Tuesday, August 31, 2021

National Socialists January 6th Committee - Another Impeachment Circus

The National Socialists and a few RINOS are determined to hold the third Trump Impeachment trial because they are scared to death that Trump will run for President in 2024 and Win, assuming we have an honest election.  So now they are issuing subpoenas to get phone records of Republican members of Congress that support Trump and others that worked in the Trump administration, including Trump family members hoping they can prove some conspiracy that leads all the way to Trump himself as the organizer of the riot on January 6th at the Capitol.  Of course, it is all BS, particularly since the FBI has already concluded that no such conspiracy existed. 

The January 6th House Committee is just the third bogus Impeachment Trial.  Trump rallies where thousands of people show up are scaring the hell out of National Socialists, RINOS and the Deep State.  Half the country knows that Biden won by election fraud.  Of course, Fake News, Big Tech and the woke Deep State will cancel anyone that claims election fraud.  However, half the country could care less.  We saw what we saw.  There is no way senile Joe Biden got 80 million votes. 

So now we have a debacle in Afghanistan.  There really should be Congressional Investigations to determine whose heads need to roll at Defense, State, the CIA and in the Biden Administration including Joe Biden himself who should all be FIRED.  We need to see people FIRED, or forced to resign for 20 years of very bad decision in Afghanistan that have resulted in so many of our soldiers killed or wounded and wasting $2 Trillion only to turn the country back over to the very same Islamic Fascist Terrorists that we deposed 20 years ago.  

Clearly, many in the Deep State have to go for their failures.  Don't count on it because they all protect each other feeding at the trough; but the American people will vote in 22 and 24 to express their displeasure with the Establishment.  When President Trump is reelected in 24 he can say, You Are All FIRED.  Counting the days to have a competent President once more.  

Monday, August 30, 2021

The War In Afghanistan Is Far From Over

Even though all of our military forces have left Afghanistan, the war is far from over.  We left behind several hundred Americans and about 80,000 Afghans and their families that worked with us in the last 20 years.  It is now estimated that another 500,000 Afghans will attempt to cross their borders to escape the country, which will create a huge refugee problem.  The Taliban is also holding one American hostage so far.  The fate of all these people remains to be seen.  The Biden Administration hopes to use "diplomacy" to get them out.   We are dealing with Terrorists who are likely to demand the billions of dollars we promised the past Afghan government before they will release these people.  So in essence, we have a huge hostage situation.  

So, let's see what we accomplished in 20 years of war.  The Taliban were in control when we invaded Afghanistan to kill Al Qaeda and other Terrorists.  We did kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, but we did not have to invade Afghanistan to do that.  We did kill some Al Qaeda and other Terrorists.  But as of today, the Taliban are back in control.  Afghanistan is infested with Al Qaeda and other Islamic Fascist Terrorists groups as was the case when we first invaded.  Afghanistan will once again be used by these Terrorists to plot murders in the United States and other allied countries.  

Only now they have $85 billion of sophisticated weapons we left behind, which will be used all over the world to murder Americans and our allies.  During the 20 year war about 2,500 Americans were killed and 20,000 were wounded.  Our allies lost about a 1,000 that were killed and many more wounded.  Thousands of Afghans that worked with us were killed.  And, we spent more than $2 Trillion trying to make Afghanistan a Western democracy.  And, for what?  We are right back where we started because of very poor decisions by our leaders.  

Our military as usual were heroes.  Our leaders at the Defense Department, State Department, CIA,  Congress and the Presidency, not so much.  The icing on the cake was Joe Biden's blunders that resulted in another 13 soldiers killed and about 20 wounded not to mention another 150 Afghans killed as we exited the country.  Joe Biden looked at his watch as he was welcoming home those 13 caskets.  Guess it was time for his nap.  

Let's hope we learned from this terrible debacle.  Never land troops in a quagmire.  Always use our air force to kill Islamic Fascist Terrorists where ever they are in the world.  That is the lesson that should come out of this Afghanistan fiasco.  And, heads need to role in the Deep State Swamp.  Many need to be FIRED for their poor decisions including Joe Biden.  

Biden's Handlers Are Managing His Presidency

It is very clear that feeble, feckless Joe Biden is not in charge.  Biden's handlers are managing his Presidency.  They tell Biden, where to be and when to be in any given location.  They write his script whenever he is put in front of the Press.  When Biden does answer a few questions from the Press, which is rare, they instruct him who he is allowed to call on during Press conferences.  It is interesting that when Biden is at his beach home in Delaware, his handlers will not release a visitors list.  The question is why.  Could it be doctors seeing him privately and or others who are running his Presidency.  Or maybe, Biden crime family connections.  There is a reason they are hiding this information.  

President Trump held numerous Press Conferences and answered questions for hours including all the impromptu queries that came every time he boarded Air Force One.   Trump was probably the most accessible President in American history because he had no problem dealing with a hostile Press.  Matter of fact, he enjoyed putting down Fake News, which is why they hated him.  

Biden's handlers control him because they know he is incapable of being Commander In Chief.  Biden has early onset dementia.  It becomes more obvious by the day every time he is in view of the public.  The only real question is when are the National Socialists going to pull the plug by invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him.  Even Obama who knew Biden best told him not to run for the Presidency because Obama knew that Biden would "screw things up" and that he was not up to the job.  Quemala Harris is just waiting for the leaders of the National Socialist Party to give her the green light to start the 25th Amendment process.  It will come before the end of the year.  

The only problem with all of this is that as long as Biden is in office, we face dangers from our enemies.  North Korea is starting up their nuclear program again.  China threatens Taiwan and access to the South China Sea.  Russia is just waiting to take over Ukraine before it enters NATO.  Iran is busy producing nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  Islamic Fascist Terrorists all over the world are plotting to attack the United States and our allies.  Afghanistan will now become the Terrorist's global headquarters.  This is all happening because Joe Biden is weak and incompetent and a clear and present danger to our nation.  

Biden has to go for sure; but the problem is that laughing hyena Quemala Harris is not ready to be President.  Our only hope is that she will nominate a credible Vice President who can help guide her and that together they will bring in some players at the Defense and State Departments and the CIA.  Otherwise, we are in for some very dark days ahead.  

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Woke Military Generals & Admirals Must Be FIRED

President Eisenhower, who was a General and the Supreme Allied Commander who defeated Nazi Germany, warned of the military industrial complex.  Once Eisenhower became President, he saw the collusion that exists between the Brass in the Pentagon, Members of Congress and Military Arms Contractors.  It is no accident that there are military bases in just about every state in the country and production of all sorts of armaments, parts, planes, ships, tanks etc in most states.  There is big money and corruption in the Defense of our country.

And, now the Generals and Admirals who make big bucks running it all have figured out the they have to be woke to keep their jobs with all the benefits that come with them.  Even the wives are called Mrs. General because they too are feeding at the trough.  The Deep State, which includes the military industrial complex hated President Trump, even though he increased defense spending because he saw the game in the Swamp.  

Trump asked questions, which they did not want to answer because as a business man he saw the waste, fraud and abuse.  The US Military today is in over 150 countries.  The question is why?  The answer is more jobs for the Generals and Admirals who love wars because it is the basis for their promotions and the big bucks that they earn.  Certainly, all the players tied to the military industrial complex love wars because wars provide them billions of dollars every year.  

The only losers in all of this are American taxpayers and the grunts who end up on the front line dead or wounded.  At this point, Woke Generals and Admirals who caused the fiascos in the Middle East and Afghanistan should be FIRED.  That will not happen as long as feckless, feeble Biden is in office; but if Trump is reelected, their days will be numbered and they know it, which is why they will do anything and everything to keep Trump out of a second term.   

