Thursday, March 31, 2022

Causing Gender Confusion In Children - Criminal Malpractice

There are school teachers and administrators supported by teacher unions and the Biden Administration causing gender confusion in children to advance their radical LGBTQIA agenda. This is not about being anti-Gay or homophonic as they would allege.  This is about completely inappropriate activity that is happening in classrooms in many areas across the country.  Teachers telling children as young as Kindergarten that is does not matter if they were born a boy or a girl assuming they are even using those words and that they can choose to be whatever sex they want to be is criminal malpractice. 

So much so that the state of Florida has made it illegal to discuss any kind of sexual issues in grades K - 3 because this is when kids should be focused on primary colors and learning to read not sexual orientation that may become obvious later in life.  Calling these laws Don't Say Gay Laws is absurd.  No doubt other Red States will soon pass similar common sense laws.  For the most part these inappropriate teacher and administrator behaviors are happening in woke public schools; but teachers and administrators in some woke private schools are also practicing this inappropriate gender screening.  Parents need to file litigation not only against school districts and school board members allowing these things to happen, but also against specific teachers and administrators abusing their children.  

And, now we learn that in some areas, teachers and administrators are actually giving young children powerful prescription hormones to block puberty in kids that they believe and or encourage to be transgender or otherwise LGBTQIA without parental permission or knowledge.  In fact, these same teachers are telling kids to hide their sexual orientations from their parents.  First, what doctors are participating in this activity by prescribing these drugs without parental permission.  And second, all of this is criminal malpractice and child abuse.  Teachers, Administrators and Doctors doing this should be prosecuted for child abuse and lose their state licenses and jobs.  

A school nurse in Connecticut blew the whistle on this activity in a Facebook post without naming specific children or teachers and administrators involved in this activity and now she has been suspended from her job in a public school district.  Some Blue States like Washington and others are actually passing laws allowing this sort of thing to happen without parental knowledge or consent.  There are even some woke parents approving mutilation sex change operations for their children at a very young age.  This is sick.  None of this should be happening until a person reaches adulthood and can give personal consent, since it is not usually reversible.  Texas has enacted a law to stop this from happening that is now in the courts.  

States must step in and make many of these practices illegal resulting in jail time and very high fines for anyone who implements these activities.  This obsession by Socialist Fascists and their supporters with the radical LGBTQIA agenda has reached a level of crazy in our country.  Certainly, all people have a right to be whatever sexual orientation is their destiny. But school teachers and administrators, not qualified to deal with these issues should not promote a particular sexual orientation and or must be prevented by law from interfering in parental rights.  When I was a school teacher years ago, we were not allowed to give a kid an aspirin without parental approval let alone powerful prescription hormones.  Trip slips signed by parents were required any time we took a kid off campus.  Teachers did not discuss their personal sexual orientation with children one way or the other and there were openly Gay teachers back then too.  We were there to teach not indoctrinate.  

At a time when half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level, it is clear that public education and even some private schools have lost their way.  While schools should teach tolerance of all differences not just sexual orientation to prevent bullying that is real, gender screening and promoting the radical LGBTQIA agenda at very young ages crosses many lines.  Teachers and Administrators causing gender confusion in very young children is just plain wrong and should be illegal.  Woke school board members permitting and or encouraging such activity in adopted curriculum must be removed from office.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Biden's $5.8 Trillion Proposed Budget - Oink, Oink, Oink

Joe Biden has proposed a $5.8 Trillion budget for the next fiscal year.  While China, Russia and even North Korea have developed hypersonic missiles and we are behind in this technology, including missile defense, Biden's budget only includes a 4% increase for Defense, which is actually a cut because we are likely to have 10% inflation this year and next.  Biden does include an unworkable tax increase for Billionaires that will only bring in about $360 billion, if ever collected over ten years, which is peanuts.  Biden also wants to get rid of the Trump tax cuts, which will raise taxes on everyone.  In particular, Biden wants to raise the corporate income taxes from the current 21% to 28%, which will drive more companies overseas to lower tax venues; great for China.   This budget is dead on arrival.  It is just the Build Back Broke Plan that they tried and failed to get through Congress.  It is filled with Socialist pork of all kinds including billions to support the Green New Deal and Illegal Aliens.  Oink, Oink, Oink!

Most important, Biden claims that his budget will reduce the deficit contributing to our $30 Trillion national debt with no end in sight. How is this possible when the federal government only takes in about $4 Trillion a year in revenues.  This means that the US government will either have to print money or borrow to cover the additional $1.8 Trillion, which will be added to our national debt.  Going out ten years, Biden's budget increases the national debt by trillions of dollars.  Even public school 5th grade math should make this obvious. 

In the meantime, both Social Security and Medicare are headed toward bankruptcy with no plan in place to save these programs.  Instead, Biden adds new entitlements to support illegal aliens, which will just increase the numbers coming across our border in the next year.  And, while we should be focused on making the United States energy independent again by drilling for more oil and natural gas, Biden is spending money on Green New Deal boondoggles that will do little to meet our nation's energy needs.  As a result, the cost of energy will continue to sky rocket.  Since the cost of energy is baked into everything we do, eat, buy etc. we will see inflation soar in the next twelve months lowering the standard of living for all Americans.  

Bidenistas are clueless about the needs of the American people.  This $5.8 Trillion proposed budget is just more government mismanagement that has been going on for years. Eventually, the balloon will burst and then we will see the economic collapse of the United States.  It is inevitable and it is just a matter of time.   Then all bets are off.  

Monday, March 28, 2022

The Divide In The United States Never Greater Since The Civil War

The Civil War was fought over slavery and economic issues involving tariffs to protect Northern Industries, which ultimately hurt the South as other countries levied reciprocal tariffs against the South's agricultural products.  As terrible as slavery was causing irreconcilable differences between the North and the South, today we have an even bigger divide on virtually every single hot button issue.  There is no longer a Democrat Party in the United States.  It is now the radical Socialist Fascist Party seeking to cancel and silence half the country that opposes all of their Socialist Schemes.  

The Socialist Fascists oppose United States Energy Independence.  The Green New Deal aimed at destroying carbon energy has nothing to do with energy.  It is actually designed to lower the standard of living in the United States to redistribute wealth to third world countries.  The Socialist Fascists support open borders believing if they flood the country with illegal aliens that eventually they will become Socialist voters that they can control with various entitlement programs.  Socialist Fascists and their supporters in Fake News, Hollywood, Big Tech and other big companies, public schools and universities and the Deep State in the DC swamp have adopted Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and 1619 Project along with the radical LGBTQIA agenda to indoctrinate not educate our children and citizens.  It is their way or the highway including losing a job or being prosecuted as domestic terrorists for not towing the party line.  As such, we are living in very dangerous times as all of our freedoms are under attack.  

Socialist Fascists are pro abortion right up until birth and even after.  They oppose devout faith and traditional families and marriage because many of them are atheists.  If Socialist Fascists had their way, they would eliminate the right to bear arms because they fear an armed populace.  Socialist Fascists are America Last ideologues.  They actually hate the United States and our history, which is why they are attempting to cancel it. 

Socialist Fascist oppose election integrity because they learned in the election of 2020 how to steal elections.  So no Voter Identification, mailing out millions of unsolicited ballots, ending chain of custody of ballots and using ballot harvesting to manipulate the vote in their favor to win elections fraudulently.  Socialist Fascists want to defund the police and let criminals roam free in the name of social justice.  

