Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Contessa Fancy Nancy Pelosi - The Fix Is In

The Contessa Fancy Nancy Pelosi knows that Republicans will take over the House of Representatives in November.  The only question is by how many seats.  This Blogger is predicting that they will win 20 or more additional seats than needed to end Pelosi's reign of terror as Speaker of the House.  Once this occurs, Pelosi after winning reelection will immediately resign from the House because she will not want to be the Minority Leader going forward.  And the chances would be good that she would be ousted anyway by AOC and her Squad.  Who can blame Pelosi for being sick of dealing with these radical idiots. 

But not to worry, Pelosi has already set her sites on her next assignment and it is a plum job.  Feckless Joe Biden is holding the Ambassador to Italy position open for Pelosi, since she is of Italian descent and of Baltimore Italian family corruption fame.  You see Pelosi is a Dalessandro.  He father was the crooked Mayor of Baltimore where she grew up.   In any case, of all the Ambassador positions in the world, Rome is perhaps The most prestigious and luxurious.  First, the beautiful peach colored American Embassy is on the Via Veneto in Rome, which is the Rodeo Drive of Rome surrounded by five star hotels, restaurants and fashionable shops etc.  It is just down the street from the Villa Borghese, a fabulous art museum and palazzo in a beautiful park.  

It then gets better.  The American Ambasciatore does not live at the Embassy, though it would be a desirable location.  Instead, the Ambasciatore lives at the Villa Taverna, a 15th century palazzo built by a high ranking Catholic Cardinale on seven acres with beautiful gardens, swimming pool, tennis court etc in one of the most expensive parts of Roma.  The Villa Taverna was first rented from the family that owned it in 1933 to serve as our Ambasciatore residence and then purchased in 1948.  It is also full of valuable art from the Renaissance to the 19th century.  The Villa Taverna would be suitable for the Contessa Fancy Nancy Pelosi and her drunk husband Paul.  The Pelosi's could not settle for less given their life style.  Just imagine all the gelatti Pelosi can pack in their double wide Viking refrigerator and vino from the hills of Tuscany for Paulo.  

However, this is not the end of the story.  This blogger predicts that once the Contessa Fancy Nancy Pelosi resigns, Governor Gavin Gruesome of California will appoint her 56 year old daughter, Christine Pelosi to fill her mother's seat.  Gruesome is related to the Pelosi's by past marriage and divorce, so he will take care of his family.  Christine is a lawyer and well positioned Democrat Socialist political activist in California who happens to live in San Francisco walking distance to the new baseball stadium.  Christine is married to a movie producer so there is also a Hollywood connection.  So you see, the Fix Is In.  The Contessa Fancy Nancy Pelosi will be going to Roma.  Her daughter Christine will be going to Washington DC to keep the Pelosi seat in the family.  You heard it here first.  

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