Friday, September 9, 2022

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II - Greatness

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1952 as Queen of Great Britain and the head of state of it and more than 50 Commonwealth countries.  In essence, this Queen has been the monarch of these countries for my entire adult life.  She has worked with 15 US Presidents of both political parties, numerous British Prime Ministers of both parties including Winston Churchill and many, many other world leaders.  Elizabeth II has been there as world history unfolded dealing with threats to Great Britain, end of empire and all sorts of challenges, triumphs and tragedies including family scandals.  

Through it all, Elizabeth II has demonstrated incredible strength, poise, dignity and smarts during her 70 year reign, the longest in British history.  Ironically, though King Henry VIII worried about a male heir, his greatest contribution to British history was his daughter Elizabeth I who ushered in the Elizabethan Age that made Great Britain a powerhouse on the way to empire.  In fact, while there were many great kings of Great Britain none was as great as Elizabeth I, Victoria and Elizabeth II so much so that many want to call Elizabeth II, Elizabeth the Great kind of like the title that was given to Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great.  That is not an English tradition, but there is no doubt about Elizabeth II's greatness.  

As head of state, the Monarchs of Great Britain rise above petty politics.  There is something to be said for this model.  In some countries like France and Italy they have the President as head of state and a Prime Minister who actually runs the country.  The President in this model can stand for country unity while the Prime Minister deals with politics.  Maybe this is the model we need in the United States; but with a different title since we already have divisive Presidents.  In any case, it seems to work well in Great Britain and has for centuries.  The Queen is dead, long live the King.  

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