Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Joe Biden & Crime In America - Not Credible

For the past several years, Socialist Fascists have demanded that the police be defunded.  They have watched as cops have been brutally murdered by street thugs.   They have vilified cops to the point that many have retired leaving crime infested inner cities without protection.  Calling 911 in many inner cities does not guarantee a response because there aren't enough cops to respond and the cops that are left are not interested in putting their lives and careers on the line.  So, the criminals rule our inner city streets.  

And, when BLM and Antifa rioted, looted and burned down cities destroying property and businesses, Socialist Fascists like Quemala Harris raised money to get them out of jail.  Woke prosecutors often did not even prosecute these crimes even though many were injured, some killed and there were billions of dollars in property damage.  Now we have flash mobs robbing stores.   The murder rate is skyrocketing.  Human and drug trafficking are rampant because of our open border.  Cities in Blue States run by Socialist Fascists are just not safe to walk the streets.  

While this has been going since Joe Biden took office, he has said not a word about crime in America except to demonize "bad cops".  Now that the crime rate is so bad and midterm elections are a few months away, Socialist Fascist have figured out the "defunding" the police is a loser.  Joe Biden has been told that he must go out and talk about funding the police because crime is an issue in the upcoming elections.  Of course, Biden is not allowed to discuss Black on Black crime that results in so many murders of Black people.  That would be taboo.  So, there Biden was giving a speech in Pennsylvania sounding like a Republican who is tough on crime, while still talking about "bad cops".   It was all BS.   

Really!!  Socialist Fascists in government all over the country are allowing criminals to roam the streets.  The Cartels control our border making billions of dollars in both human and drug trafficking.  Biden and the clown that runs Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas have done nothing to secure the border.  Instead, Biden just pushed through funding to hire 87,000 more IRS agents instead of hiring more border patrol agents and law enforcement to secure our border and stop the illegal alien invasion and drugs made in China coming into our country.  So feckless Joe Biden talking about surging crime in our country is too little too late.  Joe Biden and his Socialist Fascist pals have made a mess of our country.  Everything Biden touches turns to crap.  Joe Biden talking about crime now is just not credible.  


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