further, all of Biden's unconstitutional Executive Orders will be challenged, both by Congress and Republican state Attorney General's.  It is even possible that they will begin impeachment proceedings against Biden, Harris and Mayorkas for failing to secure our border and enforce immigration laws already on the books.  There could even be impeachment proceedings against Socialist Party Hack Attorney General Merrick Garland and RINO FBI Director Christopher Wray for weaponization of the DOJ and FBI against MAGA Republicans and all the corruption we see.  President Trump will certainly demand it. 

Biden knows that if Republicans take one or both Houses of Congress, his Presidency will be over.  Biden also knows that other Socialist Fascists will abandon him immediately.  They will call for him to announce that he is not running under threat of supporting use of the 25th Amendment to remove him.  It is already happening as many Socialist candidates running for office do not want to be seen on the same stage as Joe Biden because they know he is the kiss of death.  So, the end is near and Joe Biden knows it.  Watch what happens after the Midterms. If Republicans win big, Socialist Fascists will blame Biden and demand his head.  Politics is not bean bags.  Joe Biden will have to take the hit if the Socialist Fascists lose big.  Biden will announce he is not running for reelection in 2024 especially since Biden would never have the energy to face President Trump again.  

Hostile Work Environment In Public Schools

Years ago, I was a public school teacher in inner city Los Angeles when Jimmy Carter was President.  As a Democrat, I voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976.  As Carter's first term went by, it became clear that Carter, like feckless Joe Biden was completely incompetent.  We had the hostage crisis with Iran and the long lines to buy gas.  Then as now, we had high inflation and a lousy economy.  I became very disillusioned with Carter and the Democrat Party at the very same time that Ronald Reagan emerged preaching Morning in America.  Ronald Reagan made me the Conservative Republican I am today. 

I had gotten married in 1974 and we were looking forward to having children.  Once we decided to buy a home to get more house for our money and a good school district, we moved further out of the LA City School District, which even then had poor schools in many areas.  I started expressing my support for Ronald Reagan who was emerging as the Republican candidate for President in 1978-79.  It was as though I was a traitor at the school I was teaching at.  First, the very notion that I might vote Republican was just not done.  And second, the fact that we moved out of the school district in 1976 to an area that was very conservative; translation lily White with great schools and test scores was considered a betrayal of left wing ideology.  

I began to experience backlash from both the administration and other teachers.  Ultimately, I left teaching in 1979 to enter business and never looked back.  And Yes, I voted for Ronald Reagan that year, registering as a Republican for the first time in my life.  Reagan was elected in a landslide taking office in 1980.   Obviously, being a Republican working in business was just fine.  

That was then this is now.  I am quite certain that there are MAGA Voters, teachers, administrators and other staff members working in public education today.   In the radical woke environment that exists in public schools, much worse than when I was a teacher years ago, there is absolutely no way MAGA voters could express their opinions working in a public school.  Matter of fact, they could never even register as a Republican because that would show up on the voter roles.  They must register as Democrats, or maybe an Independents to remain in the closet because Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) working in public education that are the vast majority would do them in.  Ultimately, if they were known to be MAGA voters and Republicans, they would lose their jobs.  

Further, no MAGA voter working in a public school would support Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist history, or radical LGBTQIA gender ideology and indoctrination.  They would have to pay lip service to these radical ideologies to keep their jobs; and just try to keep in out of the their classrooms as much as possible.  There is clearly a hostile work environment for MAGA voters and Republicans in public schools.  I experienced it years ago.  I can only imagine how much worse it must be today given the Socialist Fascists running public schools across the country.   

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Impeach Biden, Harris, Mayorkas, Garland & Wray

Vice President Quemala Harris claims that the Southern border is secure as 200,000 illegal aliens and tons of drugs come across every month.  The woman is a delusional liar.  When the Republicans take back the House of Representatives they must begin impeachment proceedings against feckless Joe Biden, Quemala Harris for being complicit in his crimes, Socialist Party Hack Attorney General Merrick Garland and RINO FBI Director Christopher Wray.  

The charges against Biden are simple and three fold.  First, there is all the Biden crime family corruption.  Second, Biden has failed to secure the border and is violating immigration laws on the books.  And third, Biden has issued various Executive Orders that are unconstitutional.  It will not be difficult to prove all three charges.  Quemala Harris, the border czar and Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security have both been complicit in allowing the open border so they both  must go too.  If Biden and Harris are impeached and convicted, the Speaker of the House presumably Kevin McCarthy would be next in line so he would assume the Presidency if these two Socialist Fascist idiots are removed from office. 