Fortunately, the American people will make that decision unless of course we have election fraud in 2024 like we did in 2020.   The National Socialists are doing everything they can to pass laws insuring fraud like they did in 20.   They are pushing for unsolicited mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, no voter ID and other measures that are the way they won in 2020.  Believe me, Joe Biden did not receive 80 million legitimate votes.  2024 will be a critical election.  If there is fraud again, our democracy is over.  Then all bets are off.  

Biden Approves Drone Strike On Isis K in Afghanistan

The good news is that Joe Biden approved a drone strike presumably on ISIS-K planners of the Terrorist attack that killed 13 of our soldiers, wounded many others and killed more than 150 Afghans at the airport in Kabul.  Given the debacle in Afghanistan, Biden needs to go further.  We are well aware of Terrorists plotting against the United States in countries all over the world.  To prove our over the horizon capabilities, Biden needs to approve drone attacks wherever these Terrorist reside.  So, this would be Al Qaeda, ISIS and other organizations that should be eliminated.  We should not wait until we are attacked again.  We need to move now. 

And, we have to stop all the woke Military crap we see happening in the US.  Our military is in business to do one thing and one thing only and that is to kill our enemies.  Humanitarian efforts are admiral, but that is not the primary reason we spend billions of dollars every year on our military.  The US Military must focus on taking out our enemies wherever they exist.  We must demonstrate the long arm of the United States proving that there is no refuge for these killers.  This should be the Biden Doctrine even if written by others in his Administration.  No more troops on the ground.  Death from the air.  

Further, Biden and others in the National Socialist Party must stop saying that White Supremists in the United States are a bigger threat to the American people than Islamic Fascist Terrorists.  That notion is ridiculous.  We are in a long term struggle with these Islamic Fascist Terrorists that could last several decades.  Either we win, or they win.  It is that simple.  The only thing they understand is military power.  Don't forget Islam was spread by Mohamed by the sword.  These brutal Islamic Fascist Terrorists believe it is their mission to continue spreading Islam by the sword.   This is why they love beheading people.  We must show them that their goals are futile and that our sword is bigger and more powerful than theirs swords.   We don't behead, we obliterate. That is why we must prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons no matter what it takes.  

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Biden - Old, Weak, Feeble, Pathetic

Joe Biden came before the world after 13 of our soldiers were killed and many were wounded in a Terrorist attack in Kabul to say very little.  More than 100 Afghans were killed by this Terrorist attack, as well.  What we saw was an old, weak, feeble and pathetic man who is not fit to be President and Commander In Chief.   We must grieve for the families of many who have lost loved ones because of Biden's poor decisions.  Biden trusted the Taliban to protect our people in Afghanistan, which proves he is incompetent.  In the dumbest move ever implemented by any administration, what is even worse is that Bidenistas have given the Taliban a list of Americans and Afghans we want to evacuate.  Unless those people are able to leave, this list will become a hostage and or kill list. 

Biden, the moron that he is has the blood of those killed and wounded on his hands.  What we are seeing happen in Afghanistan is one of the most disgraceful times in American history; maybe The most disgraceful; but them Biden remains in office to screw things up even more so things could get even worse as many call for Biden's resignation.  

There are still thousands of Americans, allies and Afghans who helped us that are still stuck in Afghanistan.  They are not getting out by August 31.  Shortly, we are going to see the biggest hostage crisis in world history.   The Terrorists will hold Americans and our partners hostage demanding money to free them.  Or, they will kill them by beheading.  Just wait and see. 

Biden should have given the Taliban an ultimatum.  We need to retake Bagram Airforce Base and we need to secure a corridor to get our people and those who supported them to that base.  If the Taliban did anything to stop that, the cruise missiles and bombs needed to rain down on them including killing their leaders.  Joe Biden needs to resign, or be removed from office using the 25th Amendment.  Not that Quemala Harris is much better and she is a laughing hyena; but at least she does not have dementia. 

Joe Biden does not have the mental capabilities to remain as President.  Watching Biden on television  is painful and demonstrates just how far gone he really is.  Joe Biden has to go for the good of our country.  Biden is a clear and present danger to our nation.  One way or another, he must be replaced.  Resignation, Removal or Impeachment.  

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

New Deal - Great Society - $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan - Here We Go Again

Funny how National Socialist politicians do not seem to learn the lessons of history.  Fancy Nancy Pelosi just likened the $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan, the Socialists are pushing through Congress as another New Deal, or Great Society Program.  So let's see, the New Deal did not end the Great Depression.  Matter of fact, unemployment did not go down much as a result of New Deal government spending.  By 1938, the country was back in a Recession so much so that Franklin Roosevelt thought he might lose the election.  What the New Deal did do it destroy the Black family many of whom went on Welfare and Food Stamps and are still there today.  The New Deal created Social Security, which is headed toward insolvency today. It was World War II that ended the Great Depression not the New Deal.  In fact, the New Deal prolonged the Great Depression.  

The Great Society, Lyndon Johnson's baby created Medicare also headed toward insolvency today.  In addition, federal government Title I monies began flowing to our public schools many of which are a mess today.  Those billions of dollars every year that go to the public schools have done nothing to improve academic performance.   The poverty programs that came out of the Great Society have left the poor, poorer today than they were then.  So, Great Society Programs as well have been a failure.  

What both the New Deal the Great Society proved is that big government programs don't work and in many cases make matter even worse than they were before.  :Poverty today is greater than in 1965.  So Fancy Nancy's $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan will grow government at the expense of our freedoms.  In the end, our standard of living will fall because energy prices will go through the roof.  More unstainable entitlements added to the ones that already exist will bankrupt our country.  To pay for them all sorts of new taxes will have to go up; but not just on the rich on everybody.  Europeans all pay very high taxes for their cradle to grave government services.  In the process, they are at the mercy of government who decides who will live and who will die because government controls health care services.  

So if Biden's $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan is enacted without one single Republican vote, it will be a back to the future moment.  All the failures of the New Deal and Great Society will be repeated.  We have seen this story before.   Too bad so few people study history.  

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

National Socialists Closer To Enacting $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan

The National Socialists in Congress are closer to enacting Biden's $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan.  It is a grab bag of pork and lard wish list, which includes new entitlements that will bankrupt our country at a time when both Social Security and Medicare are headed toward insolvency.  In addition to various tax increases that will destroy jobs, the Green New Deal is the icing on the cake that will raise energy prices and hurt the poor the most while killing good paying jobs.  And, we will soon see inflation go through the roof.  It is already happening.  

We are already at a $30 Trillion National Debt that can never be repaid and now the National Socialists will soon enact, without one single Republican vote, a SwindleUS Plan like we have never seen in our history.   This level of debt this spending will cause is unsustainable.  At some point, we will not be able to borrow any more money from China and other countries.  And, when can't pay the debt, which eventually will happen, China will demand oil rich Alaska as repayment because they will have no problem extracting all the oil sitting in Alaska. 

It is important to remember that the Soviet Union did not collapse because it was militarily weak.  The Soviet Union collapsed because it's economy collapsed.  The same thing will happen to the United States when we default on our debt.  The day is coming and it will lead to the dissolution of the United States the same as occurred in the old Soviet Union.  Red states will want out because we have irreconcilable differences in our country.  It is just getting to hard to remain as one country given the differences we have on virtually every topic.  When our economy collapses, it will be time to call it quits.  It is only a matter of time.  

