Monday, March 21, 2022

Protecting Houses Of Worship - New Federal Government Program At Taxpayer Expense

Sadly, Churches, Temples and Mosques are often targets of deranged Terrorists.  There is no doubt that all of them need additional security to protect their members and facilities.  So, the federal government and taxpayers have come to the rescue.  The latest federal program just doled out more than $500 million in grants capped at $450,000 each to pay for security systems, staff, fencing etc to harden several thousand Houses of Worship.  As a devout Catholic Christian,  I have to wonder why is the taxpayer on the hook for these costs.  We already spend billions of dollars every year on the FBI, Department of Justice, Homeland Security and local and state law enforcement to protect us all including Houses of Worship.  

I can see this train coming.  This $500 million program will turn into Billions of dollars every year going  to Houses of Worship to pay for security.  Whatever happened to separation of church and state.  The cost for security should be the responsibility of the members of a church, temple or mosque not the taxpayers at large.  Many mega churches in Texas, including Catholic churches have private security; guys carrying guns to protect their members.  They are conspicuous.  They look like FBI agents complete with ear pieces.  And, they are definitely packing heat.  No doubt should anyone threaten their Members with a gun, they will see the devil that day.

Federal Government spending is completely out of control.  A billion dollars in spending is chump change.  The only problem is that we are now $30 Trillion in debt with no end in sight.  Politicians of both parties keep adding new programs without any concern for the cost.   The cost to protect Houses of Worship should be borne by members of the Church, Temple or Mosque.  It is just a cost of doing business today.  We don't need another new government program to deal with this issue.  

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