Monday, March 21, 2022

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson - Qualified But Wrong On The Issues

Joe Biden's nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is very qualified, but wrong on the issues not because she is a Black Woman, but because she is a left wing Socialist who is soft on crime and will vote to limit our First and Second Amendment rights.  Jackson also supports unlimited abortion right up until birth and even after, which is why anyone who is pro-life must oppose her appointment.  Jackson supports a "Living Constitution" rather than the Constitution as written, which means she will be an activist judge who makes laws on the bench rather than just interprets laws as written by Congress.  Even so, thankfully we will not see the Socialist circus we saw when Kavanaugh and Barrett were appointed by President Trump.  The Socialist behaviors we saw during those confirmation hearing were nothing short of disgraceful!

Of course, no matter who Biden appointed, the person would have had this same profile so in that sense it really does not matter than Jackson is the nominee.  The good news is that she is replacing a Socialist judge so it will not change the balance on the court. Jackson is representative of identity politics.  She is not an affirmative action appointment because she is genuinely qualified; but Biden announced his intention to appoint a Black woman to the court during the campaign.  Imagine if Biden had said he was determined to appoint a White Man to the court.  There would have been incredible uproar.  Again, the problem with the Jackson appointment has nothing to do with her being a Black woman.  In fact, she is very smart and likable with a great American dream story.  She has been appointed to reflect "the face of America" as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.  Blacks make up 13% of the population.  Hispanics make up 26% of the population if it matters.  

There is already a Black man on the court; but of course Justice Thomas is a conservative devout Catholic man so he does not count.  If anything, Biden should probably have appointed another Hispanic to the court to play the identity politics game; but again none of it matters.  Who ever Biden appointed would have had the same Socialist profile voting the same way.  All of this is very predictable.  On that basis certainly no Republican should vote for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, again not because she is a Black woman, or any other Socialist; but no doubt some of them will ignore their principles and vote for her in spite of her judicial history.  At least Judge Jackson is smart with a great personal story and family and she claims to believe in God.  We shall see about that in her rulings.  How can someone who professes to believe in God support abortion infanticide, the devil's work.  

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