Monday, August 23, 2021

The 20th Anniversary of 9/11

As someone who was in the New York City area when 9/11 occurred in 2001,  I remember the events vividly.  It took me three weeks to get back to my home in California at the time because flights were cancelled.  Most important, 9/11 was a shock to our country that forever changed the world.  Aside from the thousands of people that died that day, millions have died or been wounded since then fighting various wars and Islamic Fascist Terrorism around the world.  

This year is the 20th anniversary of 9/11.  It should be celebrated by Western countries as a day we prevailed over Terrorism and instead it is likely that the Taliban in Afghanistan will fly the Taliban flag over our embassy in Kabul, which we have abandoned by Joe Biden.  What is occurring in Afghanistan is disgraceful.  Joe Biden will forever be associated with this national failure.  Biden told us that "chaos" was to be expected as a result of removing our military from Afghanistan; but it did not need to be that way.  This fiasco will go down in history as one of the worst chapters in American history because Biden and his team failed so miserably to anticipate all contingencies.  

Sadly, nearly 2,500 Americans were killed in Afghanistan and 20,000 were wounded in the last 20 years.  About 3,000 contractors were killed and about 1,000 of our allies soldiers were killed too.  And for what, to turn Afghanistan over to the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other Islamic Fascist Terrorist groups 20 years later.  And, to be sure, in a year or two, we will be sending cruise missiles and bombers there to take out Terrorist bases.  It is inevitable.  

So the Taliban have given Joe Biden until August 31 to get all Americans, Allies and Afghan partners out of the country.  Biden should tell them to pound sand and stay there as long as it take to get the job done.  Joe Biden has no guts; so don't count on it.  

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Fighting Islamic Fascist Terrorism

The Taliban, Islamic Fascist Terrorists had a saying in Afghanistan and it was You (meaning the US) have the watches; but we have the time.   And sure enough, it took 20 years for them to take back their country as a result of many stupid decisions by our leaders.  Their goal is to impose Sharia Law and to take Afghanistan back to the 14th century.  They could care less about international "norms" or relations.  They are definitely not Woke and if we think they are going to conform to secular Western standards concerning our Bill of Rights, then our politicians are delusional.  

Their goal as is the goal of Al Qaeda, ISIS and other Islamic Fascist Terrorist groups is to impose radical Islam on all countries.  If necessary, that means killing Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Shitos and basically anybody that does not practice Islam.  All should understand that Mohamad used the sword to spread Islam from the very beginning of the faith so this is part of their origins. Western leaders keep hoping that these Islamic Fascists can somehow be coerced with bribes into becoming democratic countries.  It is not going to happen. 

So, the best we can do is to destroy Terrorist cells and their leaders where ever we find them.  The good news is that we have the technology to track them down and send them to hell.  The bad news is that this battle will go on for the next hundred or more years.  We need to make sure that we don't let Islamic Fascist Terrorists into our country by maintaining an open border.  Illegal Aliens from around the world are coming into the United States across our Southern Border thanks to Joe Biden.  We can be sure that some of them are Terrorists with plans to kill Americans.  

Specific to Afghanistan, while we should never land soldiers there again, there is no doubt that we will have to use drones and bombers to take out Terrorists bases and their leaders within the next 12 months.  It is inevitable. In the mean time,  Western countries should freeze all monies going to Afghanistan.  And, as soon as we get all Americans, our allies and Afghans that worked with us out of the country, we should destroy any military equipment and we left behind and bases to make them inoperable.  We can use cruise missles to get the job done.  But don't count on stupid, weak, incompetent Joe Biden taking care of business.  Biden has a hard time just finding the door to the White House.  

Trump Rallies - The Deep State Is Terrified

There are probably no politicians today other than President Trump that can attract 30,000 or more people at a rally as he just did once again in Alabama and it terrifies the Deep State.  Woke Fake News, the National Socialists, RINOS, Big Tech,  Military Brass, public employee unions and the largest companies in the country have all tried to cancel President Trump and they have failed miserably.  Half the country still believes that there was significant election fraud in 2020 and that is the reason incompetent, feckless Joe Biden was elected.  

President Trump is clearly not going away particularly as Joe Biden continues to make a mess of everything he touches.  I believe that Biden will be gone by the end of his first 12 months in office.  Biden will by forced out of office one way or another and or he will have resign for his Biden Crime Family corruption.  We should all fear what could happen now that Afghanistan has been turned over to the Taliban.  In essence, until all Americans and our allies and Afghans that worked with us are out of Afghanistan, we essentially have a huge hostage situation.  Biden currently has no plan to deal with all of this happening on the ground before our eyes on TV.  

And, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and the Drug Cartels are all watching a weak and feckless Joe Biden.  We should all fear that any of these countries will do something stupid.  China could attack Taiwan.  Russia could move into Ukraine.  North Korea could attack South Korea.  Iran could fire missiles on Saudi Arabia or Israel.  If any of these things happen, Biden will be pushed aside and our military would have to respond.  Further, the Drug Cartels could increase even more the invasion happening at our border.  Joe Biden is not prepared to deal with any of these potential crisis's.  This is really a dangerous time for our country.

So, President Trump gets to say I told you so on a daily basis because Biden is so incompetent.  And, this is all happening at a pivotal time related to the 2022 elections.  There is a very good chance that Republicans will take over both the House of Representatives and the Senate to effectively end the Biden Harris Presidency.  And, it could not happen soon enough.  The Deep State is terrified of Donald Trump and the half the country that supports him.  They hoped they got rid of Trump when they stole the election from him.  

Just the opposite has occurred.  Even the FBI now admits that the January 6th riot at the Capitol was not a Trump organized event.  This recent revelation takes the wind out of the Deep State sails related to the riot at the Capitol that they hoped to play on for months.  That circus is over.  The Deep State has made Trump stronger.  We can't wait until 2022 and 2024 to take back our country.  

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Biden & Rats Off A Sinking Ship

Weak and feeble Joe Biden has created a tragic fiasco in Afghanistan.  Biden was told by intelligence agencies at the Departments of State, Defense, CIA etc. that the Taliban could very well take over the country quickly and he ignored their advice.  Now of course, like rats off a sinking ship, they are all leaking information in order to survive.  Not even Kamala Harris wants to stand next to Biden.  She is leaving town for a big trip to Asia to get the hell out of DC and as far away from Joe Biden as possible.  Harris certainly does not want her name associated with the mess in Afghanistan. 

Biden claimed there is no Al Qaeda left in Afghanistan only to be corrected by the State Department and Fake News.  Al Qaeda apparently is in 15 provinces of Afghanistan.  Biden claimed that the Taliban is giving safe passage to Americans and other trying to get to the airport only to be corrected by what we see on TV before our eyes and the Defense Department and the actual people themselves making contact with people outside the country begging for help.  

What is happening in Afghanistan is so indefensible that Fake News and other National Socialists are now even critical of Joe Biden for his incompetent mismanagement.  Biden is now down to a 49% approval rating and falling fast. Our allies in NATO are speaking out publicly against Joe Biden; though he denies it.  The problem is we have a 24 hour news cycle so everything his happening live right before our eyes.  Joe Biden is either a liar, or completely delusional because of his dementia or both. 

Afghanistan may go down as the biggest foreign policy failure in American history.  Heads need to roll in the Deep State for this mess including Biden's.  They must be FIRED and held accountable.  I only say "may" because as long as Joe Biden remains in office, there could be others yet to come.  This blogger has predicted that Biden will either be forced out of office one way or another in his first year in office and or have to resign for the Biden Crime Family corruption.  I stand by my prediction.  The long knives are out.  The Rats are jumping off the sinking ship.  Those feeding at the trough will not go down with Joe Biden if they can help it.  