The half the country that voted for President Trump vehemently opposes everything Socialist Fascists support.  We have irreconcilable differences on virtually every issue.   From our perspective, there can be no compromise with evil.  Socialist Fascists are destroying our country.  Socialist Fascists are a clear and present danger and threat to our freedoms and democracy.  They must be defeated at all levels of government to save our country from civil strife that would occur if half the country believes our democracy is over.  We can't let that happen because it will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  

Red states all over the country will want out to end the tyranny imposed by Blue States and the Deep State in the DC swamp.   What is the point in being in a bad marriage.  Sometimes divorce is the best solution.    

Joe Biden & The Perfect Storm Dumpster Fire

Since Joe Biden took office we have gone from one crisis to another.  We could attribute it to bad luck, but unfortunately Presidents must take responsibility for the crap they create.  When Trump left office, the United States was energy independent for the first time in decades.  We actually were exporting oil and natural gas because we had more than we could use in the United States.  Biden screwed that all up by waging his war on carbon energy on day one by issuing many executive orders that were detrimental to the oil and gas industries.  Naturally production has fallen. 

Since so many of the problems we face today stem from Biden's actions to push the Green New Deal at the expense of carbon energy,  we now have gas prices at $5 a gallon or much more in many parts of the country.  The cost of energy is baked into everything we do, buy, eat etc and as a result the cost of everything is going through the roof.  Inflation will top 10% this year, which means the Federal Reserve will be forced to raise interest rates.  So credit card, car loans, home loans etc will cost the consumer much more as rates go up.  

Cuts in energy production in the US emboldened Putin to attack Ukraine because Putin knew oil and gas prices would go up dramatically to fund his dirty little war because Biden stopped a lot of energy production in the United States.  Europe is so dependent on Russian oil and gas that even with various sanctions, they can't stop buying oil and natural gas from Russia.  This is giving Putin the money he needs to fund the savage attack on Ukraine. 

Next, we now have an open border.  More than 2 million illegal aliens have come into our country in the last 12 months with no end in sight.  Almost more important are all the illegal drugs coming into the United States, which is resulting in thousands of deaths from drug overdoses.  In addition, the murder rate all over the country is skyrocketing as crime is out of control.  And, the departure from Afghanistan was a national disgrace emboldening our enemies.  

We face one crisis after another under Joe Biden.  Biden is one big perfect storm and dumpster fire.  Let's just hope that China is not emboldened to attack Taiwan.  They see a weak and feeble Joe Biden so maybe now China will miscalculate and attack.  Biden's approval rating is around 40%.  All of sudden President Trump is looking pretty good.  Let's Go Brandon!!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Threats To Freedom & Democracy In America

Everybody knows that countries like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and others do not have a Bill of Rights.  Their people do not have the right to Free Speech, Religion, Press or the right to Bear Arms as we theoretically do in the United States.  I say theoretically because we face threats to our freedom and democracy in the United States like never before.  Socialist Fascists in our country insist on adherence to their party line and radical left wing ideology under threat of being cancelled or even fired from a job.  These Socialist Fascists in government, public schools and universities, Fake News, Hollywood, big Tech and other big companies have adopted the tenets of Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist fake history and 1619 Project along with radical LGBTQIA ideology.  They are pro-abortion, anti gun rights and anti-faith and traditional family.  They support open borders and are against American Energy Independence.  Many of these Socialist Fascists hate America and deny our great history.  

Half the country that does not agree with their radical Socialist Marxist anti-American ideology and agenda are often called racists, homophobic, misogynists, White Supremacists, Deplorables, Domestic Terrorists, Insurrectionists and lots of other names in an attempt to cancel and silence those of us that refuse to follow their party line.  So how is this different than what is happening in authoritarian countries.  

And, God forbid any of us should call for election integrity to make sure those voting are casting legal votes.  We saw what happened in 2020 and we believe that the election was stolen from President Trump in some key states that did away with voter identification and mailed out millions of unsolicited ballots that went to the dead and people no longer living in various states.  Socialist Fascists used Covid as an excuse to do away with the ballot chain of custody and then used ballot harvesting funded by Mark Zuckerberg to cast illegal votes that made a difference in a handful of key states.  Even saying such things is cause for investigation by the corrupt FBI and retaliation by the Deep State.  

We are living in dangerous times.  If half the country gives up on our democracy, it will lead to civil strife because our nation has never been more divided since the Civil War.  We will not be cancelled or silenced.  We are not going away.  We will work to take back our country from these Socialist Fascists that threaten our freedoms and democracy.  This struggle is far from over.  

Friday, March 25, 2022

The Definition Of A Woman

In her Senate confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, Socialist Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to provide the definition of a woman no doubt fearing some kind of trap.  Regardless of sexual orientation, there are clear biological definitions for both women and men having to do with chromosomes, breasts, genitals etc.  But to demonstrate how crazy this has become, Washoe County Schools in Reno, Nevada in their 4th and 5th grade sex education curriculum has now moved away from the terms "girl" or "boy" in favor of a body with a vulva, or a body with a penis.  Ridiculous!  In another context, I just saw a reference to pregnant persons rather than pregnant women. Since as far as I know men cannot get pregnant, what persons are they referring too.  

The only problem with all of this is that are many state and federal laws specifically in place to protect the rights of women.  If it is impossible to define the term woman, what happens to these laws.  Since Judge Jackson is likely to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, the notion that she refused to define the term woman will invite many lawsuits that could come before the court.  Men of various sexual orientations may sue to get in on the act so to speak.  If women are given some sort of preferential rights by a law, is it logical that some men may demand the same rights.  Why not?  

It is already happening in sports competitions as transgender men are insisting on the right to compete in women's sports often denying women in those sports the ability to win the competition because men are usually bigger and stronger as a biological fact of life.  This has implications related to scholarships and other financial benefits that come from winning a competition.  It is very unfair to women, yet we don't hear much from the radical left that usually defends women's rights.  

Where is this all going.  Employers must worry about Employment Practice lawsuits alleging discrimination of one sort or another and or sexual harassment.  University admissions are now monitored to insure diversity.  Forget about beauty pageants, they are not PC anyway.  Just when women seemed to gain various protections by law, inability to define the term woman threatens all that has been gained.  How can this be good for women, or persons with a vulva?   

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Food Shortages And The Surge In Prices

Ukraine and Russia are among the largest wheat producers in the world.  Ukraine in particular is known as the breadbasket of Europe.  Obviously as the war in Ukraine rages on, their wheat production will be impacted.  And, with sanctions on Russia and the West cutting off trade with Russia,  their excess crop is likely to be bought by India and China.  The US produces more than enough food to feed our country.  Usually, America exports a lot of our food production.  However, just like oil is a global commodity so is food.  While the United States may not experience food shortages, the food shortages in other countries combined with the higher cost of energy because of Joe Biden's failed Energy policy,  will dramatically drive up the cost of food in the United States. 

Of course, this will hurt the poor and middle class most.  No doubt the US Government will increase the amount of money going into food stamps, which today is a Debit Card program for people on Welfare, but that will do nothing to help the working poor and the middle class that will be priced out of various cuts of meat and other food products.  One good by product if this mess is that perhaps families will cut down on processed junk food to buy more meat, chicken, fish, eggs, fruit etc.  When we were kids my parent's could not afford soda pop so we drank Kool Aide.  

