Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Biden's State Of The Union - Not So Good

The irony is that the Putin saved Joe Biden for purposes of his State of the Union speech by attacking Ukraine.  Biden spent about 30 minutes of an hour talking about the world response to the tragedy in Ukraine.  The good news is that most countries are supporting Ukraine by imposing major sanctions against Russia.  There is still a pretty good chance that NATO will get dragged into the mess in Ukraine; but this week anyway Biden was able to say US soldiers will not be fighting in Ukraine.  We will see what happens in the weeks ahead, if the Russian Generals and the Oligarchs don't take Putin down first because Putin is likely to strike out against the US and our Allies one way or another in response and then all bets are off.  

Biden is suddenly for funding the police, really! Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) have spent the last several years demeanizing the police.   But Biden has been told that "defunding the police" does not poll well ahead of the midterm elections.  So for now anyway, Biden, Schumer and Pelosi must throw AOC and her Squad under the bus because they know that "defunding the police" is a loser with the crime rate and murders surging all over the country.  And, then there was the Big Lie that the Trump tax cuts only benefited the rich.  That is simply not true.  Everybody who pays taxes got a tax cut.  Biden has already been awarded several Pinocchio's for that Big Lie.  Naturally, the 50% of Americans who pay no income taxes, Democrat voters, did not get a tax cut.  How can someone get a tax cut who pays no income taxes.  

Biden bragged about companies bringing back manufacturing to America.  In some cases that is true because of the Trump Tax Cuts that Biden wants to eliminate.  When Trump cut the corporate income tax down to 21%, it became competitive with the world.  Trump highlighted Intel building new chip plants in Ohio; which is good; but what he failed to say is that Intel is also building new chip plants in Germany.  What is even more important is that Taiwan Semiconductor, the largest chip company in the world is investing $35 billion in Peoria, Arizona outside Phoenix to build 5 chip plants there because they fear the invasion of Taiwan by China now that Biden is President.  

So Biden continues to push his Build Back Broke Plans that are going nowhere while saying nothing about the invasion by illegal aliens at our border, or his war on parents at school board meetings.  And, he talked alot about the Infrastructure Bill that is mostly Green New Deal crap that will kill jobs.  There was nothing in Biden's speech about dealing with Inflation that can only occur if the US is energy independent again.  We heard no Drill Baby Drill from Biden because he prefers that we import 8 million barrels a day from other countries including Russia than produce oil and gas ourselves. Biden and his pals do not care if gas goes to $6 a barrel because it is part of their Green New Deal Scheme to kill the oil and gas industry in the US.  

So, with drugs no doubt and an adult diaper, Biden got through the night.  Biden's State of the Union speech lasted about an hour.  Afterwards, I am sure they gave Biden some warm milk and a sleeping pill to put him to bed.  

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