Saturday, March 12, 2022

The War In Ukraine - The DC Swamp & Corruption

In just a day, the Congress approved another $14 billion to assist Ukraine with the fight against Russia in addition to the billions already provided.  So, $14 billion more to protect Ukraine's borders, but not one more dime to secure our border from the invasion happening everyday.  Go figure.  And, while what is happening in Ukraine is nothing short of war crimes, we need to recognize that there will be winners and losers from all this American taxpayer monies.  The losers are easy to see.  Everyone dying from Russia's invasion are the biggest losers.  More than 2 million Ukrainians that are now refugees have lost everything.  

It is safe to assume that several billion dollars will be stolen one way or another because that is just the way the DC Swamp works.  The American companies producing stinger missiles, javelins and other weapons going to Ukraine will earn billions of dollars so they will kick back millions of dollars in campaign contributions to DC Swamp Lizards of both parties in office for years.  That is just how the game is played.  Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world so you can bet that some Ukrainian politicians will be pocketing some of this money in Swiss bank accounts as an insurance policy, since they will probably have to leave Ukraine to escape murder when the Russians finish taking over their country.  Really, who could blame them. 

Next, the Clinton's smell millions going into their pockets as they reopen the Clinton Global Initiative once again to raise money to "help" Ukraine.  The thought that Crooked Hillary might just run again in 2024 has been leaked to buy influence just in case she wins; even though it seems doubtful.  Certainly, the Clinton's will pocket some share of what they raise as they have always done in the past to become multi-millionaires.  And, then there is the Biden Crime Family.  Where is Hunter Biden these days?  Remember, the "big guy" Daddy Joe Biden gets 10% of whatever Hunter brings in to the family.  Could it be that Ukraine is providing Hunter with kickbacks for all the money Daddy is supplying Ukraine.  Why not?  It is just the way business is done in Ukraine. 

Forgive me for being cynical while so many Ukrainians are dying; but we have seen this story many times.  This kind of money is not chump change.  Certainly, several billion dollars will be skimmed off the top as the price for help.  It is just the way things are done in the DC Swamp.  

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