Saturday, March 5, 2022

Public Education Is Broken - We Have To Act Now To Save It

When half the kids in the United States cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids in particular are way below grade level, we have proof that public education is broken.  Since 90% of kids in our country go to public schools, we cannot continue to ignore this crisis.  As a former teacher with the background, experience and credentials to be a School Superintendent, I could look the other way since my grandchildren are all in award winning Christian Private Schools, but I know that the we will never be able to compete with China if public education stinks as it does today.  It is really a national security issue; just like the need for the United States to be Energy Independent, which a whole different blog post.  And, those who say it is about money are full of boloney.  We spend more on public education than any other country in the world yet achieve mediocre results at best.  

We have two choices.  We can just give up on our public schools and fight for School Choice so that poor and middle class parents can get their kids out of failing public schools into private schools, the same as the rich have done for years.  Or, we can fight like hell to improve the quality of education in our public schools, which means battling the teacher unions who control public schools and many School Boards and Administrators.  My contention is that we must do both.

First, we absolutely need School Choice to create competition with public schools or those in charge will never be motivated to improve the quality of education.  Losing students to private schools means losing taxpayers dollars that allows Administrators and teachers to continue feeding at the trough.  It is not just about current earnings; but most important about fat pensions that provide a lot more benefit than Social Security entitlements.  Teachers and Administrators often retire at full salary after working 25 or more years in the system so there is big money at stake.  

Second, we must be prepared to battle teacher unions to put the reforms in place, all of which they oppose, which are desperately needed to improve the quality of education in our country.  We need far more accountability, an end to teacher tenure to make it easier to fire bad teachers, back to basics education, merit pay for great teachers, meaningful metrics to measure academic achievement and competent administrative management all of which are not happening today. 

Further, we have to get back to actually educating children rather than woke Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history, 1619 Project and LGBTQIA indoctrination that is happening in many of our public schools today.  That means removing from office School Board Members and Administrators pushing this BS.  But remember, they are owned lock stock and barrel by the teachers unions as are all Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ).  It is no coincidence that about 50% of the delegates at the Democrat Convention for President every four years are public school teachers.  Teacher unions contribute millions of dollars to Democrat campaigns including for School Board to keep taxpayer dollars flowing to them.  Whose bread they eat whose song they sing, which is why reforms necessary to improve quality education just do not happen.  Socialist Fascists don't care about kids.  They do care about those fat pensions.  

We have to act now to save public education or it is doomed to the ash heap of American history.  Even if we are designated as "Domestic Terrorists" for speaking up at School Board meetings as the Socialist Fascists are attempting to do, we must fight like hell to save public education.  The clock is ticking.  Every day that goes by does more harm to kids in public schools.  What we are seeing is criminal malpractice by those running our public schools.  Many of these culprits must be removed from office or fired.  They have to go if we are to save our public schools.  

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