Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Putin, His Generals & Government - War Criminals

It is time to name Vladimir Putin, his Generals and Members of the Russian Government responsible for the slaughter in Ukraine as War Criminals.  What is happening in Ukraine, the killing of innocent civilians, women and children and the destruction of historic cities is a crime against humanity.  And, no matter how long it takes these War Criminals must be charged and prosecuted with War Crimes.  Ultimately, some of them should be tried and executed as happened after World War II to both German and Japanese War Criminals guilty of heinous crimes.  

These Russians must become pariah unable to travel or leave Russia and if they do leave Russia they must be captured and brought to justice.  Any assets they have outside Russia must be confiscated and provided to Ukraine in both military and humanitarian assistance.  The world cannot tolerate a repeat of what happened in World War II when about 85 million people died as a result of evil dictator's actions.  We are seeing history repeated in Ukraine that suffered greatly at the hands of both Hitler and Stalin.  It is just unbelievable that it is happening again.  

The Russian people need to rise up to stop this tragedy.  Putin needs to be removed from office.    Just imagine if Hitler had been assassinated in 1938 before he caused World War II in Europe.  Millions of lives would have been saved including 20 million Russian lives lost in World War II.  So here we are again. 

If Putin is allowed to succeed in Ukraine, next he will go after Moldava, Belarus, the rest of Georgia and other countries that used to be part of the old Soviet Union.  Putin's real goal to take back the Baltic Countries that are all part of NATO.  That would be the beginning of World War III and nuclear war.  We just can't let that happen.  The best way to stop it is to end Putin one way or another.  Better that one evil dictator should die if necessary than millions of innocent people.  

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