Most important, we have not experienced food deprivation in the United States since the Great Depression.  Even during the worst of times years after, food was never an issue.  We never had to worry about stores having empty shelves as is happening today because of the supply chain fiasco.  All of this is the result of globalization.  We live in a very interconnected world for better or worse.  We will now see that it only works as long as it works.  When there is major dislocation coming from wars or droughts anywhere in the world, impacting first world countries, it impacts all first world countries.  However, this is a man made problem.  Joe Biden's policies have made a mess of the world.  Add in crazy Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine and we get a perfect storm.  Oh well pasta fagioli, beans and macaroni is very nourishing.  Cook it with elbow pasta and any kind of beans in a tomato basil sauce and you get both protein and carbohydrates.  Delicious.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Destroying Public Schools In America

Woke Public and Private School Boards and Administrators who fail to listen to Parents and other Concerned citizens demanding that they cease and desist from pushing Critical Race Theory Marxist Racist fake history and 1619 Project, in addition to LGBTQIA indoctrination in public schools will end up destroying them.  Ultimately, the half the country that opposes these radical Socialist ideologies will just give up on public schools.  When that happens these people will put their time and money into insisting on School Choice Programs so that the money follows the kid to whatever school the parents choose. 

This will be easiest to accomplish in Red States that are already banning this BS.  Republican legislatures and Governors often support School Choice already.  Since they are not owned by teacher unions contributing to their campaigns as is the case in Blue States run by Socialists, Red States will provide parents a choice of public or private.  Once that happens, it is likely as time goes on instead of 90% of kids in these states attending public schools, the percentage will fall year by year.  Eventually, the battles will be fought in Blue States as well to implement School Choice.  

If the money follows the kid, public schools will wither away in many areas and just die.  And, so they should since half the kids in the country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  Woke Public School Boards and Administrators, owned by teacher unions, refuse to put the necessary reforms in place to improve the quality of education because the unions oppose those reforms. 

If half the country walks away from support for public schools, they are over.  Woke private schools will lose students too as parents identify private schools in keeping with their values and the curriculum they want taught to their kids.  At the end of the day, it is all about academic achievement and results.  Public schools that fail to educate children will wither away and die. It is just that simple.  

Monday, March 21, 2022

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson - Qualified But Wrong On The Issues

Joe Biden's nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is very qualified, but wrong on the issues not because she is a Black Woman, but because she is a left wing Socialist who is soft on crime and will vote to limit our First and Second Amendment rights.  Jackson also supports unlimited abortion right up until birth and even after, which is why anyone who is pro-life must oppose her appointment.  Jackson supports a "Living Constitution" rather than the Constitution as written, which means she will be an activist judge who makes laws on the bench rather than just interprets laws as written by Congress.  Even so, thankfully we will not see the Socialist circus we saw when Kavanaugh and Barrett were appointed by President Trump.  The Socialist behaviors we saw during those confirmation hearing were nothing short of disgraceful!

Of course, no matter who Biden appointed, the person would have had this same profile so in that sense it really does not matter than Jackson is the nominee.  The good news is that she is replacing a Socialist judge so it will not change the balance on the court. Jackson is representative of identity politics.  She is not an affirmative action appointment because she is genuinely qualified; but Biden announced his intention to appoint a Black woman to the court during the campaign.  Imagine if Biden had said he was determined to appoint a White Man to the court.  There would have been incredible uproar.  Again, the problem with the Jackson appointment has nothing to do with her being a Black woman.  In fact, she is very smart and likable with a great American dream story.  She has been appointed to reflect "the face of America" as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.  Blacks make up 13% of the population.  Hispanics make up 26% of the population if it matters.  

There is already a Black man on the court; but of course Justice Thomas is a conservative devout Catholic man so he does not count.  If anything, Biden should probably have appointed another Hispanic to the court to play the identity politics game; but again none of it matters.  Who ever Biden appointed would have had the same Socialist profile voting the same way.  All of this is very predictable.  On that basis certainly no Republican should vote for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, again not because she is a Black woman, or any other Socialist; but no doubt some of them will ignore their principles and vote for her in spite of her judicial history.  At least Judge Jackson is smart with a great personal story and family and she claims to believe in God.  We shall see about that in her rulings.  How can someone who professes to believe in God support abortion infanticide, the devil's work.  

Protecting Houses Of Worship - New Federal Government Program At Taxpayer Expense

Sadly, Churches, Temples and Mosques are often targets of deranged Terrorists.  There is no doubt that all of them need additional security to protect their members and facilities.  So, the federal government and taxpayers have come to the rescue.  The latest federal program just doled out more than $500 million in grants capped at $450,000 each to pay for security systems, staff, fencing etc to harden several thousand Houses of Worship.  As a devout Catholic Christian,  I have to wonder why is the taxpayer on the hook for these costs.  We already spend billions of dollars every year on the FBI, Department of Justice, Homeland Security and local and state law enforcement to protect us all including Houses of Worship.  

I can see this train coming.  This $500 million program will turn into Billions of dollars every year going  to Houses of Worship to pay for security.  Whatever happened to separation of church and state.  The cost for security should be the responsibility of the members of a church, temple or mosque not the taxpayers at large.  Many mega churches in Texas, including Catholic churches have private security; guys carrying guns to protect their members.  They are conspicuous.  They look like FBI agents complete with ear pieces.  And, they are definitely packing heat.  No doubt should anyone threaten their Members with a gun, they will see the devil that day.

Federal Government spending is completely out of control.  A billion dollars in spending is chump change.  The only problem is that we are now $30 Trillion in debt with no end in sight.  Politicians of both parties keep adding new programs without any concern for the cost.   The cost to protect Houses of Worship should be borne by members of the Church, Temple or Mosque.  It is just a cost of doing business today.  We don't need another new government program to deal with this issue.  

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Refugee Crisis In Europe

More than 3 million people from Ukraine have escaped the war in their country into surrounding NATO and other nations.  We have never seen a refugee crisis in Europe this big since World War II.  First, Russian assets wherever they are in the world must be seized to help deal with these people because they will need food, shelter and all sorts of assistance.  As the war continues, there are likely to be many more Ukrainians leaving their country.  Many of these people are women and young children as sons, fathers and grandfathers have stayed behind to fight the Russian military.  Sadly, many of these women will end up as widows as their husbands are killed in the war.  

The United States should offer permanent refugee status to any that have relatives in the US who can sponsor them.  The rest of these refugees should be dispersed throughout Europe.  Again first choices should be countries where there are relatives to receive them.  Many want to stay nearby to Ukraine in the event they can go back home; but that may not be realistic.  Those that are Muslim should be sent to Turkey, the nearest Muslim nation.  

It is clear that a plan must be organized by the United Nations and or the EU to deal with millions of Ukrainian refugees.  Countries like Poland are overwhelmed.  They just can't take any more since 2 million are already in their country.  Sending some to Baltic states, Finland, Moldova and Georgia on the front lines with Russia makes perfect sense to increase their populations.  These moves may end up being permanent or for a very long time if Russia succeeds in taking over Ukraine.  These poor people need a plan now so they know what lies ahead.  This is a job for the United Nations.  

Friday, March 18, 2022

The New World Order - Not So Fast

China hopes to replace the United States as the sole superpower in the world to create a New World Order.  Not so fast.  First, English with Latin and German roots is the common language of the world.  That is not going to change any time soon.  Unless the Chinese plan to learn English, which very few of them speak, you can bet that the rest of the world is not going to learn Chinese because it is radically different than all other languages commonly in use.  If China wants to head a new World Order, they will have to replace their language with English, which their pride will make that impossible to do.  It is just as hard for them to learn English as for Westerners to learn Chinese.  

