Sunday, September 11, 2022

Great Britain - Incredible World History

There is perhaps no country on earth in the last 400 years that has had a greater influence on world history than Great Britain.  From a tiny island, Britain was able to exert incredible power and influence around the world by having a predominant Navy and a people focused on doing business all over the world long before there was integrated global trade.  During the age of colonization, while all Western countries moved to gain colonies in Africa, Asia and the Americas, Great Britain extended its reach furtherest to more than 50 present day countries many of which today are part of the Commonwealth of related countries.  The Monarch of Britain is actually still the head of state of many of these countries.

Some radical, sick Socialists and Communists around the world that hate Western Civilization, Christianity, Capitalism, the Rule of Law and the English language actually cheered the death of Queen Elizabeth II, one of Great Britain's greatest rulers.  They claim that Britain and the Queen are guilty of genocide because of their colonial history.  They deny history as usual.  Great Britain had a very strong abolitionist movement as early as 1798 and actually abolished slavery in most of its colonies in 1833.  Matter of fact, British Taxpayers ultimately paid slave owners in their colonies to free their slaves.  There never really was wide scale slavery in the British Islands.  They evolved into an industrial manufacturing powerhouse with paid laborers.  

The reality is that Great Britain brought civilization and the rule of law to many underdeveloped parts of the world adding the English language, Christianity and Capitalism that has always been the basis for prosperity.  The British built the extensive railway systems in India and other countries that has been so critical to those country's growth and development.  The British people have always been focused on global trade to make money long before the rest of the world discovered globalization.  They succeeded because they were tough, disciplined and focused on achieving success.  All history involves the great, good, bad and ugly; but to focus on just the bad or ugly is wrong and simplistic, particularly related to British history.  

The whole stiff upper lip attitude among the British people is true.  When Winston Churchill said during World War II in fighting Hitler that they would Never Give Up, Never Give In, it could have been the British story throughout their history.  This is one remarkable country with very tenacious, hard working people.  The Queen is dead.  Long Live the King and Great Britain.    

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