Saturday, September 17, 2022

California Forest Fires - Horrible Impact On Nevada

For the past nine years every summer there have been terrible forest fires in California that have had a horrible impact on Nevada.  Northern Nevada in particular has experienced smoke levels above 150 particulates of dangerous substances in the air, considered dangerous.  Last year the smoke went as far south as Las Vegas.  In fact, last summer and again this summer, Lake Tahoe and Reno are seeing 300 particulates or higher of dangerous substances in the air.  This year instead of the fires coming in July or August, big tourist months, the fires came in September, which required the closing of schools.  

We can argue about climate changes, but the fact is that lack of aggressive forest management along with Pacific Gas and Electric power lines going through forests that spark are causing these fires and or making them much worse.  The Federal government is millions of acres behind in forest management; but even when they try to implement clear cutting, removing of dead trees and clearance of ground debris, radical environmental groups go to court to stop it from happening.  

It is time for the businesses and the citizens of Nevada to act.  Last year, we tried to get the Democrat Governor and Attorney General to act.  They refused.  It is possible that if Republicans are elected Governor and Attorney General in November, maybe they will act; but I would not count on it.  Business groups and concerned citizens need to come together to form a 501(c)4 perhaps named Nevada Citizens For Clean Air (NCFCA) to file a class action lawsuit against the state of California, environmental groups stopping forest management and Pacific Gas & Electric.  This case will take 5 years or more; but it must be fought.  

The goals should be to require aggressive forest management and to achieve a multi billion dollar award to create a Smoke Mitigation Fund that impacted businesses can apply to for lost revenues when they must close down outdoor activities because of smoke.  And, citizens impacted by respiratory illnesses and even cancers that can be tied to this smoke every year should also be able to apply to this fund for damages.  The only way to force proper forest management is to hit them where it hurts.  This is a quality of life issue.  The people of Nevada should not suffer because of what is happening in California.  This is about environmental justice. 

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