Next, with the sanctions the West was able to do against Russia because of the war with Ukraine, we see the reach of the US/EU financial system.  It is so powerful that it will literally destroy the Russian economy.  It is both dollar and Euro based as the currencies of major commerce in the world.  China's currency and financial system cannot compare with the combined power of the United States and the European Union.  Further, the gross domestic product of the United States and the European Union is more than double the gross domestic product of China.  And, while China's economy continues to grow, it will not surpass the combined GDP of the United States and the European Union any time soon.

Finally, China has hitched its wagon to Russia an economic basket case with an economy the size of France before all the sanctions were imposed, Iran that does have oil, and North Korea another economic basket case.  China has expanded its reach to Africa and South America to some degree; but none of those countries except maybe Brazil is any kind of power house.  This is not much of a New World order.  In addition, the war in Ukraine has solidified NATO like never before as both an economic and military alliance.  China and Russia cannot expect to replace NATO and other US alliances in Asia Pacific any time soon.  

Finally, as a result of the war in Ukraine, there will be intense pressure for the United States to bring major industries that are critical to our national security back to the United States.  This will be done with tariffs on Chinese goods and tax incentives to make it happen.  Once this occurs, the Chinese economy will shrink.  The US can and should be completely energy independent, which China can only be with more nuclear plants and coal.  Otherwise, China must buy oil and natural gas from foreign countries because they are not resource rich.  Given all of these factors, China can forget about creating a New World Order with them in charge.  It can only happen if Western leaders are stupid, which is always possible. 

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Freedom Of Speech - The Foundation Of Our Democracy

As we watch Communist and Fascist dictators in Russia, Iran, China and North Korea deny their citizens Freedom of Speech on pain of prison or death, we should be very wary of what is happening in our own country.  Half the country that disagrees with Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ), Fake News, Hollywood and large corporations are regularly being cancelled and even fired.  If you oppose Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and radical LGBTQIA agenda indoctrination happening in many of our schools today, you are called a Racist, Homophobic Domestic Terrorist, and are therefore subject to cancelation.

If you support Energy Independence in the United States, which must include carbon and nuclear energy because renewables and current technology cannot power a modern industrial economy, you are called a Climate Denier and must be cancelled.  If you support Gun Rights,  you are deemed an enemy of the state and a White Supremacist Terrorist subject to arrest and prosecution.  If you are White, you are automatically deemed an oppressor of other peoples and a hate monger.  If you are Pro-Life, you absolutely must be cancelled for not supporting abortion right up until birth and even after.  

This is all very dangerous.  The United States has never been more divided since the Civil War and that story ended in 700,000 deaths.   People who are cancelled will be alienated from our government and see our government as the enemy.  We can't let that happen because it could lead to violence and another Civil War.  If people feel that they are losing their rights and particularly freedom of speech, they are more likely to support armed resistance.  That would lead to the dissolution of the United States.   

The woke crowd better see this train coming and cut the crap.  Half the country is not buying what they are selling.  Yes, there are Trump voters who believe that the election was stolen from President Trump by voter fraud.  This is why election integrity is so important.  If people lose faith in elections, our country is over.  We must fight for freedom of speech because it is the foundation of our democracy.  Without basic freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights,  we become China, Russia, Iran or North Korea.  We can't let that happen.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

World War Three May Be Coming

Both World War I and World War II did not begin on the day the Archduke of Austria was assassinated in Sarajevo to begin World War I, or the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, or Hitler attacked Poland,which began World War II.  Those events were just the sparks that finally lit the fire that resulted in two world wars.  Both World Wars were long in coming as great powers confronted each other on land and sea over many issues that were contentious long before the actual hot wars began.

So here we are again.  Putin cannot ultimately be allowed to win in Ukraine because if he is successful, he  will attack other former Soviet Republics and eventually the Baltic countries and Poland, the latter of which are all part of NATO.  If these things happen at some point NATO will get dragged into a hot war with Russia,which could go nuclear.  It may be that if Putin uses chemical, or tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine that NATO and other countries will be forced to act to stop Putin.  If Putin is losing in Ukraine combined with Western destruction of the Russian economy, he will get desperate and go for broke, which would mean the complete annihilation of Ukraine.  Western countries cannot allow that to happen. 

And, then there is China.  If Putin were to succeed in Ukraine, China would be emboldened to attack Taiwan, which could result in a bigger war in Asia.  The good news is that China is seeing the economic disaster that is destroying the Russian economy.  Though China has more leverage, major sanctions would retard their economic growth.  They fear uprisings in their country that would come from economic upheaval so just maybe they are thinking twice about attacking Taiwan despite all the bluster.   There is more to lose than to gain from taking over Taiwan. 

Clearly, there is a lot more at stake in Ukraine than just Ukraine.  If history is our teacher, we could be headed toward World War III and Mutually Assured Destruction, which we assumed would never happen because the devastation would be so great.  However, unless the Russian people remove Putin Dead or Alive,  we could face the armageddon predicted in the Bible.  Many Christians believe we are living in the End Times.  Let us hope they are wrong.  I for one don't want to see Jesus just yet.  

All Out War In Ukraine & The Green New Deal

With the weapons systems we are providing Ukraine, we will see all out war in Ukraine.  Putin is a War Criminal.  If he gets desperate enough, Putin will use chemical weapons and or tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.  Those must be a line in the sand that the world's nations can't ignore.  Giving Ukraine fighter jets is not so much the issue; but instead giving them mobile missiles that will allow an offensive capability to strike Russia must be the outcome if Putin goes nuclear in Ukraine.  Putin is already using cluster bombs that are just short of nuclear and a violation of the Geneva Convention.

In the meantime, Socialist Fascist Green New Deal radicals in the United States are speaking out against American Energy Independence.  These lunatics actually want Biden to stop all drilling on federal lands not just stop all new leases.  They want to pay people in the US Energy subsidies as have been necessary in Europe for a long time because people can't afford to heat their homes or buy gas for their cars.  Getting the price of gas to $8 or $10 a gallon has always been part of their plan to force people to buy expensive electric cars.  Obama said as much years ago when he was running for President.  The only problem with their Socialist Scheme is that without natural gas and nuclear energy, there would not be the power needed to plug in electric cars.  Today, only 3% of Americans drive electric cars.  If that number went up dramatically, the grid would crash.  

Switching to non carbon energy would be a 50 - 100 year process and only possible with new technologies.  Solar and Wind alone will not power a modern economy.   And, besides solar panels and wind turbines are made in China.  Great for them, bad for us.  Matter of fact, the Green New Deal is especially great for China.  It is the equivalent of surrendering our country to China and about as dumb as it gets.  

Let us hope that Republicans take back control of the Congress and the Presidency to make the US energy independent one again.  The war in Ukraine demonstrates that energy independence is a national security issue.  We have to cancel Socialist Fascists and the sooner the better because their America Last policies are destroying our country.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Time For The United States To De-Couple From China

When President Richard Nixon opened up China in 1972, big Western Global Companies cheered because they saw a market with a billion people.  The saying went if each Chinese person just bought one aspirin a day, a billion aspirins would be sold each day by the Western companies producing them.  The problem is that Americans in particular were clueless about Chinese history.  Ever since Westerners entered China centuries ago, those companies exploited the Chinese.  And, then there was also Japan that ruthlessly murdered Chinese during World War II.  The Communist Chinese that took over China in 1949 were determined that this was not going to happen again.  Who could blame them.  

