Sunday, March 6, 2022

Time For A Constitutional Convention To Take Back Our Country

Article V of the US Constitution allows the people through their State Legislatures to call a Constitutional Convention to propose Amendments to the Constitution.  Our Founders knew that one day this would be necessary.  Given the sorry state of our nation and the corruption we see in the DC Swamp, the time has arrived for this to happen.  It takes two thirds of the state legislatures or 34 states to call the Convention and three quarters of the states or 38 states to ratify any Amendments proposed at the Convention.  There are three areas that require Amendments that should be added to our US Constitution. 

First, we need a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment because politicians of both parties have proven that they cannot be trusted to limit government spending as we now have a $30 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight until fiscal collapse finally comes.  We are spending more than a trillion dollars a year than the government takes in.  Politician's in the Swamp speak of a billion dollars as though it is chump change.  Those in power for decades feeding at the trough are addicted to government spending because it is their way of buying votes to stay in power.  It has to stop. 

Second, the people must limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government in favor of state's rights and rights that belong to the people.  Presidents of both parties use Executive Orders like dictators to control our lives.  There are various federal departments that could be eliminated.  Our right to privacy and various freedoms must be further codified.  What happened with Covid is the best case of federal government overreach in the history of our country.  Thousands of businesses were destroyed.  Kids lost two years of school.  People lost jobs because they would not bend to the government's will.  We must never allow this to happen again.  

Third, we desperately need Congressional Term Limits.  6 terms for the House or 12 years.  Two terms for the Senate or 12 years.  Currently, we have politicians of both parties that have been in office for 30 or more years.  Somehow, they all end up as millionaires during their term in office.  How is this possible given their annual salaries and the need to maintain two homes.  The answer is simple.  CORRUPTION.  The hundred companies that control 50% of our GDP own these politicians.  They love them all feeding at the trough for years because they can control them.  The reason the Deep State hates Donald Trump and is determined to this day to destroy him is because they cannot not control him.  Since those feeding at the trough will never support term limits, WE THE PEOPLE must make it happen at a Constitutional Convention.  It is the only way to limit the CORRUPTION in the DC state; though it won't eliminate it.  Whose Bread They Eat Whose Song They Sing.  It will take jail time to stop the corruption. 

In any case, WE THE PEOPLE must take back our country if we are going to have a country.  It is time for a Constitutional Convention to deal with the abuses we see in the system.  This remedy is designed to prevent the need for another Resolution.  It is time to press our state legislatures to make it happen.  

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