Next, both Merrick Garland, the Attorney General and Christopher Wray FBI Director must go as well for weaponizing the DOJ and FBI against parents protesting at school board meetings and MAGA voters and supporters of President Trump.  The corruption at the DOJ and FBI are obvious and again easy to prove.  Garland and Wray have turned the United States into a banana republic.  After years of corrupt actions against Trump, the attack on President Trump's home, Mar-A-Largo is the last straw.  These Deep State Swamp Lizards are a clear and present danger to the freedoms of half the citizens of the United States; MAGA supporters.  They cannot remain in office.  It only requires a majority of House Members to approve Impeachment.  Getting 67 votes in the Senate to get convictions would be tough even if Republicans take over the Senate, but at least Impeaching these Swamp Lizards will send the message that their actions are unacceptable.  It must be done.  

Saturday, September 17, 2022

California Forest Fires - Horrible Impact On Nevada

For the past nine years every summer there have been terrible forest fires in California that have had a horrible impact on Nevada.  Northern Nevada in particular has experienced smoke levels above 150 particulates of dangerous substances in the air, considered dangerous.  Last year the smoke went as far south as Las Vegas.  In fact, last summer and again this summer, Lake Tahoe and Reno are seeing 300 particulates or higher of dangerous substances in the air.  This year instead of the fires coming in July or August, big tourist months, the fires came in September, which required the closing of schools.  

We can argue about climate changes, but the fact is that lack of aggressive forest management along with Pacific Gas and Electric power lines going through forests that spark are causing these fires and or making them much worse.  The Federal government is millions of acres behind in forest management; but even when they try to implement clear cutting, removing of dead trees and clearance of ground debris, radical environmental groups go to court to stop it from happening.  

It is time for the businesses and the citizens of Nevada to act.  Last year, we tried to get the Democrat Governor and Attorney General to act.  They refused.  It is possible that if Republicans are elected Governor and Attorney General in November, maybe they will act; but I would not count on it.  Business groups and concerned citizens need to come together to form a 501(c)4 perhaps named Nevada Citizens For Clean Air (NCFCA) to file a class action lawsuit against the state of California, environmental groups stopping forest management and Pacific Gas & Electric.  This case will take 5 years or more; but it must be fought.  

The goals should be to require aggressive forest management and to achieve a multi billion dollar award to create a Smoke Mitigation Fund that impacted businesses can apply to for lost revenues when they must close down outdoor activities because of smoke.  And, citizens impacted by respiratory illnesses and even cancers that can be tied to this smoke every year should also be able to apply to this fund for damages.  The only way to force proper forest management is to hit them where it hurts.  This is a quality of life issue.  The people of Nevada should not suffer because of what is happening in California.  This is about environmental justice. 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Time To Send Illegal Aliens To California

Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Governor Gavin Gruesome of California is demanding that DOJ Gestapo and party hack Merrick Garland file "kidnapping" charges against state officials in Florida, Texas and Arizona for sending illegal aliens to Sanctuary Cities in Blue States.  And, you can bet one way or another the corrupt Biden Department of Justice will comply with the request.  Really!! Of course, the federal government has been busing and flying illegal aliens all over the country in the dead of night, so I suppose there are federal officials as well that must be charged with some crime.   Ok, it is time for the Governors of these states to start sending the buses to California, which is a Sanctuary State.  California probably already has 3 million illegal aliens the most of any state in the Union.  What is several thousand more arriving every day.  

So, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego and Sacramento, the state Capitol, full of Homeless people, get ready because illegal aliens are coming your way.  The odds are pretty good that many of these illegal aliens have relatives in California anyway that can take them in.  They would love a free bus ticket to California.  Sunshine, Welfare, free college tuition and social services.  It is the American Dream redefined.  California taxpayers who vote for Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) pay the highest taxes in the country.  I am sure they will not mind supporting even more illegal aliens out of the goodness of their hearts.  Gruesome can ask his pals in Hollywood and Big Tech to foot the bill with a special illegal alien assistance tax.  

So let's get those buses rolling.  It is no further to the West coast than it is to the East Coast.  Maybe some of the buses can end up in Napa Sonoma, the Wine country too.  Why not.  There is a labor shortage in the fields to pick grapes, as well as to work in restaurants, hotels etc.  The buses can stop at L'Auberge, the swanky hotel resort in the hills of wine country owned by the Pelosi's.  I am sure Fancy Nancy will set aside some rooms to accomodate them even though it may cost her $1,000 a night in lost revenues per room.  What the hell, the Pelosi's can write it off and look good in the process.  It might be a get out of jail card for Pauly Pelosi recently arrested for a DUI.  Oh wait, he tried the card with the cop when he got pulled over and it did not work.  

