Friday, March 25, 2022

The Definition Of A Woman

In her Senate confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, Socialist Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to provide the definition of a woman no doubt fearing some kind of trap.  Regardless of sexual orientation, there are clear biological definitions for both women and men having to do with chromosomes, breasts, genitals etc.  But to demonstrate how crazy this has become, Washoe County Schools in Reno, Nevada in their 4th and 5th grade sex education curriculum has now moved away from the terms "girl" or "boy" in favor of a body with a vulva, or a body with a penis.  Ridiculous!  In another context, I just saw a reference to pregnant persons rather than pregnant women. Since as far as I know men cannot get pregnant, what persons are they referring too.  

The only problem with all of this is that are many state and federal laws specifically in place to protect the rights of women.  If it is impossible to define the term woman, what happens to these laws.  Since Judge Jackson is likely to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, the notion that she refused to define the term woman will invite many lawsuits that could come before the court.  Men of various sexual orientations may sue to get in on the act so to speak.  If women are given some sort of preferential rights by a law, is it logical that some men may demand the same rights.  Why not?  

It is already happening in sports competitions as transgender men are insisting on the right to compete in women's sports often denying women in those sports the ability to win the competition because men are usually bigger and stronger as a biological fact of life.  This has implications related to scholarships and other financial benefits that come from winning a competition.  It is very unfair to women, yet we don't hear much from the radical left that usually defends women's rights.  

Where is this all going.  Employers must worry about Employment Practice lawsuits alleging discrimination of one sort or another and or sexual harassment.  University admissions are now monitored to insure diversity.  Forget about beauty pageants, they are not PC anyway.  Just when women seemed to gain various protections by law, inability to define the term woman threatens all that has been gained.  How can this be good for women, or persons with a vulva?   

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