Thursday, March 3, 2022

Time To Bring Down Dictator Vladimir Putin - An Evil War Criminal

The 141 countries in the United Nations that voted to condemn Russia for the brutal invasion of Ukraine must now act together to bring down Vladimir Putin, a War Criminal, to stop the carnage in Ukraine.  The way to make it happen it to make living in Russia impossible.  Ultimately, the pain must be so great that the Russian people will rise up and depose Putin, Dead or Alive to end their misery.  To begin with, we must end all purchases of oil and natural gas from Russia to stop the monies flowing to Putin that are funding his war machine.  The United States and other countries that produce oil and gas can fill the void if feckless Joe Biden would end his war on the US Energy industry.  

Next, countries must stop all trade with Russia including food, medical supplies, technology, literally everything they buy from other countries.  Of course, China will not cooperate, however American and other companies that produce goods in China can stop their sales to Russia.  All communications with Russia must end so Internet and Telephone services supported by countries and companies outside Russia must stop.  All travel by air, rail or ship must end making it impossible for anyone to get into or out of Russia.  That means that all foreigners living in Russia must leave the country taking with them the money they spend in Russia.  All Russian Oligarch's assets held overseas must be seized and sold denying them use of homes, yachts, airplanes, bank accounts etc.   Any funds derived from these sales, or held by Russians overseas must be seized and used to pay for humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine.  

If those 141 countries get serious about punishing Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, it will not be long before the Russian people and military rises up to end Putin.  We are dealing with evil as bad as Hitler, Stalin and Mao all of whom slaughtered millions of people.  Short of going to war with Russia, which would immediately become nuclear war if Putin remains if office, the rest of the world must act to bring down Vladimir Putin.  The best way to make it happen is to impose so much pain on the Russian people that they will topple the dictator running their pariah country.  

The alternative is to hunt Putin down as a War Criminal the same way we have done with other Terrorists and take him out.  One way or another, we cannot allow the destruction of Ukraine and the slaughter of their people.  It has to stop!  The lessons of history tell us that an evil dictator left unchecked will not stop until millions have died.  We know the end of this story.  We have seen it before.  We can't let it happen again.  Putin has to go!   

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