Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Time For The United States To De-Couple From China

When President Richard Nixon opened up China in 1972, big Western Global Companies cheered because they saw a market with a billion people.  The saying went if each Chinese person just bought one aspirin a day, a billion aspirins would be sold each day by the Western companies producing them.  The problem is that Americans in particular were clueless about Chinese history.  Ever since Westerners entered China centuries ago, those companies exploited the Chinese.  And, then there was also Japan that ruthlessly murdered Chinese during World War II.  The Communist Chinese that took over China in 1949 were determined that this was not going to happen again.  Who could blame them.  

So, they welcomed Western companies into China provided they brought manufacturing to China to sell not only in that market, but around the world.  The Chinese also required as the price of admission giving the Chinese their technology so that eventually they could produce the very same products.  They have also been busy stealing technology for years. Since Western senior managers live by the quarter that is the basis for their bonuses, they never played the long game.  The Communist Chinese have always played the long game.  They played Western companies good knowing what motivated them.  The end result today is that China is an economic and military powerhouse at our expense.  

So today about 80% of pharmaceuticals are produced in China.  Those aspirins are made in China.  All those solar panels and wind turbines are made in China.  GM has many more employees in China than in the United States actually exporting cars from China to the United States.  Caterpillar competes with the state owned Chinese company that produces earth movers in the very same color as Caterpillar.  The same is true for high speed trains and many other industries.  The fact is that today China controls the supply chain in virtually every industry, which is a clear and present danger to Western countries.

It should be clear by now that China is not our friend. Their goal is to replace the United States as the sole superpower in the world and they will do it if we allow it to happen.  I don't blame China for being smart.  I blame our politicians and major companies for being dumb.  We must now de-couple from China.  We must bring back all critical industries and manufacturing to the United States as critical to our national security.  We can do it by applying more tariffs on goods made in China and giving tax breaks for companies moving manufacturing back to the United States.   

We must also be energy independent as a major advantage for our country.   China loves our Green New Deal because it advantages them.  Certainly, all critical industries must be based in the US.  Trump was right.  We have to put America First.  We have to push aside the America Last crowd feeding at the trough in the DC Swamp.  China owns them including the Biden's.  They have to go.  

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