Friday, March 11, 2022

Congress Enacts $1.5 Trillion Spending Plan

In a bipartisan vote of 68 to 31, the Senate enacted a $1.5 Trillion spending plan to fund the federal government for the next year to avoid a government shut down.  In the usual deal with the Devil, the Republicans got $782 Billion for Defense spending and the Socialists got $730 Billion for domestic entitlement programs.  The rest is miscellaneous chump change.  Of course, most of this will be deficit spending adding to our $30 Trillion National Debt. 

This will end with the financial collapse of the United States.  It is inevitable.  When that happens all bets are off.  We could see the dissolution of the United States as Red States will want out.  This budget contains tons of pork and corruption pay off's.  This is just business as usual in the DC swamp.  The only way to stop it is with a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment, Limits on federal government overreach and term limits.  To get there, we need a Constitutional Convention.  Two thirds of the states can call the convention by a vote of their legislatures.  It then take three fourths of the state legislatures to ratify any Amendments coming out of the convention.

There is no other way to save our nation.  We can't count on elected officials of either party in the DC Swamp to restrain spending.  It just won't happen because corruption is how they stay in power.   It has never been worse.   The 100 global companies that control 50% of our GDP do billions of dollars in government business so they buy the politicians to make it happen.   They are all feeding at the trough at taxpayer expense. 

The federal government is broken.  It is nothing but waste, fraud and abuse.  And, now the FBI, CIA, IRS and DOJ are in business to spy on American citizens who voice dissent.  While BLM and Antifa Terrorists rioted, looted and burned down cities with no consequence, law abiding citizens that push back on Government overreach are now subject to arrest and prosecution.  There is something very wrong with this picture.  

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