Friday, August 20, 2021

Joe Biden Is Pathetic And Must Resign

As though the crisis on our border is not bad enough with the unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens happening daily, now the evacuation from Afghanistan has turned into a nightmare for Americans and for thousands of Afghani's still in the country that worked with us for the last 20 years who will be murdered and raped by the Taliban if left behind. 

In essence, we have a hostage situation worse than what occurred with Jimmy Carter and Iran because those trying to flee can't make it to the airport in Kabul.  The Taliban is not letting them through.  They are calling out frantically to anyone they know in the United States and other countries to help them.  So instead of asserting American military power, feckless Biden is leaving their fate to the murderous Taliban.  In speaking to the world, Biden should have made clear to Taliban leaders in no uncertain terms that if they did not immediately insure safe passage to the airport that they personally would suffer the same fate as other Terrorists; namely swift death by drones.   Further, the United States military should retake control of Bagram Air Force base to create another point of evacuation.  

Biden should also have made it very clear that we are not leaving Afghanistan until every single American and peoples of other countries, as well as, Afghani's that worked with us have left the country no matter how long it takes.  Biden's inability to communicate a clear message of power and strength puts the lives of all these people essentially being held hostage at risk.  Joe Biden is pathetic and should resign immediately and or be impeached,  Biden is just not up to the job.  Biden's early onset dementia is obvious.  Not that Kamala Harris would be much better, but is clear that Biden has to go.  And, for those that voted for Joe Biden, how is that working for you now.  

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Fake News and National Socialists Are Turning Against Biden On Schedule

Joe Biden has dementia and is incredibly incompetent so there are legitimate reasons for Fake News and various National Socialists to turn against him.  Their goal all along was to get him elected by fraudulent means and then push him out within the first 12 months of his administration.  Clearly, this crowd wants Kamala Harris, a woman of color to be President and they surely knew she could never have been elected on her own.  

The recent fiasco in Afghanistan is indefensible.  Joe Biden and team so screwed this all up that it is impossible even for National Socialists to support Biden.  And, of course the crisis at the border keeps in getting worse.  Eventually, even the National Socialists will have to say enough because they know that 2022 will be a blood bath for them.  They will lose both the House and the Senate if Biden remains in office.  Not that Harris will help them much either because she is disliked by a majority of the American people; but at least they can blame Biden for all the messes once she takes over.  Covid will not save them in 2022 because it is getting worse.  

Once they pass Biden's $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan, the leadership of the National Socialist Party will pay Biden a visit and demand that he resign.  If Biden refuses, they will start the process to use the 25th amendment to remove him from office as a result of his dementia.  Kamala Harris must start the ball rolling, but she will throw Biden under the bus as soon as she is instructed to do so by Nancy Pelosi.

The problem with all of this is that we are in very dangerous times.  China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are watching Joe Biden's demise.   The know that Joe Biden is incompetent and feckless. Let's just hope they don't do something stupid, which will force the US into another war that could go nuclear.  Biden has to go and the sooner the better.  The problem is that Kamala Harris is not qualified to be President.  She will need to choose a Vice President who is credible not some left wing stooge. He will have to be a moderate Democrat with credentials since she has none.  Let's just pray that we all get through the next 6 months.   

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Gender Screening In Public Schools

We recently discovered that the Washoe County School District in Reno where I live is doing Gender Screening, which in essence forces children to reveal their sexual orientation.  This is not only outrageous, it is a violation of their privacy rights as protected by the 3rd, 4th and 14th Amendments of the US Constitution.  According to Washoe school board policy, teachers are encouraged to ask children what name they would like to be called in case a boy really wants to be known by a girl's name or visa versa and then therefore what pronouns the child wants the teacher to use as in he, she, him, her or ???.  The effect of this reveal is to have the child declare his or her sexual orientation when there is already a major problem with bullying at this age.  

A particular teacher in the Washoe District in the process apparently announced she was a divorced Lesbian.  Why do children need to know that or anything else personal about any teacher.  Another teacher or maybe the same one announced that her classroom was a safe space where kids could be any sex they wanted to be and just to tell her so that if she is speaking with a parent, she would not be the one to reveal the child's sexual orientation.  Folks, we have reached crazy.  I have written the School District's Legal Counsel to request a cease and desist because what is happening is a clear violation of children's constitutional privacy rights.  

This sort of thing is happening all over the country.  Teachers in the Loudoun County School District in Northern Virginia are suing the District to stop their employer from forcing them to have these gender specific discussions in the classroom.  Loudoun County is also the epicenter of the Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project indoctrination that has resulted in a recall effort to remove the entire School Board.  Similar movements are happening all over the country.  People are just fed up.  We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. 

What is really sad about all of this is that half the country's kids, including children in Washoe County cannot read or do math at grade level.  So much so that the state of Oregon has officially removed any reading or math requirements specific to high school graduation stating that such requirements are racist.  So, the State Legislature and their stupid Governor have concluded that minority children are just too stupid to learn to read and do math at grade level.  Of course, this is disgraceful.

It becomes clearer by the day that we need cameras in every classroom in America with live video feed so parents, grandparents and taxpayers can see what teachers are doing and saying.  It must be trust but verify; but the problem is that we don't trust them.  The technology exists and it is cheap.  Left wing woke School Boards, administrators, teachers and especially teacher unions are focused on Socialist indoctrination not education and academic achievement, which means that concerned citizens must take a more proactive role in managing our public schools to bring more focus on academic achievement, rather than PC Identity Politics BS.  

Further, we absolutely must have School Choice so that all parents, not just the rich can get their kids out of public schools to avoid the abusive often racist malpractice that is occurring.  Public education has been failing for years; but never worse than now.  

Monday, August 16, 2021

The Biden Administration - Dangerous Fantasyland

The Biden Administration announced today that they will recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan provided they allow women the same rights as in America and they don't murder those that oppose them.  Really!  The Taliban are Islamic Fascist Terrorists who believe in the Koran as it was written around 600 by Mohammed.  That interpretation makes women third class citizens, really slaves, with no rights.  And, we know from experience that the Taliban beheads those that oppose them.  

Just wait, on September 11, the Taliban will have a ceremony at the American Embassy in Kabul that is now officially closed celebrating their defeat of the Great Satan, America.  Their goal is to say to other Islamic Fascist Terrorists to continue Jihad because eventually America will give up.  What ever happens, we should not give any taxpayer dollars to the Taliban whatever they do.  But not to worry, China, Russia and Iran have already recognized the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.  They will give the Taliban whatever they need to get them access to the minerals  of Afghanistan.  

I am waiting to see who in the US government in the Woke Military, CIA and State Department will be FIRED for the fiasco in Afghanistan.  We have wasted over two Trillion dollars.  We have spent billions building the Afghan military who just took off their uniforms and went home rather than fight the Taliban.  A lot of that money is sitting is Swiss bank accounts as those we bribed were among the most corrupt politicians and military leaders in the world next to Joe Biden.  Even worse, thousands of Americans were killed or wounded in the last 20 years fighting in Afghanistan and for what; NOTHING.  

And, then there is Joe Biden who told us just a few weeks ago that it would be impossible for the Taliban to take over.  Biden must resign.  Biden is the most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter; but at least Biden has dementia as his excuse.  Biden cannot possibly remain as Commander In Chief.  There are days when Biden doesn't even know who he is or where he is.  Biden got lost the other day just trying to find his entry to the White House.  Is is very sad; but also very dangerous.  