So, they welcomed Western companies into China provided they brought manufacturing to China to sell not only in that market, but around the world.  The Chinese also required as the price of admission giving the Chinese their technology so that eventually they could produce the very same products.  They have also been busy stealing technology for years. Since Western senior managers live by the quarter that is the basis for their bonuses, they never played the long game.  The Communist Chinese have always played the long game.  They played Western companies good knowing what motivated them.  The end result today is that China is an economic and military powerhouse at our expense.  

So today about 80% of pharmaceuticals are produced in China.  Those aspirins are made in China.  All those solar panels and wind turbines are made in China.  GM has many more employees in China than in the United States actually exporting cars from China to the United States.  Caterpillar competes with the state owned Chinese company that produces earth movers in the very same color as Caterpillar.  The same is true for high speed trains and many other industries.  The fact is that today China controls the supply chain in virtually every industry, which is a clear and present danger to Western countries.

It should be clear by now that China is not our friend. Their goal is to replace the United States as the sole superpower in the world and they will do it if we allow it to happen.  I don't blame China for being smart.  I blame our politicians and major companies for being dumb.  We must now de-couple from China.  We must bring back all critical industries and manufacturing to the United States as critical to our national security.  We can do it by applying more tariffs on goods made in China and giving tax breaks for companies moving manufacturing back to the United States.   

We must also be energy independent as a major advantage for our country.   China loves our Green New Deal because it advantages them.  Certainly, all critical industries must be based in the US.  Trump was right.  We have to put America First.  We have to push aside the America Last crowd feeding at the trough in the DC Swamp.  China owns them including the Biden's.  They have to go.  

Monday, March 14, 2022

Former Attorney General Bill Barr - Classic Deep State Swamp Lizard BS

Former Attorney General Bill Barr is the classic Deep State Swamp Lizard.  Barr is making the rounds hocking his book.  Barr knows that the only way to get back in good graces with fellow Swamp Lizards so that he can continue feeding at the trough after serving as Trump's Attorney General, is to paint Trump as crazy.  Now, he has become a never Trumper like so many in the Trump administration that Trump fired, or pushed out of office for failing to do their job.   When Barr offered his resignation, Trump accepted it immediately.  

In this case, the Department of Justice under Barr failed to properly investigate all the fraud that took place during the 2020 election.  Barr concluded that there was nothing in it for him personally to lift those rocks.  So, it just did not happen.  Barr became a co-conspirator as a DC insider determined to end the Trump Presidency.  This story actually started on the day Trump came down the escalator in Trump tower to announce his run for the Presidency.  It continued for more than four years as the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS and of course Socialist Fascists and RINOS conspired to destroy Trump because he was not one of them.  They are still out to destroy Trump because they fear his run again in 2024. 

The only problem is the American people see them clearly and Trump as one of the best Presidents in American history.  A lesser man than Trump would have never survived the constant assault.  But, Trump is a New York street fighter.  Trump owns the Republican Party.  Trump's ability to raise campaign cash is still huge.  If Trump wants it, Trump will be the Republican nominee for President in 2024.  And, as the country continues to slide into chaos under Biden, Trump is likely to not only win the Electoral College vote but also the Popular Vote.  As a former history teacher, I am feeling another Jimmy Carter election when Ronald Reagan won in a landslide.  The key is Republicans taking back the House in 2022 at a minimum and the Senate.  

If Republicans win back the House by electing a bunch of Trump Republicans, Trump will run again in 2024.  Trump will not run again if the Socialists retain the House because they would attempt to impeach him again on Day one after winning in 2024 on some bogus charges related to the January 6th riot at the Capitol.  In any case, don't buy Bill Barr's book unless you plan to use the pages to line the bottom of a bird cage because it is typical Swamp Lizard BS.   

Saturday, March 12, 2022

The War In Ukraine - The DC Swamp & Corruption

In just a day, the Congress approved another $14 billion to assist Ukraine with the fight against Russia in addition to the billions already provided.  So, $14 billion more to protect Ukraine's borders, but not one more dime to secure our border from the invasion happening everyday.  Go figure.  And, while what is happening in Ukraine is nothing short of war crimes, we need to recognize that there will be winners and losers from all this American taxpayer monies.  The losers are easy to see.  Everyone dying from Russia's invasion are the biggest losers.  More than 2 million Ukrainians that are now refugees have lost everything.  

It is safe to assume that several billion dollars will be stolen one way or another because that is just the way the DC Swamp works.  The American companies producing stinger missiles, javelins and other weapons going to Ukraine will earn billions of dollars so they will kick back millions of dollars in campaign contributions to DC Swamp Lizards of both parties in office for years.  That is just how the game is played.  Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world so you can bet that some Ukrainian politicians will be pocketing some of this money in Swiss bank accounts as an insurance policy, since they will probably have to leave Ukraine to escape murder when the Russians finish taking over their country.  Really, who could blame them. 

Next, the Clinton's smell millions going into their pockets as they reopen the Clinton Global Initiative once again to raise money to "help" Ukraine.  The thought that Crooked Hillary might just run again in 2024 has been leaked to buy influence just in case she wins; even though it seems doubtful.  Certainly, the Clinton's will pocket some share of what they raise as they have always done in the past to become multi-millionaires.  And, then there is the Biden Crime Family.  Where is Hunter Biden these days?  Remember, the "big guy" Daddy Joe Biden gets 10% of whatever Hunter brings in to the family.  Could it be that Ukraine is providing Hunter with kickbacks for all the money Daddy is supplying Ukraine.  Why not?  It is just the way business is done in Ukraine. 

Forgive me for being cynical while so many Ukrainians are dying; but we have seen this story many times.  This kind of money is not chump change.  Certainly, several billion dollars will be skimmed off the top as the price for help.  It is just the way things are done in the DC Swamp.  

Friday, March 11, 2022

Ukraine - Biden's Line In The Sand

141 countries at the United Nations voted to condemn Russia and Vladimir Putin's war on Ukraine.  There is no doubt that war crimes have already been committed as Putin has killed women and children bombing apartment buildings, hospitals and schools.  Cluster bombs prohibited by the Geneva Convention have been used that are just short of nuclear weapons.   Syrian Dictator with Russian help used chemical weapons against his people.  It was a line in the sand for President Trump who bombed Syria as a result.  

So, what is Biden's line in the sand in Ukraine.  Russia has used chemical weapons before in various wars.  Biden stopped Ukraine from getting MIG fighter jets from Poland.  There is enough death and destruction now to justify giving those MIG's to Ukraine.  Are we going to stand by and watch all of Ukraine destroyed as occurred by Hitler in World War II.  Putin has already sent in more than 600 cruise missiles to destroy civilian targets.  There are already over 2 million refugees that have left Ukraine.  Putin intends to murder Ukrainian President Zelensky if they can find him.  Will that be a line in the sand.  Or must it be the use of chemical weapons.  

We need to give Ukraine tanks and planes to defend their country.  They need more Stinger missiles, anti aircraft batteries and Javelins.  We need to create safe cooridors to allow Ukrainians to leave their country into safety.  Many of them should be flown to the US and given refugee status.  

What we are seeing happen in Ukraine is Hitler all over again.  Putin, his Generals and others in the Putin government should be named War Criminals now subject to prosecution.  Aside from confiscating any assets they may have overseas, we must prohibit them from traveling outside Russia.  We must marshall an alliance of the willing from the 141 nations that condemned Putin.  We must destroy the Russian economy to persuade the people that they must bring down Putin Dead or Alive to stop this war.  Biden has to do more and draw a line in the sand with consequences.  

