Wednesday, March 16, 2022

All Out War In Ukraine & The Green New Deal

With the weapons systems we are providing Ukraine, we will see all out war in Ukraine.  Putin is a War Criminal.  If he gets desperate enough, Putin will use chemical weapons and or tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.  Those must be a line in the sand that the world's nations can't ignore.  Giving Ukraine fighter jets is not so much the issue; but instead giving them mobile missiles that will allow an offensive capability to strike Russia must be the outcome if Putin goes nuclear in Ukraine.  Putin is already using cluster bombs that are just short of nuclear and a violation of the Geneva Convention.

In the meantime, Socialist Fascist Green New Deal radicals in the United States are speaking out against American Energy Independence.  These lunatics actually want Biden to stop all drilling on federal lands not just stop all new leases.  They want to pay people in the US Energy subsidies as have been necessary in Europe for a long time because people can't afford to heat their homes or buy gas for their cars.  Getting the price of gas to $8 or $10 a gallon has always been part of their plan to force people to buy expensive electric cars.  Obama said as much years ago when he was running for President.  The only problem with their Socialist Scheme is that without natural gas and nuclear energy, there would not be the power needed to plug in electric cars.  Today, only 3% of Americans drive electric cars.  If that number went up dramatically, the grid would crash.  

Switching to non carbon energy would be a 50 - 100 year process and only possible with new technologies.  Solar and Wind alone will not power a modern economy.   And, besides solar panels and wind turbines are made in China.  Great for them, bad for us.  Matter of fact, the Green New Deal is especially great for China.  It is the equivalent of surrendering our country to China and about as dumb as it gets.  

Let us hope that Republicans take back control of the Congress and the Presidency to make the US energy independent one again.  The war in Ukraine demonstrates that energy independence is a national security issue.  We have to cancel Socialist Fascists and the sooner the better because their America Last policies are destroying our country.  

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