Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Senator Joe Manchin Screwed The People Of West Virginia

In order to secure the Socialist Fascist votes needed to fund the government, Socialist Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia had to screw the people of his state.  Manchin originally voted for Biden's Inflation Bill that will actually cause higher inflation because it included easier permitting for carbon energy and a pipeline from West Virginia to Virginia to get their natural gas to other states in the region.  Since Socialist Fascists are opposed to anything that allows for more carbon energy, they would not vote to fund the government as long as Manchin's provisions were in the bill.  

So, Joe Manchin agreed to remove them; which means they will never happen.  In doing so, the people of West Virginia just got screwed big time.  They are getting Green New Deal regulations on coal that will kill the state's primary industry with nothing in return.  Senator Joe Manchin should face the wrath of the voters in West Virginia.  Gutless Manchin has to go.

Europe adopted the Green New Deal hook, line and sinker.  And, now Europe will have to ration energy this winter.  People in Germany, which is freezing in the winter are being told they will not be allowed to heat their homes as normal.  Germany should have built liquified natural gas terminals along their entire coast to buy natural gas from the United States.  Instead, they invested in solar and wind mills that cannot power their economy.  They relied on Russia for energy, which they were warned long ago was a huge mistake.  They laughed at Trump when he told them they were a bunch of dummies.  Now, they will pay the price this winter as their people freeze. 

Italy just elected Giorgia Meloni as Prime Minister, the first woman Prime Minister in Italian history; but more important, she is an Italy First Conservative that will push back a lot of these stupid Socialist schemes that are destroying these countries.  First, Meloni will focus on the illegal immigration that is happening.  Italy is being invaded by illegal aliens from Africa that they can't support.  Sound familiar.  Meloni will push back on the European Union and all the demands they have made on Italy that have hurt their country.  Most important, Meloni will stop the Green New Deal Socialist Schemes that have made Italy a poorer country.  

We need to watch what is happening in Europe.  Gutless politicians like Joe Manchin are harming our country.  They have to go sooner than later.  Hopefully, we will see a Red Wave in November and then again in 2024 so Republicans can get our country back on track.  We can't take much more of the Socialist Fascist BS happening in Washington DC and many state capitol's.  

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