Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Misery Index - The Cost Of Gas and Bacon

Economists have all sorts of fancy and often complex computations to measure the state of the economy.  We are officially in a Recession even though Bidenistas deny it.  A Recession is generally proclaimed after two quarters of negative growth and we are there.  But forget about all of it.  My Misery index, which measure the cost of a gallon of gas combined with the cost of a pound of bacon says it all.  If those two cost more than $10 combined, we are in big trouble.  

Gas is starting to go up again.  Depending on the state, it is over $5 a gallon.  California in La La Land is back up above $6 a gallon.  The cost of a pound of bacon at Costco is now about $6 a pound and that assumes buying the three pound package.  It has gone up 60% since Joe Biden took office.  It is even more in regular grocery stores. 

On election day in November, Republicans will win based on this Misery Index.  For every dollar above $10 gas and bacon cost combined, Republican will gain House seats and perhaps even take over the Senate.  Republicans will take over the House.   The only question is by how many seats.  Right now the pundits are saying a gain of 16 seats.  If gas and bacon combined are above $12, I suspect it will be more like 30 seats and if the cost goes above $14, it will be 40 seats.  Republicans could very well gain the majority in the Senate as well by 2 - 4 seats.  Several states are in play.  

The Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are running on the abortion issue, the January 6th riot and hatred of President Trump because feckless Joe Biden has made such a mess of everything he has touched.  You can't eat abortion.  The other issues will not fill a gas tank.  And, the invasion of illegal alien and drugs coming across our border is totally out of control.  Further, crime in America is rampant in many Blue State big cities.  People are scared to death.  In the end, inflation will cause people to vote for Republicans.  Watch my Misery Index.  The Red Wave in coming.  

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