Congress Enacts $1.5 Trillion Spending Plan

In a bipartisan vote of 68 to 31, the Senate enacted a $1.5 Trillion spending plan to fund the federal government for the next year to avoid a government shut down.  In the usual deal with the Devil, the Republicans got $782 Billion for Defense spending and the Socialists got $730 Billion for domestic entitlement programs.  The rest is miscellaneous chump change.  Of course, most of this will be deficit spending adding to our $30 Trillion National Debt. 

This will end with the financial collapse of the United States.  It is inevitable.  When that happens all bets are off.  We could see the dissolution of the United States as Red States will want out.  This budget contains tons of pork and corruption pay off's.  This is just business as usual in the DC swamp.  The only way to stop it is with a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment, Limits on federal government overreach and term limits.  To get there, we need a Constitutional Convention.  Two thirds of the states can call the convention by a vote of their legislatures.  It then take three fourths of the state legislatures to ratify any Amendments coming out of the convention.

There is no other way to save our nation.  We can't count on elected officials of either party in the DC Swamp to restrain spending.  It just won't happen because corruption is how they stay in power.   It has never been worse.   The 100 global companies that control 50% of our GDP do billions of dollars in government business so they buy the politicians to make it happen.   They are all feeding at the trough at taxpayer expense. 

The federal government is broken.  It is nothing but waste, fraud and abuse.  And, now the FBI, CIA, IRS and DOJ are in business to spy on American citizens who voice dissent.  While BLM and Antifa Terrorists rioted, looted and burned down cities with no consequence, law abiding citizens that push back on Government overreach are now subject to arrest and prosecution.  There is something very wrong with this picture.  

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Inflation - Let's Go Brandon

When Trump was President a barrel of oil was $36.  Today, under Biden it has already reached $125 and it will go higher.  Biden is blaming the war in Ukraine and Putin for the cost of gas; but that is a Big Lie.  The cost of a gallon of gas started to go up as soon as Biden took office because of his war on carbon energy.  What is happening in intentional.  Biden and his Socialist Fascists pals (AKA Democrats) want the cost of all energy to go up to justify their Green New Deal, which is a disaster for the American people.  They just don't care about the impact on the poor and middle class in America because they are the America Last crowd.  

The cost of energy is baked into everything we buy, eat, do, which is why inflation is going through the roof.  Energy costs and the trillions of dollars the federal government pumped into the economy is why inflation today is at 8% and it will go higher.  We are having a Jimmy Carter disaster caused by Joe Biden.  And, it is all unnecessary.  The United States can be fully energy independent if Joe Biden would just get out of the way.  We need the Keystone Pipeline approved.  We must open up federal lands to drilling including in Alaska.  Biden does not need to beg Saudi Arabia and the Emirates for more oil given that they won't even talk to him.  Biden does not need to beg Iran and Venezuela for more oil either.  And, we don't need oil from Russia.  The United States was exporting oil and natural gas when Trump was President.  We had more than we could use in our country and can again.

Gas was down to $1.87 a gallon in many areas of the country when Trump was President as opposed to $5 or more today.  We could even end up with shortages like what happened when Jimmy Carter was President, which resulted in long lines at gas stations and having to buy gas on odd and even days based on license plates ending numbers.  It was a nightmare for all of us that lived through it.   The good news is that after Jimmy Carter came Ronald Reagan in a landslide election.  Eventually, we got morning in America.  And, once again, we are going to see a landslide rejection of the Socialist Fascists in 2022 and 2024 as Republicans take back the Congress and the Presidency.  It can't happen soon enough.  Let's Go Brandon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Socialist Fascist ( AKA Democrat ) Green New Deal Is Anti-American

We see now that the Socialist Fascist ( AKA Democrat ) Green New Deal is anti-American.  It has nothing to do with energy and is instead a gigantic global redistribution of wealth scheme designed to steal money from American taxpayers and the taxpayers of other industrialized nations and give those monies to third world countries.  As we see gas go up to $5 or more a gallon across the country, ( already $6 in California ), which is coming in the next few weeks, the poor and the middle class in America will suffer greatly.  But the Socialist Fascists just don't care.  When they tell people to buy electric cars that they can't afford assuming they are even available, it is the equivalent of Marie Antoinette telling the French before their revolution to eat cake.  

The United States can and should be completely energy independent.   We don't need to depend on any other country for our energy needs.  We should develop all energy sources to make them cheaper, cleaner and safer as both a National Security priority and a means of maintaining a high standard of living.  This is an America First policy, which the America Last crowd, the Socialist Fascists hate.  

Feckless Joe Biden is an idiot.  Rather than develop all American energy sources, he is begging Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela to pump more oil.  Saudi Arabia and the Emirates won't even talk to Biden because he screwed them when he first took office.  They told Biden to pound sand. Biden should be holding an energy summit with US energy companies to push them to increase production quickly.  But that won't happen because Biden is owned by AOC and her dopey squad.  These morons would rather see the American people suffer than have more access to carbon energy.  As Forest Gump always said, "stupid is as stupid does" and God are these morons stupid.  But the day of reckoning is coming.  Republicans are likely to take over the Congress in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024.  Big landslides are coming; just wait and see.  This is Ronald Reagan all over again when he destroyed Jimmy Carter.  

Putin, His Generals & Government - War Criminals

It is time to name Vladimir Putin, his Generals and Members of the Russian Government responsible for the slaughter in Ukraine as War Criminals.  What is happening in Ukraine, the killing of innocent civilians, women and children and the destruction of historic cities is a crime against humanity.  And, no matter how long it takes these War Criminals must be charged and prosecuted with War Crimes.  Ultimately, some of them should be tried and executed as happened after World War II to both German and Japanese War Criminals guilty of heinous crimes.  

These Russians must become pariah unable to travel or leave Russia and if they do leave Russia they must be captured and brought to justice.  Any assets they have outside Russia must be confiscated and provided to Ukraine in both military and humanitarian assistance.  The world cannot tolerate a repeat of what happened in World War II when about 85 million people died as a result of evil dictator's actions.  We are seeing history repeated in Ukraine that suffered greatly at the hands of both Hitler and Stalin.  It is just unbelievable that it is happening again.  

The Russian people need to rise up to stop this tragedy.  Putin needs to be removed from office.    Just imagine if Hitler had been assassinated in 1938 before he caused World War II in Europe.  Millions of lives would have been saved including 20 million Russian lives lost in World War II.  So here we are again. 

If Putin is allowed to succeed in Ukraine, next he will go after Moldava, Belarus, the rest of Georgia and other countries that used to be part of the old Soviet Union.  Putin's real goal to take back the Baltic Countries that are all part of NATO.  That would be the beginning of World War III and nuclear war.  We just can't let that happen.  The best way to stop it is to end Putin one way or another.  Better that one evil dictator should die if necessary than millions of innocent people.  

Monday, March 7, 2022

Ulkraine & The Lessons Of History

History appears to be repeating itself in the War In Ukraine.  Given past history, the odds are pretty good that this will turn into a wider war for a variety of reasons.  

First, appeasement never works when dealing with a Dictator.  The world allowed Putin to invade Georgia and Ukraine taking over territory in the process and here we are today.  If Putin succeeds in Ukraine, he will target Moldova next and take over the rest of Georgia.  Belarus is already a puppet of Putin so it is likely that he will annex Belarus too.  Putin's real target is the Baltic Countries all of which belong to NATO and then we are at World War III.  Most important, all of this will embolden China to attack Taiwan.  

