Thursday, September 1, 2022

Dismal Reading & Math Scores Fell - Covid Lock-Downs

Even before Covid lock-downs, half the kids in the United States could not read or do math at grade level.  It was already a national crisis.  With two years of Covid lock-downs, across the board, the National Assessment of Educational Progress reported that reading scores fell by another 5 points and math scores by another 7 points among 9 years olds.  The national reading decline was the first since 1990 and the first ever for math.  Black and Hispanic kids' test scores fell even more.  Clearly, online learning demanded by teacher unions that many students never attended was a miserable failure.  This all hit our inner cities students the worst.

What is really tragic is that children were the least impacted by the Covid virus.  Lock-downs for schools were completely unnecessary by just taking normal precautions.  The Blue States that kept lock-down's in place longest did much worse.  What a surprise!

And, there are other statistics that tie low reading scores to poor academic performance, higher crime rates and jail time.  Again, what a surprise!  Yet, woke School Boards, administrators, teacher unions and some teachers are focused on things like Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist fake history and LGBTQIA indoctrination, gender screening, transgender transitions etc., instead of focusing on improving the quality of education and academic achievement.  Now more than ever, this National Crisis must be addressed.   

School Board members that refuse to do what is necessary to improve reading and math test scores must be removed from office.  We have to get back to great teaching again with focus, discipline and passion.  All the other crap that is happening in our public and some private schools must stop.  Teacher unions must stop pushing all their left wing Socialist ideology in our schools.  We need metrics in place to measure success.  Teachers and Administrators that fail to do the job must be fired.  It is just that simple.  

And, we must have School Choice so that all parents not just the rich can get their kids out of failing public schools.  The only way for public schools to improve is to face competition.  We must starve the beast of the monies to get their attention.  The money must follow the kid to the school parents choose for them.  It will not happen any other way.  

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