China, Russia, Iran and North Korea will test Joe Biden shortly.  It is already happening because they know that Joe Biden is weak and feckless.  We are in very dangerous times.  Let's just hope that Biden's handlers will be able to tell him what to do when the challenges come; but don't count on it because there is no gumption in the Biden Administration.  These are all very weak players, including current leaders of our woke military.  Where is President Trump when we need him.  

Biden, US Military, CIA & State Department Leaders Must Be Fired

Just a few weeks ago, feckless Joe Biden told us that there was no way that the Taliban could ever take over Afghanistan because we developed their army and air force with 300,000 soldiers and the Taliban only had 75,000 Terrorists.  Really!  The Taliban is now in charge of the country.  They are in control.  They have declared the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.   They will immediately implement Sharia law to terrorize their people including women and girls that are often married off to their soldiers as young as 11 years old and raped.  Those Afghani's who worked with us in the last 20 years, if captured, before we can get them out of the country will be beheaded.  

This is a tragedy.  We have spent more than 2 trillion dollars trying to turn Afghanistan into a democracy.  We have spent billions creating their military.  The end result is that rather than fight the Taliban,  soldiers in the Afghan army and airforce just took off their uniforms and went home.  The Taliban now has billions of dollars of state of the art equipment that they can use to terrorize their people.  Their leaders including the former President of Afghanistan, who just met with Joe Biden a few weeks ago in the White House, have fled the country.  You can bet there are billions of dollars in their Swiss bank accounts because these leaders were completely corrupt and we knew it.  

Sadly, thousands of Americans were killed or wounded in this war in the last 20 years and for NOTHING.  President Trump has called on Joe Biden to resign.  However, he is not the only incompetent buffoon that needs to go.  The top woke brass of our military and leaders at the CIA and State Department need to be FIRED.  They failed to even see this Taliban train coming, or if they did see it coming they did nothing to stop it.  We have abandoned our embassy in Kabul.  The American flag has been taken down and is being shipped home to prevent desecration.  It is disgraceful.  

The lesson learned from Vietnam is that we should only use air power to destroy our enemies.  It was right to go after the Taliban and Al Qaeda after 9/11.  It was right to fight and kill Osama Bin Laden and to kill other Terrorists using drones.  But we should never, never have landed troops in that forsaken land in an attempt to nation build.  It never works.  It is a very sad day for our country.  What a complete waste of money and lives.  Just wait, we will have to bomb Afghanistan because Al Qaeda will be back.  Joe Biden must resign.  Biden cannot remain as Commander In Chief given his dementia.  

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Cameras In All Classrooms - The Technology Exists

In a recent incident of many, a history teacher in the Washoe County School District in Reno where I live announced to her class that she would not be teaching the US History curriculum, which is mandated by the school district and that instead she would be teach, or really indoctrinate about Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ issues.  In addition, this teacher indicated that is was fine to be Gay or Transgender in her classroom and to just advise her of sexual orientation so she did not bring it up when talking with a parent.  She then passed out index cards asking students to tell her what pronoun they wanted to be known by; presumably he, she, him, her or ???.  A brave young man in her class testified to this occurrence before the school board.  His remarks have gone viral and it has caused an uproar in Reno.  The student's remarks have been corroborated by other kids in the class. 

Many have contacted the school board and the principal in question demanding that they take disciplinary action against the teacher, including if the teacher does not cease and desist from her illegal actions FIRING her.  Sadly, incidents like this are happening all over the country as school districts seek to indoctrinate children with Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project, which are Marxist, racist, revisionist Fake History.  Further, teachers in many school districts are positioning Black Lives Matter, which is a Communist Terrorist organization, out to destroy our country that has rioted looted and burned down businesses and government building as a legitimate civil rights organization.  The fact is that BLM members should be in jail, not held up role models for children. 

There is a simple solution to what is happening.  My grandson goes to a Christian Pre-School that provide parents the ability to see what is happening in the classroom by live video feed.  The technology is there to make it happen cost effectively.  Since many teachers are indoctrinating rather than educating, we need cameras now in every classroom to guarantee that legitimate approved curriculum is being taught.  Clearly, in many cases, which includes Washoe County in Reno, Nevada, we can't trust woke school board's, administrators, or teacher unions to protect the interests of students, parents and taxpayers.  

So, it must be Trust but Verify.  Teachers do not have any right to privacy in the classroom.  If cops are required to wear body cameras to insure that they are doing jobs properly, which has proved to be a good idea, why shouldn't teachers trusted with our children and grandchildren face the same scrutiny.  Believe me, bad teachers will quit.  Good teachers will love showing off their talents and ability to actually teach children the subjects they are being paid to teach.  Of course, the teacher unions, left wing educators and National Socialist politicians will be totally opposed to cameras in the classroom because they don't want the public to see what is actually happening.  

It is time for cameras in all classrooms.  Parents, grandparents and tax payers, in general related to public schools have a right to see live what is happening in classrooms.  It is the least intrusive way to monitor classroom teaching.  Clearly, the incident in Reno of many happening all over the country demonstrates that the time has come for more effective public scrutiny.  We need to see what we are paying for in the classroom because we can't trust those charged with managing public schools, in particular, to get the job done.  

Friday, August 13, 2021

Secretary Majorkas Admits Our Border With Mexico Has Collapsed

Joe Biden has decided to take a vacation while crisis happen all around him.  The Taliban are taking over Afghanistan, which will mean ruthless murders of those who worked with us and rape of young girls.  Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the BS artist in charge of Homeland Security just admitted that the border with Mexico has collapsed as thousands of illegal aliens, including unaccompanied minors invade our country every day.  The border patrol is overwhelmed.  We have no place to put these people many of whom have Covid, so they are just being released into our country.  

These illegal aliens are being given bus or airline tickets to go to various parts of the country.  Catholic Charities and other organizations are unintentionally working with the Cartels and Human Smugglers to get these poor people to our border.  Our government is paying these charities billions of dollars to do something with these people invading our country.  Who knows maybe the Cartels are giving them "donations" in Mexico and Central America to help get these illegal aliens to the border.  Nothing would surprise me.  The Catholic Church is replacing donations lost from many Conservative Catholics, that have left the Church because they can't stand Communist Pope Francis, with US government money.  

We have a growing crisis on our border that is getting worse by the day.  And, Joe Biden fiddles while the border and many other parts of the world burn.  Biden is the most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter.  Clearly, Biden has early onset dementia and it is getting worse.  Biden's handlers are running the country.  And, what a mess they are making.  American military brass and the intelligence agencies have gone woke.  Many of them should be fired for the mess they are leaving behind in Afghanistan.  

We are in very dangerous times.  China is a serious military and economic threat to our country.  Biden approving the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany was about as dumb as it gets.  Russia will earn billions of dollars a year from that pipeline, which they will put into their military and nuclear weapons.  Aside from the lost American jobs that will come from this stupid, stupid decision, it is a serious national security threat.  If he does not resign soon for health reasons, Joe Biden should be impeached for failing to protect our nation and so many other things.  

The Biden Crime Family continues to profit from the Presidency.  Hunter Biden's "paintings" at $500,000 a piece are nothing short of bribes with 10% going to the "big guy", Joe Biden.  Further, China owns Joe Biden, which is the reason we don't see Biden confronting China.  Besides, Biden is just too weak to confront anyone.  Gosh, we miss President Trump more and more everyday.  