We need to bring the illegal alien invasion at our border home to these bleeding heart Socialist Fascists that are all for illegal aliens entering our country as long as they don't have to deal with them in their backyard.  Pretty simple.  Let Governor Gavin Gruesome feed and house several thousand more illegal aliens in California every day.  Honestly, there are already estimated to be 3 million illegal aliens in California, so what the hell is a few thousand more.  

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) Are Determined To Murder Innocent Babies

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has proposed federal legislation that would limit abortion to not later than 15 weeks of pregnancy except in cases of rape, incest or if the mother's life is in danger.  This limit is in keeping with most civilized countries in the world.  While Red States that choose greater limitations would be free to do so, this actually would impact Blue States run by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) that have laws on the books that allow abortion right up until birth and even beyond.  That is infanticide, the murder of an innocent, viable baby.  So of course, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are calling this perfectly reasonable proposal a ban on abortion.  How can it be a ban when it allows abortion.  

The notion if ripping a viable baby apart limb from limb using clamps to get the baby out of the womb to sell baby parts is the most heinous, evil action conceivable.  It is the devil's work.  And, while a majority of Americans may be opposed to outright banning of abortion, an even bigger majority is opposed to late term abortions.   Senator Graham's proposed legislation is perfectly reasonable; but for some reason in the name of a woman's right to choose infanticide, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are determined to murder innocent viable babies and the more the better. 

It is also important to note that 57% of abortions today happen by the abortion pill, which can only be used on pregnancies before 11 weeks.  So, in most cases, this 15 week rule would be more than enough time to choose abortion if that is the mother's wish.  Further, after this point, it has been proven that a baby will feel the pain of abortion murder.  So doing late term abortions is cruel to say the least.  15 weeks is nearly 4 months.  This would give the mother plenty of time to decide on abortion if that is her decision, particularly since Graham is proposing exceptions to go out further in cases of rape, incest or if the mother's life is in danger.  

It is very clear that Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) want abortion as a political issue because they have made such a mess of our country.   They are running on MAGA hatred, the January 6th riot and the abortion issue because our economy is a mess, inflation is out of control, there is an invasion of illegal aliens and drugs coming across our border,  crime is rampant and Joe Biden is senile.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are desperate to escape the messes they have created.  They see the Red Wave coming and so it is panic time.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

FBI and DOJ Gestapo Targeting Trump Supporters - Banana Republic In America

Feckless Joe Biden has declared war on the 75 million Americans, MAGA Republicans that voted for President Trump.  This has resulted in the weaponization of the FBI and DOJ Gestapo to persecute and prosecute Trump voters.  It has been reported that Bidenistas at the FBI and DOJ have targeted 40 or more Trump formers staffers and supporters.  Subpoenas have been issued and cell phone have been taken from these patriots.  They even went after Mr. Pillow, Mike Lindell because he along with half the country believes that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump.  In fact, the real Big Lie is that Joe Biden won fair and square.  We know that mailing out millions of unsolicited ballots, ballot harvesting and unattended drop boxes in addition to no requirement for voter ID led to voter fraud in key states, certainly enough to give Biden the margins that he needed to "win"the election.  This is why the senile pretender in the White House is going after his opponents.  We will never accept Biden as legitimate.  

The United States has officially reached Banana Republic status.  We also know now that the FBI conspired to spy on President Trump and even bring him down and it has been going on for years.  The Russia, Russia Russia Hoax was completely bogus.  Leaders at the FBI lied to the Fisa Court.  There is so much corruption at the FBI that they cannot be trusted any longer.   FBI Director Christopher Ray along with Socialist Party Hack, Lackey Attorney General Merrick Garland must both be impeached if the Republicans take control of the Congress.  The corruption in the Deep State and in particular at the FBI and DOJ becomes more obvious by the day.  Wait until 87,000 more IRS agents come on board to target Trump voters.  

President Trump has been a victim of the Deep State, Fake News, Big Tech, Socialist Fascists and their pals in big business and Hollywood, including RINOS from the minute that he came down that escalator in 2015.  And, it continues today with the raid on Trump's home in Mar-A-Lago.   They are desperate to prevent Trump from running for President again because they know he will win and then heads will roll.  These Deep State Swamp Lizards have been feeding at the trough for decades.  They are fighting to preserve their life styles and bank accounts.  We see it.  We know the game they are playing.  In the meantime, the FBI and DOJ Gestapo continue their war on Trump supporters.  They are a clear and present danger to our freedoms, our democracy and our nation.  When the Republicans take over the Congress they must act to end this tyranny.   

