Sunday, March 27, 2022

Threats To Freedom & Democracy In America

Everybody knows that countries like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and others do not have a Bill of Rights.  Their people do not have the right to Free Speech, Religion, Press or the right to Bear Arms as we theoretically do in the United States.  I say theoretically because we face threats to our freedom and democracy in the United States like never before.  Socialist Fascists in our country insist on adherence to their party line and radical left wing ideology under threat of being cancelled or even fired from a job.  These Socialist Fascists in government, public schools and universities, Fake News, Hollywood, big Tech and other big companies have adopted the tenets of Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist fake history and 1619 Project along with radical LGBTQIA ideology.  They are pro-abortion, anti gun rights and anti-faith and traditional family.  They support open borders and are against American Energy Independence.  Many of these Socialist Fascists hate America and deny our great history.  

Half the country that does not agree with their radical Socialist Marxist anti-American ideology and agenda are often called racists, homophobic, misogynists, White Supremacists, Deplorables, Domestic Terrorists, Insurrectionists and lots of other names in an attempt to cancel and silence those of us that refuse to follow their party line.  So how is this different than what is happening in authoritarian countries.  

And, God forbid any of us should call for election integrity to make sure those voting are casting legal votes.  We saw what happened in 2020 and we believe that the election was stolen from President Trump in some key states that did away with voter identification and mailed out millions of unsolicited ballots that went to the dead and people no longer living in various states.  Socialist Fascists used Covid as an excuse to do away with the ballot chain of custody and then used ballot harvesting funded by Mark Zuckerberg to cast illegal votes that made a difference in a handful of key states.  Even saying such things is cause for investigation by the corrupt FBI and retaliation by the Deep State.  

We are living in dangerous times.  If half the country gives up on our democracy, it will lead to civil strife because our nation has never been more divided since the Civil War.  We will not be cancelled or silenced.  We are not going away.  We will work to take back our country from these Socialist Fascists that threaten our freedoms and democracy.  This struggle is far from over.  

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