Sunday, September 18, 2022

Impeach Biden, Harris, Mayorkas, Garland & Wray

Vice President Quemala Harris claims that the Southern border is secure as 200,000 illegal aliens and tons of drugs come across every month.  The woman is a delusional liar.  When the Republicans take back the House of Representatives they must begin impeachment proceedings against feckless Joe Biden, Quemala Harris for being complicit in his crimes, Socialist Party Hack Attorney General Merrick Garland and RINO FBI Director Christopher Wray.  

The charges against Biden are simple and three fold.  First, there is all the Biden crime family corruption.  Second, Biden has failed to secure the border and is violating immigration laws on the books.  And third, Biden has issued various Executive Orders that are unconstitutional.  It will not be difficult to prove all three charges.  Quemala Harris, the border czar and Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security have both been complicit in allowing the open border so they both  must go too.  If Biden and Harris are impeached and convicted, the Speaker of the House presumably Kevin McCarthy would be next in line so he would assume the Presidency if these two Socialist Fascist idiots are removed from office. 

Next, both Merrick Garland, the Attorney General and Christopher Wray FBI Director must go as well for weaponizing the DOJ and FBI against parents protesting at school board meetings and MAGA voters and supporters of President Trump.  The corruption at the DOJ and FBI are obvious and again easy to prove.  Garland and Wray have turned the United States into a banana republic.  After years of corrupt actions against Trump, the attack on President Trump's home, Mar-A-Largo is the last straw.  These Deep State Swamp Lizards are a clear and present danger to the freedoms of half the citizens of the United States; MAGA supporters.  They cannot remain in office.  It only requires a majority of House Members to approve Impeachment.  Getting 67 votes in the Senate to get convictions would be tough even if Republicans take over the Senate, but at least Impeaching these Swamp Lizards will send the message that their actions are unacceptable.  It must be done.  

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