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Great Britain - Incredible World History

There is perhaps no country on earth in the last 400 years that has had a greater influence on world history than Great Britain.  From a tiny island, Britain was able to exert incredible power and influence around the world by having a predominant Navy and a people focused on doing business all over the world long before there was integrated global trade.  During the age of colonization, while all Western countries moved to gain colonies in Africa, Asia and the Americas, Great Britain extended its reach furtherest to more than 50 present day countries many of which today are part of the Commonwealth of related countries.  The Monarch of Britain is actually still the head of state of many of these countries.

Some radical, sick Socialists and Communists around the world that hate Western Civilization, Christianity, Capitalism, the Rule of Law and the English language actually cheered the death of Queen Elizabeth II, one of Great Britain's greatest rulers.  They claim that Britain and the Queen are guilty of genocide because of their colonial history.  They deny history as usual.  Great Britain had a very strong abolitionist movement as early as 1798 and actually abolished slavery in most of its colonies in 1833.  Matter of fact, British Taxpayers ultimately paid slave owners in their colonies to free their slaves.  There never really was wide scale slavery in the British Islands.  They evolved into an industrial manufacturing powerhouse with paid laborers.  

The reality is that Great Britain brought civilization and the rule of law to many underdeveloped parts of the world adding the English language, Christianity and Capitalism that has always been the basis for prosperity.  The British built the extensive railway systems in India and other countries that has been so critical to those country's growth and development.  The British people have always been focused on global trade to make money long before the rest of the world discovered globalization.  They succeeded because they were tough, disciplined and focused on achieving success.  All history involves the great, good, bad and ugly; but to focus on just the bad or ugly is wrong and simplistic, particularly related to British history.  

The whole stiff upper lip attitude among the British people is true.  When Winston Churchill said during World War II in fighting Hitler that they would Never Give Up, Never Give In, it could have been the British story throughout their history.  This is one remarkable country with very tenacious, hard working people.  The Queen is dead.  Long Live the King and Great Britain.    

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Remembering 9/11 - Lessons Learned

On September 11, 2001, Islamic Fascist Terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York City and killed more than 3,000 people in the process.  This occurred because successive Presidents going back to Jimmy Carter did not act to stop Terrorism that was a real threat to our country.  This event put in motion a series of stupid wars costing trillions of dollars.   George W Bush acted with bravado to land troops in Afghanistan and later in Iraq in response to this attack.  Both turned into a fiasco.  Of course, we must remember 9/11 and all the brave soldiers that gave their lives fighting Terrorism; but equally important we must learn the lessons of 9/11.

Never again should we engage in a land war to stop Terrorism.  That plays right into the hands of the enemy.  Instead, we should use our intelligence, technology and superior air capability to destroy Terrorism and Terrorists wherever we find them in the world.  We must cut off the head of the snake everytime a Terrorist leader emerges and kill as many Terrorists by air as we possibly can to protect our country from Terrorist attacks.  The Terrorists must know that they are safe NOWHERE on earth.  And, we must tell any country that harbors Terrorist enemies of the United States that their leaders are fair game as well.  The friend of my enemy must be my enemy.  

It is never smart to play the other guy's game.  Landing troops in far off lands is playing the other guys game.  Afghanistan is a case in point.  20 years of war, trillions of dollars spent, thousands of American lives lost only to have feckless Joe Biden turn over the country to the Taliban and Al Qaeda, the very Terrorists we initially went there to destroy.  It is good that Osama Bin Laden was finally killed when Obama was President.  I suspect it could have happened much sooner as Bin Laden was being protected by Pakistan at the same time the United States was giving Pakistan billions of dollars in aide.  Is that stupid or what. It is good that Obama, Trump and even Biden have acted to kill Terrorist leaders using drones.  We need to do more of it.  We must demonstrate that our reach has no limits.  

In any case, as we look back on 9/11 and all the fiascos that followed, hopefully our leaders and military won't make the same mistakes again.  We must just focus on killing Terrorists that hate our country and way of life to deal with the threat.  It really is pretty simple and straightforward.   

The Contessa Fancy Nancy Pelosi - The Fix Is In

The Contessa Fancy Nancy Pelosi knows that Republicans will take over the House of Representatives in November.  The only question is by how many seats.  This Blogger is predicting that they will win 20 or more additional seats than needed to end Pelosi's reign of terror as Speaker of the House.  Once this occurs, Pelosi after winning reelection will immediately resign from the House because she will not want to be the Minority Leader going forward.  And the chances would be good that she would be ousted anyway by AOC and her Squad.  Who can blame Pelosi for being sick of dealing with these radical idiots. 

