Sunday, March 20, 2022

Refugee Crisis In Europe

More than 3 million people from Ukraine have escaped the war in their country into surrounding NATO and other nations.  We have never seen a refugee crisis in Europe this big since World War II.  First, Russian assets wherever they are in the world must be seized to help deal with these people because they will need food, shelter and all sorts of assistance.  As the war continues, there are likely to be many more Ukrainians leaving their country.  Many of these people are women and young children as sons, fathers and grandfathers have stayed behind to fight the Russian military.  Sadly, many of these women will end up as widows as their husbands are killed in the war.  

The United States should offer permanent refugee status to any that have relatives in the US who can sponsor them.  The rest of these refugees should be dispersed throughout Europe.  Again first choices should be countries where there are relatives to receive them.  Many want to stay nearby to Ukraine in the event they can go back home; but that may not be realistic.  Those that are Muslim should be sent to Turkey, the nearest Muslim nation.  

It is clear that a plan must be organized by the United Nations and or the EU to deal with millions of Ukrainian refugees.  Countries like Poland are overwhelmed.  They just can't take any more since 2 million are already in their country.  Sending some to Baltic states, Finland, Moldova and Georgia on the front lines with Russia makes perfect sense to increase their populations.  These moves may end up being permanent or for a very long time if Russia succeeds in taking over Ukraine.  These poor people need a plan now so they know what lies ahead.  This is a job for the United Nations.  

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