Afghanistan - Biden's Vietnam

After spending more than Two Trillion dollars in Afghanistan and losing 2,500 American lives with 20,000 wounded, Joe Biden's decision to pull out abruptly is resulting in the Taliban taking over the country.  Experts predict that within 90 days, we will need the helicopters in Kabul, the capital to evacuate as many people as we can the same as did in the last days of Vietnam.   I suspect we will even have to evacuate the American embassy.  

When President Trump began negotiations with the Taliban, he made it very clear that if they did not negotiate in good faith,  we would eliminate their leaders most likely by drone attacks.  Joe Biden is clearly incompetent and we see the end result.  However, in fairness, this is another example of not learning the lessons of Vietnam from Bush II, through Obama, Trump and now Biden.  Nation building never works.  Trump understood it, while other Presidents never got the point.  

Supposedly, we trained the Afghan military to defend their country.  Really!  Without our air support, they are running and hiding allowing the Taliban to take over city after city.  You can bet that billions of dollars we gave the Afghanistan government went into the Swiss bank accounts of their leaders including their military leaders.  Afghanistan is one of the most corrupt places on earth.  We knew it; but the money kept flowing in bribes.

It was right to attack Afghanistan after 9/11, since it was Osama Bin Laden's base of operations.  But, we never should have landed troops in this hell hole.   It was right to hunt down Bin Laden and other Terrorist leaders to take them out, the same way Trump did while he was President.  Sadly, the Taliban will now murder anyone left in the country that may have worked with us.  They will subjugate women and girls again because their orthodox fanatical faith in Islam demands it.   The Taliban does not care about international opinion, or being part of the Club.  These Terrorists are brutal murderers.  Iran and China will give them whatever they need to stay in power.  It is very sad day for our country.  Thank You Joe Biden.  

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Oregon Just Got Even Dumber

We have watched the streets of Portland, Oregon taken over by BLM and Antifa Marxist, Terrorists Thugs rioting, looting and burning down the city wondering when elected official were going to stop the mayhem.  But of course, they continue to fail to end the chaos on their streets.  Just when you think Oregon can't get any dumber, their Socialist legislature and Governor Kate Brown just eliminated Reading and Math proficiency requirements to graduate from high school.  

It is important to recognize that the kinds of tests public schools implement have been dumbed down anyway so it is not like kids have to be at grade level in Reading and Math; but they theoretically have to prove by testing that they can read 2 plus 2 and understand that it adds up to 4.  Now in Oregon, they will not even have to do that because testing is deemed racist.

The fact is that public schools often fail to teach minority students basic skills.  This has been happening all over the country for decades.  Most inner city kids are way below grade level in Reading and Math.  So rather than focus on helping them achieve academic success, the state of Oregon will now just ignore their failures.  

Instead, since Oregon is a blue left wing state, they will focus on Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project, which is racist Marxist, revisionist Fake History.  Of course, the kids probably can't read their state adopted history books; but who cares.  Oregon has concluded that graduating from high school with Reading and Math proficiency just does not matter.  As Forest Gump always said, "Stupid is as Stupid does."

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns - Story Not Over

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been forced to resign in disgrace after 11 women charged him with sexual harassment, whether true or not. What is much worse is that Cuomo sent many people to their Covid deaths in Nursing homes.  Just a year ago as Cuomo held daily press conferences to discuss his response to Covid in New York, Cuomo was deemed a National Socialist super star.  Cuomo actually received an Emmy for his performances, which is pretty unbelievable.  No politician not even Obama ever received an Emmy for just doing his job.  Obama was awarded a Nobel prize for just being Obama; but that is another story. 

Cuomo did get a $5 million book deal when he was riding high.  Not sure what will come of that.  On the other hand a Tell All book could sell well.  People love scandals.  But here is a news flash.  Cuomo will remain in office for the next 14 days.  "For the good of New York" apparently Cuomo can pardon himself.  While a pardon is technically admitting guilt,  I am betting that Cuomo will pardon himself without admitting that he is guilty.  Matter of fact, he will say just the opposite.  This would end any criminal proceedings against him.  Not sure about civil proceedings these women may bring against him; but Cuomo does not need to worry about those because it will be the state of New York paying them off to end the lawsuits not Andrew Cuomo.  

Cuomo's political career is probably over; but so what.  The man is 63 years old.  Maybe he will become a artist like Hunter Biden.  There could be a market for Cuomo's art, who knows.  Though he technically owns no home, he can go live with his 89 year old mother, Matilda Cuomo in the big house in the suburbs with the pool.  I am sure his siblings will allow Andrew to live there as long as he wants and or if the home is sold at Mom's death, Cuomo will take his share and retire to Florida just like many other rich New Yorkers.  So this scandal ends a very long political career.   Bill Clinton did really well after his scandals, so why not Andrew Cuomo too.  The real question now is whether Chris Cuomo on Fake News CNN will survive all of this.  Betting maybe not.    

Biden's Feckless Foreign Policy - Obama/Carter Repeat

Joe Biden sees the world as he would like it to be not as it is.  The same was true with Obama and Carter to dangerous effect.  Obama and Carter left a world on fire and the United States weaker than before they started.   President Trump was far more clear eyed related to foreign policy and therefore had great achievements in advancing United States interests and peace particularly in the Middle East.  Biden's election led to rocket attacks by Hamas as a proxy of Iran as soon as he was elected.  

What Joe Biden does not understand about the Middle East is that Sunni Arabs are the good guys and Shia Muslims, Iran, who are Persians are the bad guys.  Other than Israel and maybe Iraq, all of these countries are run by dictators.   We would like them to be democracies; but that is not going to happen any time soon.  Trump clearly understood this dynamic and made no attempt to change it.  Instead, he convened a conference attended by 57 countries in Saudi Arabia to forge alliances that resulted in the Abraham Accords that pushed the Palestinian issue aside so that Israel could make peace with Sunni Arab countries.  Biden has screwed all of this up in just his first 6 months in office.  Biden is attempting to deal with Iran, which is a big mistake and has moved away from Saudi Arabia, another huge mistake.  The result will be a nuclear Iran, which will force Saudi Arabia to go nuclear and Israel to be even more blatant concerning its nuclear program.  Bidenistas just don't get it.  As Forest Gump used to say, "stupid is as stupid does".  

And, then there is China.  Trump was the first President to confront China, which resulted in the first phase of a half way decent trade deal.  Had Trump been re-elected, after dealing with Covid, Trump would have gone further with China to protect American interests and jobs.  Biden instead is owned lock stock and barrel by China as a result of Biden Crime family connections and bribes.  As such, Biden is selling out American interests and will do nothing to confront China.  Specific to Russia, Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline causing the loss of 47,000 US jobs and approved the Russia Pipeline to Germany, which again will cost thousands of US jobs and lost revenues to American companies.  This action was about as dumb as it gets. 

Joe Biden's feckless foreign policy is Obama and Carter all over again.   We know the end of the story because we have seen it before.  There will be more war in the Middle East, more illegal aliens invading our country, Afghanistan will be taken over by the Taliban, Europe will continue to pay less than there fair share to support NATO and China and Russia will grow stronger.  Biden will agree to trade deals that screw the American people sending more jobs to China and other countries.  It is back to the future in action.  

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Obama's 60th Birthday Bash

After saying that Obama's 60th Birthday Bash would be scaled back because of new Covid outbreaks all over the country, since the tent was up and all of the expenses were pre paid, the Obama's went ahead and had the party anyway in a huge outdoor tent.  Several hundred of the glitterati showed up from all over the world, most names you would know from Hollywood, Big Business and Politicos.  So, the Obama's and their guests who danced and ate mask less through the night attended a super spreader event and then flew home on their private jets.  