But not to worry, Pelosi has already set her sites on her next assignment and it is a plum job.  Feckless Joe Biden is holding the Ambassador to Italy position open for Pelosi, since she is of Italian descent and of Baltimore Italian family corruption fame.  You see Pelosi is a Dalessandro.  He father was the crooked Mayor of Baltimore where she grew up.   In any case, of all the Ambassador positions in the world, Rome is perhaps The most prestigious and luxurious.  First, the beautiful peach colored American Embassy is on the Via Veneto in Rome, which is the Rodeo Drive of Rome surrounded by five star hotels, restaurants and fashionable shops etc.  It is just down the street from the Villa Borghese, a fabulous art museum and palazzo in a beautiful park.  

It then gets better.  The American Ambasciatore does not live at the Embassy, though it would be a desirable location.  Instead, the Ambasciatore lives at the Villa Taverna, a 15th century palazzo built by a high ranking Catholic Cardinale on seven acres with beautiful gardens, swimming pool, tennis court etc in one of the most expensive parts of Roma.  The Villa Taverna was first rented from the family that owned it in 1933 to serve as our Ambasciatore residence and then purchased in 1948.  It is also full of valuable art from the Renaissance to the 19th century.  The Villa Taverna would be suitable for the Contessa Fancy Nancy Pelosi and her drunk husband Paul.  The Pelosi's could not settle for less given their life style.  Just imagine all the gelatti Pelosi can pack in their double wide Viking refrigerator and vino from the hills of Tuscany for Paulo.  

However, this is not the end of the story.  This blogger predicts that once the Contessa Fancy Nancy Pelosi resigns, Governor Gavin Gruesome of California will appoint her 56 year old daughter, Christine Pelosi to fill her mother's seat.  Gruesome is related to the Pelosi's by past marriage and divorce, so he will take care of his family.  Christine is a lawyer and well positioned Democrat Socialist political activist in California who happens to live in San Francisco walking distance to the new baseball stadium.  Christine is married to a movie producer so there is also a Hollywood connection.  So you see, the Fix Is In.  The Contessa Fancy Nancy Pelosi will be going to Roma.  Her daughter Christine will be going to Washington DC to keep the Pelosi seat in the family.  You heard it here first.  

Friday, September 9, 2022

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II - Greatness

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1952 as Queen of Great Britain and the head of state of it and more than 50 Commonwealth countries.  In essence, this Queen has been the monarch of these countries for my entire adult life.  She has worked with 15 US Presidents of both political parties, numerous British Prime Ministers of both parties including Winston Churchill and many, many other world leaders.  Elizabeth II has been there as world history unfolded dealing with threats to Great Britain, end of empire and all sorts of challenges, triumphs and tragedies including family scandals.  

Through it all, Elizabeth II has demonstrated incredible strength, poise, dignity and smarts during her 70 year reign, the longest in British history.  Ironically, though King Henry VIII worried about a male heir, his greatest contribution to British history was his daughter Elizabeth I who ushered in the Elizabethan Age that made Great Britain a powerhouse on the way to empire.  In fact, while there were many great kings of Great Britain none was as great as Elizabeth I, Victoria and Elizabeth II so much so that many want to call Elizabeth II, Elizabeth the Great kind of like the title that was given to Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great.  That is not an English tradition, but there is no doubt about Elizabeth II's greatness.  

As head of state, the Monarchs of Great Britain rise above petty politics.  There is something to be said for this model.  In some countries like France and Italy they have the President as head of state and a Prime Minister who actually runs the country.  The President in this model can stand for country unity while the Prime Minister deals with politics.  Maybe this is the model we need in the United States; but with a different title since we already have divisive Presidents.  In any case, it seems to work well in Great Britain and has for centuries.  The Queen is dead, long live the King.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

19 Reasons To Vote For MAGA America First Republicans

Every election is said to be the most important in American history.  However, never will this be truer than for the elections of 2022 and 2024.  Our country is at an inflection point either headed toward decline or greatness.  If the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) retain control of Congress and the Presidency, the United States will fall into deep decline and our people will experience a lower standard of living.  If MAGA America First Republicans (not to be confused with Establishment RINOS) gain control of Congress and the Presidency in upcoming elections, while it will be tough, we can get our country back on track.  There are 19 simple reasons to vote for Republicans, not necessarily in order of importance that you are welcome to share with everyone you know. 

1.  Out of Control Inflation caused by feckless Joe Biden's policies that is hurting poor and middle class families most.

2.  The Illegal Alien invasion at our border and poisonous drugs coming into our country because of Joe Biden's policies.