Second, sanctions don't work when dealing with a Dictator because Putin does not care about the Russian people.   However, Putin sees sanctions designed to destroy the economy of Russia as an act of war.  It is only a matter of time before he responds in the only way he can without using nuclear weapons and that is cyber terrorism.  When we stop the sale of oil and gas coming from Russia and it is coming, they will use cyber terrorism against Western oil and gas companies to disrupt the flow of energy to nations supporting the embargo.  Then all bets are off.  And, continuing to supply weapons including airplanes to Ukraine is bound to lead to confrontation with Russia.  

Third, it is clear that the only way for smaller countries to protect their sovereignty is by being a nuclear nation.  If Ukraine had retained its nuclear weapons about 4,000 at the time, Russia would never have invaded.  The message it sends to North Korea, Iran and others is that they must be nuclear nations.  So we will see the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  We can expect to see Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and maybe Australia go nuclear.  Israel is already nuclear.  They will just add to their capabilities.  

Fourth, all of this has solidified the Axis of Evil, China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.  The only one that really matters is China because of the Supply Chain that they control.  China can hold the world hostage by denying access to many products.  China will backstop Russia, which is another reason why sanctions will not work.   China will soon attack Taiwan and then what?

There are many lessons coming out of the war in Ukraine; but none of them are a surprise.  A weak Joe Biden is not helping matters.  We have seen this story before because history is in fact repeating itself.  It only ended when the dictators were killed after millions died.  Let's hope the Russian people take Putin down long before we see the rest of this story unfold.   

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Time For A Constitutional Convention To Take Back Our Country

Article V of the US Constitution allows the people through their State Legislatures to call a Constitutional Convention to propose Amendments to the Constitution.  Our Founders knew that one day this would be necessary.  Given the sorry state of our nation and the corruption we see in the DC Swamp, the time has arrived for this to happen.  It takes two thirds of the state legislatures or 34 states to call the Convention and three quarters of the states or 38 states to ratify any Amendments proposed at the Convention.  There are three areas that require Amendments that should be added to our US Constitution. 

First, we need a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment because politicians of both parties have proven that they cannot be trusted to limit government spending as we now have a $30 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight until fiscal collapse finally comes.  We are spending more than a trillion dollars a year than the government takes in.  Politician's in the Swamp speak of a billion dollars as though it is chump change.  Those in power for decades feeding at the trough are addicted to government spending because it is their way of buying votes to stay in power.  It has to stop. 

Second, the people must limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government in favor of state's rights and rights that belong to the people.  Presidents of both parties use Executive Orders like dictators to control our lives.  There are various federal departments that could be eliminated.  Our right to privacy and various freedoms must be further codified.  What happened with Covid is the best case of federal government overreach in the history of our country.  Thousands of businesses were destroyed.  Kids lost two years of school.  People lost jobs because they would not bend to the government's will.  We must never allow this to happen again.  

Third, we desperately need Congressional Term Limits.  6 terms for the House or 12 years.  Two terms for the Senate or 12 years.  Currently, we have politicians of both parties that have been in office for 30 or more years.  Somehow, they all end up as millionaires during their term in office.  How is this possible given their annual salaries and the need to maintain two homes.  The answer is simple.  CORRUPTION.  The hundred companies that control 50% of our GDP own these politicians.  They love them all feeding at the trough for years because they can control them.  The reason the Deep State hates Donald Trump and is determined to this day to destroy him is because they cannot not control him.  Since those feeding at the trough will never support term limits, WE THE PEOPLE must make it happen at a Constitutional Convention.  It is the only way to limit the CORRUPTION in the DC state; though it won't eliminate it.  Whose Bread They Eat Whose Song They Sing.  It will take jail time to stop the corruption. 

In any case, WE THE PEOPLE must take back our country if we are going to have a country.  It is time for a Constitutional Convention to deal with the abuses we see in the system.  This remedy is designed to prevent the need for another Resolution.  It is time to press our state legislatures to make it happen.  

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Public Education Is Broken - We Have To Act Now To Save It

When half the kids in the United States cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids in particular are way below grade level, we have proof that public education is broken.  Since 90% of kids in our country go to public schools, we cannot continue to ignore this crisis.  As a former teacher with the background, experience and credentials to be a School Superintendent, I could look the other way since my grandchildren are all in award winning Christian Private Schools, but I know that the we will never be able to compete with China if public education stinks as it does today.  It is really a national security issue; just like the need for the United States to be Energy Independent, which a whole different blog post.  And, those who say it is about money are full of boloney.  We spend more on public education than any other country in the world yet achieve mediocre results at best.  

We have two choices.  We can just give up on our public schools and fight for School Choice so that poor and middle class parents can get their kids out of failing public schools into private schools, the same as the rich have done for years.  Or, we can fight like hell to improve the quality of education in our public schools, which means battling the teacher unions who control public schools and many School Boards and Administrators.  My contention is that we must do both.

First, we absolutely need School Choice to create competition with public schools or those in charge will never be motivated to improve the quality of education.  Losing students to private schools means losing taxpayers dollars that allows Administrators and teachers to continue feeding at the trough.  It is not just about current earnings; but most important about fat pensions that provide a lot more benefit than Social Security entitlements.  Teachers and Administrators often retire at full salary after working 25 or more years in the system so there is big money at stake.  

Second, we must be prepared to battle teacher unions to put the reforms in place, all of which they oppose, which are desperately needed to improve the quality of education in our country.  We need far more accountability, an end to teacher tenure to make it easier to fire bad teachers, back to basics education, merit pay for great teachers, meaningful metrics to measure academic achievement and competent administrative management all of which are not happening today. 

Further, we have to get back to actually educating children rather than woke Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history, 1619 Project and LGBTQIA indoctrination that is happening in many of our public schools today.  That means removing from office School Board Members and Administrators pushing this BS.  But remember, they are owned lock stock and barrel by the teachers unions as are all Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ).  It is no coincidence that about 50% of the delegates at the Democrat Convention for President every four years are public school teachers.  Teacher unions contribute millions of dollars to Democrat campaigns including for School Board to keep taxpayer dollars flowing to them.  Whose bread they eat whose song they sing, which is why reforms necessary to improve quality education just do not happen.  Socialist Fascists don't care about kids.  They do care about those fat pensions.  

We have to act now to save public education or it is doomed to the ash heap of American history.  Even if we are designated as "Domestic Terrorists" for speaking up at School Board meetings as the Socialist Fascists are attempting to do, we must fight like hell to save public education.  The clock is ticking.  Every day that goes by does more harm to kids in public schools.  What we are seeing is criminal malpractice by those running our public schools.  Many of these culprits must be removed from office or fired.  They have to go if we are to save our public schools.  

Friday, March 4, 2022

Axis Of Evil - China, Russia, Iran & North Korea

In World War II, the Axis Powers were Germany, Japan and Italy.  They were the Axis of Evil that caused the deaths of more than 85 million people around the world and that was before nuclear weapons.  Imagine if they had nuclear weapons.  Today, the Axis of Evil is China, Russia, Iran and North Korea all ruled by ruthless dictators.  What is happening in Ukraine is like a repeat of the historical events before both World War I and II and we know how those stories ended.  The sanctions being placed on Russia will destroy their economy even though China will be their backstop.  A desperate Putin, before he is deposed is likely to respond in kind with cyber terrorism or even an attack on a NATO country in the Baltics and then all bets are off.  

China, Iran and North Korea are watching all of this.  China is determined to attack Taiwan.  Iran is out to destroy Israel.  And, North Korea wants to reunite with South Korea by force.  If Russia gets away with destroying Ukraine and further moves on Moldova, the next likely target, it will embolden China, Iran and North Korea.  It is unlikely that the United States and its allies can stand by and watch Taiwan, Israel and South Korea be attacked by the Axis of Evil.  At that point, sanctions alone will not deter any of these hostile nations because China can bankroll all of them.    