It will be very interesting to see how many of these people come down with Covid and or spread it to their families and friends.  Of course, Flip Flop Fauci condemned a big motorcycle event attended by the low and infamous Deplorables; but said nothing about Obama's Birthday Party.  It is very clear that there are rules for the rich and famous and then rules for all the rest of us Deplorables.  

So what is new.  The ruling class in our country makes the rules; but rarely follows them.  They fly on their private jets polluting the environment; but we are not allowed to have carbon powered cars or electricity.  They demand that we spend 20 - 30% more for an electric powered car without any explanation of where the electricity is going to come from.  In California, people who own electric cars were told not to plug them in to power up because the grid could not provide sufficient electricity to get California through the hot summer.   California has already adopted the Green New Deal and the end result is Black Out's in many parts of the state.  

So, Obama, the birthday boy apparently had a great party to celebrate his 60th birthday.  But like Marie Antionette, the Queen of France said before she was beheaded in the French Revolution, let the them eat cake referring to their Deplorables.  You can bet the Obama's and their guests had plenty of cake and all sorts of other delicacies that involved spending more money on this party for food than the average family would spend on food in five or ten years.  Oh well, it is what it is.  The rich just get richer and party on while the rest of us just get by.  This is the sort of thing that causes revolutions in other countries.   

Woke Olympics Are A Bust

Woke NBC and advertisers are panicked because viewers are just not watching the Olympics.  In fact, viewership is down 49% from the last Olympics in 2016.   Advertisers paid big bucks for the commercials few people are seeing.  NBC is now giving them more free ad time in an attempt to compensate advertisers for their losses.  And, so why is it happening.  As occurred with other professional sports that decided to go woke during games expressing political positions and disrespect for our country, patriotic Americans, half the country, have turned away. 

Why the hell would we support spoiled, big mouth athletes who disrespect our country especially on a world stage.  And as it turns out, many of them are losers anyway who will not be taking home the Gold.  At the end of the day, billions of dollars are at stake.  Woke companies think that they can be woke and we will buy their products.  NOT!  The owners of Sports teams allow athletes during games to disrespect our country by taking a knee, or turning their back on our flag and then they assume we will continue watching.  NOT!

Frankly, what athletes do on their own time is their business.  But when they are playing professional sports, they are at work.   People watch sports as a diversion to get away from the division in our country.  They don't watch sports to have some athlete who is wet behind their ears tell us what to think.  Most of all, support for Black Lives Matter are Antifa, which are terrorist, Marxist, anti American organizations, not a civil right groups is appalling.   So, we vote with our feet.  We don't watch, which in the end will cost team owners, athletes and woke companies billions of dollars.  Eventually, they will get the message.  

Saturday, August 7, 2021

American Medical Association Is Sick

The American Medical Association apparently composed of National Socialist left wing woke doctors has declared that birth certificates should have no reference to male or female because everybody can eventually choose whichever sex they want to be.  Really!  The American College of Pediatricians (baby doctors) legitimately says otherwise.  The fact is that babies are born both biologically and visually as either male or female.  Babies either have boy parts or girl parts.  To say otherwise disputes the facts.

The AMA is plain and simple crazy.  While some gay people claim they knew they were gay as young children, the fact is that sexual orientation probably does not begin to formalize until puberty when boys and girls start to feel attraction either to the opposite or same sex.  It is then and probably only then that someone can say that they are either hetero or homo sexual; though if someone has those feelings earlier, so be it.

Most important, under no circumstances should any doctor be permitted to implement a sex change operation on young children at the insistence of their parents.  That should be illegal.  Only an adult should make decisions concerning their physical sexual orientation because it is a life altering process.  Certainly, nobody should have a sex change operation before 18 years old and even then waiting longer would be better to be sure it is the right decision.  

Finally, telling a little boy or girl, they can be any sex they want to be in Kindergarten or at any school age should not be happening.  First, it is not the role of the school particularly when half the nation's kids cannot read or do math at grade level.  Schools should focus on teaching tolerance in the broader sense related to all peoples with any kinds of differences.  And, certainly no type of bullying should be tolerated.  This is particularly a problem at the junior high level when kids can be brutal related to other kids with any type of difference.   

The next time I see my doctor, I will be asking if he is a member of the AMA.  And if he is, be assured he will get an ear full from me.   The AMA has lost its way on many issues.  This birth certificate issue is just the latest example of organization malfeasance.  

Friday, August 6, 2021

NEA Teacher Union Suing Mom For Requesting Information

The National Education Association of Rhode Island, the state teacher union is suing a student's mother for requesting information concerning the school district's involvement with Critical Race Theory indoctrination.  The request for information is happening under the state's Freedom of Information laws.  The teacher union is alleging that revealing such information may show individual teacher involvement in this racist curriculum.   Hopefully, this case will be thrown out of court because any information provided would be redacted to exclude any teacher or administrator's name. 

However, what this case shows is that teacher unions do not represent the interests of students, parents or taxpayers no matter what they claim.  First of all, teacher unions are in business to extract more money from taxpayers to pay them higher salaries and better pensions and to get better working conditions.  That is all fine and to be expected of any union in business to represent the interests of their members. 

Where left wing teacher unions and many other private and public sector unions in the country go wrong is that they also advocate for various left wing positions like abortion on demand, gun control, corrupt elections, Green New Deal, anti family and religion, and now Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project Socialist, Marxist, racist revisionist fake history.  That makes teacher unions the enemy of half the country, people and voters that do not support these positions.  

Further, since the National Socialists always push forcing employees to become members of a union whether they support these radical left wing positions or not, it is clear that union membership must be completely voluntary so that employees that oppose these positions are not forced to give money to unions.  

Even Franklin Roosevelt believed that public employee unions, which would include teacher unions were not in the best interest of our country because government is a monopoly.  We see this in action.  Teacher unions are the biggest contributors to Socialist campaigns.  Once elected, their lackey candidates, owned lock stock and barrel by the teacher unions support more money, higher pensions, less work etc so they get what they have paid for.  It is corruption plain and simple.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing.  

Teacher unions are the single biggest reason we need School Choice in the United States.  Poor and middle class parents, in particular, must be able to opt out of poorly managed, failing government controlled public schools the same way rich parents can do.  Given that more than half the kids in our country do not read or do math at grade level and many of them are way below, teacher unions focused on left wing ideology having nothing to do with academic achievement have clearly lost their way.  Parents and taxpayers should see teacher unions as the detrimental to the interests of students because in reality, teacher unions do not represent their best interests.   

We have certainly seen this during the Covid pandemic as teacher unions refused to open schools, even though On- Line learning was a complete failure.   Teachers loved working from home for a few hours a day getting paid their full salaries even though everybody knew half the kids were missing instruction.  Disgraceful!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Vaccination Mandates - Freedom Of Choice

While I believe everyone should get the Covid vaccine as long as there are not other health issues preventing it from happening, it is clear to me that an all encompassing vaccination mandate is Big Government overreach and a violation of our freedoms.  People need to decide for themselves no different than driving a car knowing the risks of accidents and potential deaths.  The reality is that a very small percentage of people actually die from Covid because there are treatments that prevent it.  

That said, people working in essential jobs like school district employees, cops, firemen, hospitals etc. should be required by their employers to get vaccinated.  If they refuse, they should be put on leave of absence without pay.  People working at companies should be encouraged to get vaccinated but not required.  Students 12 and older should probably be required to get vaccinated no different than the other vaccines required to attend school.  We just can't close the schools again so mandated vaccination may just have to happen.  