3.  Funding the police to deal with Exploding Crime because of Joe Biden's policies.

4.  The cost of energy that will only get higher because of Joe Biden's policies and the stupid Green New Deal that will only benefit China.

5.  Socialist Fascists intend to impose heinous unrestricted abortion right up until birth and even after all over the United States by federal law.

6.  The need for real election integrity, which means we must end the mail out of unsolicited ballots, ballot harvesting, unmanned ballot drop boxes and we must require voter ID all to prevent fraud.

7.  The need to protect freedom of speech, religion and the right to bear arms that are all under threat.  

8.  Failing public schools and the need for School Choice to allow all parents the right to get their kids into good schools.  

9.  Stopping Woke ideology promoting Critical Race Theory racist, Marxist revisionist fake history and LGBTQIA indoctrination that threaten everyone's rights.

10.  Preventing the hiring of 87,000 new IRS Agents who will terrorize taxpayers and target Conservatives.

11.  Stopping the attack on traditional family values and faith.

12.  Fair Trade not Free Trade to bring jobs and industries back to the United States.  

13.  The need to save Social Security and Medicare.

14.  Requiring our Allies to pay their fair share for their national defense.  

15.  Ending our involvement in endless foreign wars.

16.  Making our military second to none in the world to defend our country against our enemies so we don't have to fight wars.  Going back to Reagan's Peace Through Strength.  

17.  Reigning in the Deep State particularly the FBI, DOJ and IRS that have been weaponized against Conservatives.  

18.  Stopping Environmental extremism that destroys jobs in the United States and benefits China.  

19.  Reigning in Big Tech to protect our freedoms through regulations.

There will be an intense battle to get our country back on track, on every single one of these issues, which is why only tough MAGA America First Republicans are up to the job.  RINOS  have been complicit in working with Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats ) to destroy our nation.  They are over.  Donate money to MAGA Republicans to help them win local, state and federal elections.  The time is NOW!   

Germany Was Warned About The Dangers Of Partnering With Russia

Years ago when Germany decided to buy oil and natural gas from Russia,  British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady and President Ronald Reagan were completely opposed to the decision believing that one day it would allow the Russians to hold the Germans hostage.  More recently, President Trump told German leaders that their energy policy was dumb.  They laughed at Trump and even openly mocked him.  Well who is laughing now.  

The Russians announced they are withholding Natural Gas from Germany permanently until Ukraine related sanctions against Russia end.  The Germans stupidly went Green several years ago closing down their coal fired and nuclear plants.   They don't even have liquefied natural gas terminals along their coast to receive gas that we might have been able to send them had feckless Joe Biden not moved to destroy our carbon energy industry.  So, now the Germans are facing an energy crisis, which will raise prices around the world.  The good news is that the French are ramping up their nuclear plants to produce more energy; but most of that will be needed in France. 

As Forest Gump always said, "Stupid Is As Stupid Does".  Wind and solar cannot power a modern industrial economy.  Natural gas could and should be the bridge to any future energy sources that might be more viable like hydrogen.  Nuclear energy must be part of the picture so we should be building nuclear power plants once more in the United States and all over the world.  We should be making all energy sources safer, cleaner and cheaper to maintain a high standard of living around the world.  

California like Germany continues to make stupid energy decision.  California is mandating that all cars sold in California by 2035 must be all electric.  The problem is that if that were to occur, there is not the grid capacity to power them today.  Matter of fact, just this week with California facing a heat wave, people who own electric cars were told not to plug them in because the grid will shut down forcing blackouts in many areas.  At least California is not Germany.  Most parts of California do not experience harsh, freezing cold winters.  The people of Germany will face a very cold winter because of their politicians stupid decisions.  Dependence on Russia for carbon energy was about as dumb as it gets.  

Monday, September 5, 2022

Labor Day - Recognizing The Workers That Built America

What we know of America today began with our Founders who created a system of government that allowed for the growth and development of our country into the greatest nation in the history of the world.  That said, the America we see today began about 150 years ago with Industrialization.  Steel made skyscrapers possible.  The railroad that criss crossed America after the Civil War brought goods to all parts of the nation.  The United States became the arsenal of democracy during two World Wars that made America a superpower.  

None of this would have been possible without the back breaking work of millions of Americans and immigrants that came from all over the world to make America a great country.  Private sector unions fought for better working conditions and benefits that have been codified into federal and state laws so much so that private sector unions have become unnecessary.  One of the reasons that private sector unions declined is that they demanded higher and higher wages and more benefits that were not sustainable.  In the process, unions destroyed manufacturing jobs in the United States as companies simply moved production to lower cost countries in order to compete in a global economy.  In essence, private sector unions killed the goose that laid the golden egg.  

Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt opposed public sector unions because he anticipated the corruption that would come from them.  Sure enough, public sector unions are now predominant in the United States in terms of a membership compared to private sector unions.  And, sure enough public sector unions support Socialist politicians that they own to secure higher wages and more benefits.  It is a vicious circle of corruption at taxpayer expense.   None are more problematic than teacher unions as they have secured increased funding for public schools in spite of terrible academic achievement to allow teachers to continue feeding at the trough.  Teacher unions can oppose the reforms needed to improve public schools because they own and control the Socialist politicians that will stop them.  In this case, kids just don't matter.  

On this Labor Day, many are struggling with high inflation and energy costs just to put food on the table.  People are working; but wages have not kept up with inflation.  We need to Make America Great Again.  It will not happen as long as Socialist Fascists control government.  It is time for change.  Hopefully, Midterm elections will result in Republicans taking over the Congress to end Biden's Socialist schemes that have made a mess of our country.  We must save Social Security and Medicare that are headed toward bankrupcy.  We must secure our border to stop the illegal alien invasion and poisonous drugs entering our country.  We must roll back the Green New Deal because it will result in a lower standard of living for all Americans.  We must address the crime happening all over America.  We have a lot of work to do to get our country back on track.  

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Crime Is Exploding In America - Society Is Breaking Down - Thank You Joe Biden

Socialist Fascists that control Blue cities and states have cut funding for the police.  In addition, due to constant attacks on the police by the radical left, many have retired or moved to other states that support the cops.  Who can blame them!  The end result is exploding crime rates in America.  All crimes have increased including murders, rapes, assaults, carjackings and flash mob robberies.  Crime is worst in our inner cities impacting people of color most.  Calling 911 in these places does not guarantee a timely response.  And, when cops do show up at a crime scene, they are hesitant to take action fearing lawsuits and and end to their careers. 

Feckless Joe Biden fearing midterm elections is now calling for funding the police while saying there are lots of lousy cops.  The fact is that only a small percentage of cops are "lousy".  Cops are just not feeling the love, which is why recruitment is way down.  The reality is that unless and until cops are allowed to do their jobs getting criminals off the streets, crime will continue unchecked.  To make matters worse, Socialist Fascist Prosecutors and judges are letting criminals that are arrested walk free by not requiring bail in many places.  So, some accused of murder and other serious felonies are back on the street within days of arrest awaiting trails only to commit more serious crimes.  

It is clear that the victims, and families of victims should be able to sue these same prosecutors and judges that fail to keep known criminals in jail off our streets.   Many cities and states have become NO GO ZONES because the crime in those cities is so bad.  This is what happens when Socialist Fascists control these cities and states.  The only way to end exploding crime in America is to elect politicians, presumably MAGA Republicans, not RINOS, that will be tough or crime.  This problem will not go away as long as Socialist Fascists soft on crime remain in power.  In the meantime, buy guns and learn how to use them to protect you and your family.  

Saturday, September 3, 2022

From Barry Goldwater To Donald Trump

Barry Goldwater is thought to be the father of the modern Conservative movement in America.  Though Goldwater failed to be elected President in 1964 when he ran against Lyndon Johnson, it was Goldwater who paved the way for Ronald Reagan who beat Jimmy Carter in a landslide.  President Reagan was one of the greatest Presidents in American history.  Reagan's policies of peace through strength brought down the Old Soviet Union.  Cutting taxes and regulations brought prosperity in the United States.  Reagan's optimism and "morning in America" slogan was really the first MAGA President. 

George Bush I, who came after Reagan was really not much of a Conservative.  Bush I was part of the Deep State Establishment.  Today, we would call him a RINO.   He told us, "read my lips, no new taxes".  The Socialist worked Bush I when he agreed to raise taxes and it cost him the election to Bill Clinton.  George Bush II was a "compassionate" Conservative.  Bush II did well responding to 9/11; but then got mired in the Iraq War.  Bush II was less Establishment Republican, but he too was old school and pretty much went along to get along.  Bush II paved the way for Barack Obama.  

And, then came President Donald Trump again one of our greatest Presidents.  Trump's America First MAGA movement resonates with half the country.   Biden is right.  MAGA voters are angry because we see an America in decline.  We do want to go backwards to policies faith, family and freedom.  We don't support the Green New Deal that will lower the standard of living for all Americans.  We don't support woke public schools indoctrinating children with Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist fake history and the radical LGBTQIA agenda.  We do support fair trade not free trade to bring jobs back to the United States.  We do support Cops stopping crime and our Military.  We want a secure border to stop the illegal alien invasion happening at our border and drugs flowing into our country that are killing thousands of our people.  We are pro life and oppose unrestricted abortion infanticide.  We support the Second Amendment and will never surrender our guns.  

