Thursday, September 15, 2022

Time To Send Illegal Aliens To California

Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Governor Gavin Gruesome of California is demanding that DOJ Gestapo and party hack Merrick Garland file "kidnapping" charges against state officials in Florida, Texas and Arizona for sending illegal aliens to Sanctuary Cities in Blue States.  And, you can bet one way or another the corrupt Biden Department of Justice will comply with the request.  Really!! Of course, the federal government has been busing and flying illegal aliens all over the country in the dead of night, so I suppose there are federal officials as well that must be charged with some crime.   Ok, it is time for the Governors of these states to start sending the buses to California, which is a Sanctuary State.  California probably already has 3 million illegal aliens the most of any state in the Union.  What is several thousand more arriving every day.  

So, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego and Sacramento, the state Capitol, full of Homeless people, get ready because illegal aliens are coming your way.  The odds are pretty good that many of these illegal aliens have relatives in California anyway that can take them in.  They would love a free bus ticket to California.  Sunshine, Welfare, free college tuition and social services.  It is the American Dream redefined.  California taxpayers who vote for Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) pay the highest taxes in the country.  I am sure they will not mind supporting even more illegal aliens out of the goodness of their hearts.  Gruesome can ask his pals in Hollywood and Big Tech to foot the bill with a special illegal alien assistance tax.  

So let's get those buses rolling.  It is no further to the West coast than it is to the East Coast.  Maybe some of the buses can end up in Napa Sonoma, the Wine country too.  Why not.  There is a labor shortage in the fields to pick grapes, as well as to work in restaurants, hotels etc.  The buses can stop at L'Auberge, the swanky hotel resort in the hills of wine country owned by the Pelosi's.  I am sure Fancy Nancy will set aside some rooms to accomodate them even though it may cost her $1,000 a night in lost revenues per room.  What the hell, the Pelosi's can write it off and look good in the process.  It might be a get out of jail card for Pauly Pelosi recently arrested for a DUI.  Oh wait, he tried the card with the cop when he got pulled over and it did not work.  

We need to bring the illegal alien invasion at our border home to these bleeding heart Socialist Fascists that are all for illegal aliens entering our country as long as they don't have to deal with them in their backyard.  Pretty simple.  Let Governor Gavin Gruesome feed and house several thousand more illegal aliens in California every day.  Honestly, there are already estimated to be 3 million illegal aliens in California, so what the hell is a few thousand more.  

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