Since we have been vaccinated, I am not concerned about getting it from someone who has not been vaccinated because I know if we do get Covid, it will probably be a mild care and actually enhance our immunity.  I would consider it the same as a booster shot.  At the end of the day, this like so many other issues, is about personal responsibility.  People who refuse to be vaccinated are risking getting sick, potentially very sick and even dying.   Those who do not get vaccinated should have the malaria pill cocktail, which includes the ZPack anti biotic on hand as a remedy as soon as symptoms start up.   They should be taking zinc and vitamin D as a preventative, which we continue to do even though we have been vaccinated.  

We have to get back to living a normal life.  Everyday, we all do things, like drive cars, fly on airplanes, take walks in places with high crime rates all of which involve risks.   We do these things because they are part of our quality of life.  We can't let the National Socialists and Big Brother take that away from us.  And, we can't worry about or be responsible for people who choose not to be vaccinated.  It is about Freedom of Choice. 

Cloth Masks are probably a waste of time and should be optional for anyone who feels the need to wear one.  Certainly, those of us that have been vaccinated should not be required to wear masks whether indoors or outdoors.  The whole point of being vaccinated was to get back to normal.  Wearing Masks are not getting back to normal so it has to stop.  

Sexual Harassment Is Serious Business

Every once in a while, we see a high profile sexual harassment case in the news.  The latest involves New York Socialist Governor Andrew Cuomo who has been accused by 11 women so far of sexual harassment.  I suspect more will surface before this story ends.   However, thousands of these cases happen in business every year involving both men and women and people of various sexual orientations because sexual harassment has become a lawsuit industry with many attorneys specializing in this field because it is so lucrative.  

Many of these cases are real, while some are bogus.  Whichever, businesses must take sexual harassment seriously first because it is wrong and second because ultimately businesses end up paying huge settlements, often through employment practice insurance policies that continue to go up each year to make these cases go away.  Whatever happens to Governor Cuomo in New York, no doubt the state of New York will end up paying millions of dollars to each of these accusers to settle the cases.  

Ultimately, one way or another Cuomo will be forced out of office and could even be prosecuted for crimes he may have committed.  His defense that he is Italian and all Italians are touchy feely will not fly in the US.  Might work in Italy, but not in America.  Years ago, people in the work place kept their distance with only a hand shake being permissible.  Then we went through a period of time when everybody was in a hugging mode.  Hugging to say hello.  Hugging to say good bye etc.  

Today, obviously, there can be no touching of any kind.  Ironically, with Covid, we may even abandon the handshake.  Westerners could adopt the Japanese tradition, which involves a head bow rather than a hand shake.  But it goes much further.  No one in the work place can comment on appearance in any way because the comment can be misconstrued.  I learned this lesson the hard way years ago, when I commented on a woman's business suit.  All I said was that is was beautiful business suit.  I asked if it was a St. John knit, which is a very expensive brand that I was familiar with because my wife has a few.  She said Yes. That was the entire interaction.  

Next thing I knew she reported my comment to our Human Resources department because she read my comment to mean, how could she possibly afford such an expensive business suit.  Since she was a director in our company, clearly she could afford a St. John knit.   Nothing came out of it, but the lesson I learned.  Now I say nothing to anybody that pertains to appearance because again it can be misconstrued.  The work place is now a legal mine field.  Sexual Harassment is serious business, which is why most companies require annual training to avoid it by raising employee's consciousness as to what even construes Sexual Harassment.   And, the list of No No's is a long one.  

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Crisis, Covid and Chaos At The Border

As we face an unprecedented invasion by illegal aliens, drug smugglers and human traffickers at our border, the Biden Administration refuses to acknowledge the Crisis, Covid entering our country and Chaos we are seeing everyday.  The National Socialists, Fake News and Deep State are ignoring the mess Joe Biden has created on this and so many other issues.  It is truly a national emergency.  

And, since there are so many thousands of people coming into our country illegally each day, the border patrol is overwhelmed so they are just letting these people into our country aided by Catholic and other charities that are giving them bus tickets to go all over the country.   Many of these people have Covid, so it is an incredible super spreader activity as we are seeing cases spike in many cities in the nation.  

It is time for action.  The troops coming home from Afghanistan and others should be sent to the border immediately to protect our country from this invasion.  Idiot Biden should reimpose the Trump policies keeping illegal aliens in Mexico while they await their hearings for their asylum claims.  Biden should insist that the Mexican army once again be stationed at their border with the triangle countries to stop the invasion before it starts.  And, finally Biden needs to finish the damn border wall.  Unless and until these things all happen, we will continue to see the invasion of our country.  Republicans should stop all business in Congress until these actions are taken.  It is time to get serious again about border security.  

Monday, August 2, 2021

All Schools Must Be Open In The Fall

Come hell or high water, all schools must be open in the fall.  Dealing with Covid is simple.  School districts must require all staff members to be vaccinated unless a doctor certifies that vaccination would be impossible because of someone's heath issues.   Anyone who refuses to be vaccinated and or can't be vaccinated due to health reasons should take a leave of absence without pay.   Vaccination for children 12 and older should also be required just like occurs for other vaccinations to attend school.  Children exempted by a doctor for medical reasons should still be allowed to attend school because on line learning failed in many cases. 

Masks should be optional for teachers and students not mandatory, since their effectiveness is questionable anyway.  Younger children should not be required to be vaccinated until there is more study as to the impact.  Teacher unions should not be dictating policy.  School Districts can add sick time for anybody who gets Covid.  

Many children lost an entire year or more of learning as a result of on line learning.  Half the kids never attended, which hurt inner city kids the most who often read and do math below grade level.  These kids cannot afford to be out of school, since they are already so far behind. 

Similar policies should be implemented for hospitals, cops, firemen and other essential services.  We have got to get back to normal.  We can't allow those in the Deep State to run our lives any longer.  Flip Flop Fauci and the Center for Disease Control have lost all credibility related to Covid.  Now it is just time for common sense.  Forget about the so called "experts".  They are often clueless.   

Sunday, August 1, 2021

President Trump Alive & Well Raising Money

Even though the National Socialists, Fake News including CSPAN, The Deep State and Social Media have attempted to silence and cancel President Trump,  he is alive and well as evidenced by his money raising capability.  In fact, Trump raised $82 million in the first half of 2021, the most of any former President in American history all from small donations from 3.2 million supporters.  This was added to the $102 million, President Trump already had on hand.  And, this is the man who supposedly lost the election in 2020.  I don't think so.  These monies are sitting in Trump's Save America and MAGA PACS.  

You can bet this money will be used to target RINOS, the worst of whom are Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger and the others that voted for Trump's Impeachment.  They will all be primaried in 2022 with Trump funding their opponents.   These RINOS are hated by the base of the Republican Party that loves President Trump.  These RINO Trump Haters will not survive the next election.  They are going down. 

Most important, it is very clear that Trump controls the Republican Party and still has loyal support among voters in half the country who see Trump as the legitimate President.  With Biden's poll ratings falling daily because of the lousy job he is doing and all the stupid stuff coming out of the National Socialists, the odds are pretty good that the Republicans will take back the Congress in 2022.  If that happens, the Biden Presidency will thankfully be over.  

If President Trump wants the nomination in 2024, it is his.  No other Republican would dare challenge Trump once he announces his intentions.  Then it will be about who Trump chooses as Vice President to run with him.  You can be sure, it will not be Mike Pence, who could have acted to Stop The Steal.  Pence has no future in the Republican Party because in the end he betrayed President Trump.  In any case, money talks and right now President Trump is showing that millions of people still support him.