Friday, March 4, 2022

Axis Of Evil - China, Russia, Iran & North Korea

In World War II, the Axis Powers were Germany, Japan and Italy.  They were the Axis of Evil that caused the deaths of more than 85 million people around the world and that was before nuclear weapons.  Imagine if they had nuclear weapons.  Today, the Axis of Evil is China, Russia, Iran and North Korea all ruled by ruthless dictators.  What is happening in Ukraine is like a repeat of the historical events before both World War I and II and we know how those stories ended.  The sanctions being placed on Russia will destroy their economy even though China will be their backstop.  A desperate Putin, before he is deposed is likely to respond in kind with cyber terrorism or even an attack on a NATO country in the Baltics and then all bets are off.  

China, Iran and North Korea are watching all of this.  China is determined to attack Taiwan.  Iran is out to destroy Israel.  And, North Korea wants to reunite with South Korea by force.  If Russia gets away with destroying Ukraine and further moves on Moldova, the next likely target, it will embolden China, Iran and North Korea.  It is unlikely that the United States and its allies can stand by and watch Taiwan, Israel and South Korea be attacked by the Axis of Evil.  At that point, sanctions alone will not deter any of these hostile nations because China can bankroll all of them.    

China is the wild card in all of this.  Most nations in the world are highly dependent on China for many critical goods made there.  Logically, China would have much to lose if a larger war occurred; but so would all the other nations of the world.  The supply chain problems we are experiencing today are nothing compared to what would occur if trade with China just suddenly stopped.  China has tremendous leverage and could blackmail the entire world.  

First, the United States must become completely energy independent.  Feckless Joe Biden needs to cut the Green New Deal crap.  We must bring back all critical industries so we are not dependent on China or any other nation for the things necessary to our national security and well being.  The United States must always be the arsenal of democracy as occurred during World War II.  Ukraine must be a lesson for the United States and our allies.  Dependency on our enemies must stop.  All we are doing is making them rich to build their war machines.  That is crazy.  

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