MAGA is the modern Republican Party that started with Barry Goldwater.  Whether President Trump is reelected in 2024, or not, it will be a MAGA Republican running for the Presidency.  75 million Americans voted for President Trump and his ideology.  We liked what we saw then and we like what we hear from Trump today.  The Deep State Establishment hates and fears Donald Trump because they can't control or own him.  They love RINOS that they have controlled for years.  Those days are over.  

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Battle For The Soul Of Our Nation - Not About Abortion and January 6th

What the Socialist Fascists led by feckless Joe Biden do not seem to understand is that the Soul of Our Nation is predicated on Faith, Family and Freedom not their radical left wing ideology.  We want safe streets, secure borders, great schools, energy independence and our freedoms as written in the Bill of Rights.  Biden condemns the 75 million Americans that voted for President Trump as Maga Fascists and a threat to democracy.  Really!  So half the country that opposes their radical Socialist Fascist ideology are a threat to democracy.  It is just not true.  The Battle For The Soul of Nation is not about abortion and the January 6th riot as contended by Joe Biden.  

The only threats to Democracy we see are based on lack of election integrity, inability to trust those in government working in the Deep State feeding at the trough, in addition to Fake News that spews out left wing propaganda daily and the largest companies in the US that insist on woke adherence to this same radical ideology on pain of firings.  We can't even take our kids to Disney World anymore because it is no longer a safe environment for children. 

The public schools seek to indoctrinate rather than educate our children at a time when half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level.  Inner city streets are so dangerous that we dare not go there.  Millions of illegal aliens are invading our country along with drugs coming into America that are killing our people.  The Cartels control our border and Biden does nothing to stop them.  

Our enemies, China, Russia, Iran and North Korea do not fear Joe Biden.  The poor people of Ukraine were invaded by Russia because of Biden's weakness.  China is ready to invade Taiwan.  Iran will soon have nuclear weapons.  North Korea continues to build nuclear weapons.  Biden fiddles while the world is on fire.  

Inflation if out of control.  The poor and the middle class in our country are suffering because of Socialist Fascist and Joe Biden's failures.  So, we are in a battle for the soul of our nation.  We need to Make America Great Again.  It will never happen as long as Joe Biden is President and Socialist Fascists control our government.  We must take back our country to stop all the BS that is happening.  Joe Biden is a miserable failure and the worst President since Jimmy Carter.  

Whether President Trump is re-elected in 2024, or another America First MAGA Republican is elected, we need to remove these Socialist Fascists from office.  Hopefully, Republicans will take back the Congress in 2022.  And, then we can focus on the Presidency to save our democracy from these Socialist Fascist tyrants that are a clear and present danger to our nation and our freedoms. 

Dismal Reading & Math Scores Fell - Covid Lock-Downs

Even before Covid lock-downs, half the kids in the United States could not read or do math at grade level.  It was already a national crisis.  With two years of Covid lock-downs, across the board, the National Assessment of Educational Progress reported that reading scores fell by another 5 points and math scores by another 7 points among 9 years olds.  The national reading decline was the first since 1990 and the first ever for math.  Black and Hispanic kids' test scores fell even more.  Clearly, online learning demanded by teacher unions that many students never attended was a miserable failure.  This all hit our inner cities students the worst.

What is really tragic is that children were the least impacted by the Covid virus.  Lock-downs for schools were completely unnecessary by just taking normal precautions.  The Blue States that kept lock-down's in place longest did much worse.  What a surprise!

And, there are other statistics that tie low reading scores to poor academic performance, higher crime rates and jail time.  Again, what a surprise!  Yet, woke School Boards, administrators, teacher unions and some teachers are focused on things like Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist fake history and LGBTQIA indoctrination, gender screening, transgender transitions etc., instead of focusing on improving the quality of education and academic achievement.  Now more than ever, this National Crisis must be addressed.   

School Board members that refuse to do what is necessary to improve reading and math test scores must be removed from office.  We have to get back to great teaching again with focus, discipline and passion.  All the other crap that is happening in our public and some private schools must stop.  Teacher unions must stop pushing all their left wing Socialist ideology in our schools.  We need metrics in place to measure success.  Teachers and Administrators that fail to do the job must be fired.  It is just that simple.  

And, we must have School Choice so that all parents not just the rich can get their kids out of failing public schools.  The only way for public schools to improve is to face competition.  We must starve the beast of the monies to get their attention.  The money must follow the kid to the school parents choose for them.  It will not happen any other way.