Sunday, September 4, 2022

Crime Is Exploding In America - Society Is Breaking Down - Thank You Joe Biden

Socialist Fascists that control Blue cities and states have cut funding for the police.  In addition, due to constant attacks on the police by the radical left, many have retired or moved to other states that support the cops.  Who can blame them!  The end result is exploding crime rates in America.  All crimes have increased including murders, rapes, assaults, carjackings and flash mob robberies.  Crime is worst in our inner cities impacting people of color most.  Calling 911 in these places does not guarantee a timely response.  And, when cops do show up at a crime scene, they are hesitant to take action fearing lawsuits and and end to their careers. 

Feckless Joe Biden fearing midterm elections is now calling for funding the police while saying there are lots of lousy cops.  The fact is that only a small percentage of cops are "lousy".  Cops are just not feeling the love, which is why recruitment is way down.  The reality is that unless and until cops are allowed to do their jobs getting criminals off the streets, crime will continue unchecked.  To make matters worse, Socialist Fascist Prosecutors and judges are letting criminals that are arrested walk free by not requiring bail in many places.  So, some accused of murder and other serious felonies are back on the street within days of arrest awaiting trails only to commit more serious crimes.  

It is clear that the victims, and families of victims should be able to sue these same prosecutors and judges that fail to keep known criminals in jail off our streets.   Many cities and states have become NO GO ZONES because the crime in those cities is so bad.  This is what happens when Socialist Fascists control these cities and states.  The only way to end exploding crime in America is to elect politicians, presumably MAGA Republicans, not RINOS, that will be tough or crime.  This problem will not go away as long as Socialist Fascists soft on crime remain in power.  In the meantime, buy guns and learn how to use them to protect you and your family.  

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