Thursday, September 29, 2022

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) & Climate Change

Whenever there is a forest fire, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, or any other major weather event anywhere in the world,  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) scream climate change to justify their Socialist Schemes that include higher taxes, regulations and the Green New Deal that will destroy the American economy.  Can we get real.  First, climatic cycles have occurred since the beginning of the world and actually formed the continents and the oceans, with or without God's help depending on your beliefs, and long before there were carbon emissions.  The recent hurricane in Florida is not that unusual.  Hurricanes have been happening in Florida ever since the peninsula was formed thousands of years ago.  

The difference today is that Florida has highly dense population areas along their coasts.  People  want to live near water even if it is not smart.  Remember, Florida as a narrow peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides and includes many rivers, streams, ponds, swamps etc throughout the state. It is a flood waiting to happen.  They actually drained swamps to build much of Florida.  The fact is that building homes and other structures at 3 to 5 feet above sea level is not very smart unless these structures are built on stilts as happens in other parts of the country.   At a minimum, they should have raised foundations. 

The devastation we see from the recent hurricane in Florida was very predictable aside from any climatic changes that may be impacting the world.  Hurricanes are a fact of life in Florida.  People that buy, or build homes within 20 miles of the Florida coast in lowlands are risking their lives and catastrophic damage to their properties.  Yet, they keep building homes without any concern all over the gulf coast and Southern Atlantic coasts.  Florida is growing like crazy as many older people in particular escape Blue States, high taxes and cold weather.  It is time for truth, not fiction related to climate change.  The recent disaster in Florida is man made; but not just because of climate change.  Building homes and other properties in Florida near the coast in low lying areas is a disaster waiting to happen.  

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