Thursday, March 17, 2022

Freedom Of Speech - The Foundation Of Our Democracy

As we watch Communist and Fascist dictators in Russia, Iran, China and North Korea deny their citizens Freedom of Speech on pain of prison or death, we should be very wary of what is happening in our own country.  Half the country that disagrees with Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ), Fake News, Hollywood and large corporations are regularly being cancelled and even fired.  If you oppose Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and radical LGBTQIA agenda indoctrination happening in many of our schools today, you are called a Racist, Homophobic Domestic Terrorist, and are therefore subject to cancelation.

If you support Energy Independence in the United States, which must include carbon and nuclear energy because renewables and current technology cannot power a modern industrial economy, you are called a Climate Denier and must be cancelled.  If you support Gun Rights,  you are deemed an enemy of the state and a White Supremacist Terrorist subject to arrest and prosecution.  If you are White, you are automatically deemed an oppressor of other peoples and a hate monger.  If you are Pro-Life, you absolutely must be cancelled for not supporting abortion right up until birth and even after.  

This is all very dangerous.  The United States has never been more divided since the Civil War and that story ended in 700,000 deaths.   People who are cancelled will be alienated from our government and see our government as the enemy.  We can't let that happen because it could lead to violence and another Civil War.  If people feel that they are losing their rights and particularly freedom of speech, they are more likely to support armed resistance.  That would lead to the dissolution of the United States.   

The woke crowd better see this train coming and cut the crap.  Half the country is not buying what they are selling.  Yes, there are Trump voters who believe that the election was stolen from President Trump by voter fraud.  This is why election integrity is so important.  If people lose faith in elections, our country is over.  We must fight for freedom of speech because it is the foundation of our democracy.  Without basic freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights,  we become China, Russia, Iran or North Korea.  We can't let that happen.  

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