Tuesday, September 6, 2022

19 Reasons To Vote For MAGA America First Republicans

Every election is said to be the most important in American history.  However, never will this be truer than for the elections of 2022 and 2024.  Our country is at an inflection point either headed toward decline or greatness.  If the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) retain control of Congress and the Presidency, the United States will fall into deep decline and our people will experience a lower standard of living.  If MAGA America First Republicans (not to be confused with Establishment RINOS) gain control of Congress and the Presidency in upcoming elections, while it will be tough, we can get our country back on track.  There are 19 simple reasons to vote for Republicans, not necessarily in order of importance that you are welcome to share with everyone you know. 

1.  Out of Control Inflation caused by feckless Joe Biden's policies that is hurting poor and middle class families most.

2.  The Illegal Alien invasion at our border and poisonous drugs coming into our country because of Joe Biden's policies.

3.  Funding the police to deal with Exploding Crime because of Joe Biden's policies.

4.  The cost of energy that will only get higher because of Joe Biden's policies and the stupid Green New Deal that will only benefit China.

5.  Socialist Fascists intend to impose heinous unrestricted abortion right up until birth and even after all over the United States by federal law.

6.  The need for real election integrity, which means we must end the mail out of unsolicited ballots, ballot harvesting, unmanned ballot drop boxes and we must require voter ID all to prevent fraud.

7.  The need to protect freedom of speech, religion and the right to bear arms that are all under threat.  

8.  Failing public schools and the need for School Choice to allow all parents the right to get their kids into good schools.  

9.  Stopping Woke ideology promoting Critical Race Theory racist, Marxist revisionist fake history and LGBTQIA indoctrination that threaten everyone's rights.

10.  Preventing the hiring of 87,000 new IRS Agents who will terrorize taxpayers and target Conservatives.

11.  Stopping the attack on traditional family values and faith.

12.  Fair Trade not Free Trade to bring jobs and industries back to the United States.  

13.  The need to save Social Security and Medicare.

14.  Requiring our Allies to pay their fair share for their national defense.  

15.  Ending our involvement in endless foreign wars.

16.  Making our military second to none in the world to defend our country against our enemies so we don't have to fight wars.  Going back to Reagan's Peace Through Strength.  

17.  Reigning in the Deep State particularly the FBI, DOJ and IRS that have been weaponized against Conservatives.  

18.  Stopping Environmental extremism that destroys jobs in the United States and benefits China.  

19.  Reigning in Big Tech to protect our freedoms through regulations.

There will be an intense battle to get our country back on track, on every single one of these issues, which is why only tough MAGA America First Republicans are up to the job.  RINOS  have been complicit in working with Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats ) to destroy our nation.  They are over.  Donate money to MAGA Republicans to help them win local, state and federal elections.  The time is NOW!   

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