Thursday, March 31, 2022

Causing Gender Confusion In Children - Criminal Malpractice

There are school teachers and administrators supported by teacher unions and the Biden Administration causing gender confusion in children to advance their radical LGBTQIA agenda. This is not about being anti-Gay or homophonic as they would allege.  This is about completely inappropriate activity that is happening in classrooms in many areas across the country.  Teachers telling children as young as Kindergarten that is does not matter if they were born a boy or a girl assuming they are even using those words and that they can choose to be whatever sex they want to be is criminal malpractice. 

So much so that the state of Florida has made it illegal to discuss any kind of sexual issues in grades K - 3 because this is when kids should be focused on primary colors and learning to read not sexual orientation that may become obvious later in life.  Calling these laws Don't Say Gay Laws is absurd.  No doubt other Red States will soon pass similar common sense laws.  For the most part these inappropriate teacher and administrator behaviors are happening in woke public schools; but teachers and administrators in some woke private schools are also practicing this inappropriate gender screening.  Parents need to file litigation not only against school districts and school board members allowing these things to happen, but also against specific teachers and administrators abusing their children.  

And, now we learn that in some areas, teachers and administrators are actually giving young children powerful prescription hormones to block puberty in kids that they believe and or encourage to be transgender or otherwise LGBTQIA without parental permission or knowledge.  In fact, these same teachers are telling kids to hide their sexual orientations from their parents.  First, what doctors are participating in this activity by prescribing these drugs without parental permission.  And second, all of this is criminal malpractice and child abuse.  Teachers, Administrators and Doctors doing this should be prosecuted for child abuse and lose their state licenses and jobs.  

A school nurse in Connecticut blew the whistle on this activity in a Facebook post without naming specific children or teachers and administrators involved in this activity and now she has been suspended from her job in a public school district.  Some Blue States like Washington and others are actually passing laws allowing this sort of thing to happen without parental knowledge or consent.  There are even some woke parents approving mutilation sex change operations for their children at a very young age.  This is sick.  None of this should be happening until a person reaches adulthood and can give personal consent, since it is not usually reversible.  Texas has enacted a law to stop this from happening that is now in the courts.  

States must step in and make many of these practices illegal resulting in jail time and very high fines for anyone who implements these activities.  This obsession by Socialist Fascists and their supporters with the radical LGBTQIA agenda has reached a level of crazy in our country.  Certainly, all people have a right to be whatever sexual orientation is their destiny. But school teachers and administrators, not qualified to deal with these issues should not promote a particular sexual orientation and or must be prevented by law from interfering in parental rights.  When I was a school teacher years ago, we were not allowed to give a kid an aspirin without parental approval let alone powerful prescription hormones.  Trip slips signed by parents were required any time we took a kid off campus.  Teachers did not discuss their personal sexual orientation with children one way or the other and there were openly Gay teachers back then too.  We were there to teach not indoctrinate.  

At a time when half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level, it is clear that public education and even some private schools have lost their way.  While schools should teach tolerance of all differences not just sexual orientation to prevent bullying that is real, gender screening and promoting the radical LGBTQIA agenda at very young ages crosses many lines.  Teachers and Administrators causing gender confusion in very young children is just plain wrong and should be illegal.  Woke school board members permitting and or encouraging such activity in adopted curriculum must be removed from office.  

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