China is the wild card in all of this.  Most nations in the world are highly dependent on China for many critical goods made there.  Logically, China would have much to lose if a larger war occurred; but so would all the other nations of the world.  The supply chain problems we are experiencing today are nothing compared to what would occur if trade with China just suddenly stopped.  China has tremendous leverage and could blackmail the entire world.  

First, the United States must become completely energy independent.  Feckless Joe Biden needs to cut the Green New Deal crap.  We must bring back all critical industries so we are not dependent on China or any other nation for the things necessary to our national security and well being.  The United States must always be the arsenal of democracy as occurred during World War II.  Ukraine must be a lesson for the United States and our allies.  Dependency on our enemies must stop.  All we are doing is making them rich to build their war machines.  That is crazy.  

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Time To Bring Down Dictator Vladimir Putin - An Evil War Criminal

The 141 countries in the United Nations that voted to condemn Russia for the brutal invasion of Ukraine must now act together to bring down Vladimir Putin, a War Criminal, to stop the carnage in Ukraine.  The way to make it happen it to make living in Russia impossible.  Ultimately, the pain must be so great that the Russian people will rise up and depose Putin, Dead or Alive to end their misery.  To begin with, we must end all purchases of oil and natural gas from Russia to stop the monies flowing to Putin that are funding his war machine.  The United States and other countries that produce oil and gas can fill the void if feckless Joe Biden would end his war on the US Energy industry.  

Next, countries must stop all trade with Russia including food, medical supplies, technology, literally everything they buy from other countries.  Of course, China will not cooperate, however American and other companies that produce goods in China can stop their sales to Russia.  All communications with Russia must end so Internet and Telephone services supported by countries and companies outside Russia must stop.  All travel by air, rail or ship must end making it impossible for anyone to get into or out of Russia.  That means that all foreigners living in Russia must leave the country taking with them the money they spend in Russia.  All Russian Oligarch's assets held overseas must be seized and sold denying them use of homes, yachts, airplanes, bank accounts etc.   Any funds derived from these sales, or held by Russians overseas must be seized and used to pay for humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine.  

If those 141 countries get serious about punishing Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, it will not be long before the Russian people and military rises up to end Putin.  We are dealing with evil as bad as Hitler, Stalin and Mao all of whom slaughtered millions of people.  Short of going to war with Russia, which would immediately become nuclear war if Putin remains if office, the rest of the world must act to bring down Vladimir Putin.  The best way to make it happen is to impose so much pain on the Russian people that they will topple the dictator running their pariah country.  

The alternative is to hunt Putin down as a War Criminal the same way we have done with other Terrorists and take him out.  One way or another, we cannot allow the destruction of Ukraine and the slaughter of their people.  It has to stop!  The lessons of history tell us that an evil dictator left unchecked will not stop until millions have died.  We know the end of this story.  We have seen it before.  We can't let it happen again.  Putin has to go!   

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Biden's State Of The Union - Not So Good

The irony is that the Putin saved Joe Biden for purposes of his State of the Union speech by attacking Ukraine.  Biden spent about 30 minutes of an hour talking about the world response to the tragedy in Ukraine.  The good news is that most countries are supporting Ukraine by imposing major sanctions against Russia.  There is still a pretty good chance that NATO will get dragged into the mess in Ukraine; but this week anyway Biden was able to say US soldiers will not be fighting in Ukraine.  We will see what happens in the weeks ahead, if the Russian Generals and the Oligarchs don't take Putin down first because Putin is likely to strike out against the US and our Allies one way or another in response and then all bets are off.  

Biden is suddenly for funding the police, really! Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) have spent the last several years demeanizing the police.   But Biden has been told that "defunding the police" does not poll well ahead of the midterm elections.  So for now anyway, Biden, Schumer and Pelosi must throw AOC and her Squad under the bus because they know that "defunding the police" is a loser with the crime rate and murders surging all over the country.  And, then there was the Big Lie that the Trump tax cuts only benefited the rich.  That is simply not true.  Everybody who pays taxes got a tax cut.  Biden has already been awarded several Pinocchio's for that Big Lie.  Naturally, the 50% of Americans who pay no income taxes, Democrat voters, did not get a tax cut.  How can someone get a tax cut who pays no income taxes.  

Biden bragged about companies bringing back manufacturing to America.  In some cases that is true because of the Trump Tax Cuts that Biden wants to eliminate.  When Trump cut the corporate income tax down to 21%, it became competitive with the world.  Trump highlighted Intel building new chip plants in Ohio; which is good; but what he failed to say is that Intel is also building new chip plants in Germany.  What is even more important is that Taiwan Semiconductor, the largest chip company in the world is investing $35 billion in Peoria, Arizona outside Phoenix to build 5 chip plants there because they fear the invasion of Taiwan by China now that Biden is President.  

So Biden continues to push his Build Back Broke Plans that are going nowhere while saying nothing about the invasion by illegal aliens at our border, or his war on parents at school board meetings.  And, he talked alot about the Infrastructure Bill that is mostly Green New Deal crap that will kill jobs.  There was nothing in Biden's speech about dealing with Inflation that can only occur if the US is energy independent again.  We heard no Drill Baby Drill from Biden because he prefers that we import 8 million barrels a day from other countries including Russia than produce oil and gas ourselves. Biden and his pals do not care if gas goes to $6 a barrel because it is part of their Green New Deal Scheme to kill the oil and gas industry in the US.  

So, with drugs no doubt and an adult diaper, Biden got through the night.  Biden's State of the Union speech lasted about an hour.  Afterwards, I am sure they gave Biden some warm milk and a sleeping pill to put him to bed.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Time To Designate Putin As A War Criminal

It is time to designate Vladimir Putin, the butcher of Moscow as a War Criminal.  In doing so, it would be great if he were captured and prosecuted for his crimes or even taken out by his own Generals.  What Putin is doing in Ukraine is no different than what Hitler did all over Europe.  The irony is that 20 million Russians died in World War II because of Hitler.  Just imagine if assassination attempts against Hitler had succeeded early on in his reign of terror.  Millions of lives would have been saved.  With Putin's attack on Ukraine, we appear to be repeating the history of World War I and II.  If Putin is not removed, thousands of innocent people will die in Ukraine in the weeks ahead and in all likelihood it won't stop there if Putin is allowed to succeed.  The lessons of history must be our teacher.  We have seen this story before.  

The good news is that the world sees what is happening and most countries understand that Vladimir Putin is the same evil as Hitler, Stalin and Mao.  It will not be enough to bring down the economy of Russia.  The world needs to eliminate Vladimir Putin one way or another.   Hopefully, the people of Russia will eliminate Putin; but if not them others must act to stop this War Criminal from killing more innocent people.  Let's not forget Putin is sitting on about 5,000 nuclear weapons with hyper sonic missiles.  If he fires those missiles the United States and its allies will respond in kind and millions of people will die.  We can't let that happen.  

The rest of the world should put Putin on trial at the World Court in the Hague for his crimes.  This is no different than the trials that occurred after World War II to bring War Criminals in Germany and Japan to justice.  Once found guilty, Putin must be arrested and executed for the murders he has caused.  It is better to take down one lunatic than risk millions dying in a third World War.  Just maybe the people of Russia will deal with Putin; but if not he must be removed from power one way or another.  A cruise missile could do it.   For good of Russia and the world, Putin, this evil dictator has to go.