Wednesday, March 16, 2022

World War Three May Be Coming

Both World War I and World War II did not begin on the day the Archduke of Austria was assassinated in Sarajevo to begin World War I, or the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, or Hitler attacked Poland,which began World War II.  Those events were just the sparks that finally lit the fire that resulted in two world wars.  Both World Wars were long in coming as great powers confronted each other on land and sea over many issues that were contentious long before the actual hot wars began.

So here we are again.  Putin cannot ultimately be allowed to win in Ukraine because if he is successful, he  will attack other former Soviet Republics and eventually the Baltic countries and Poland, the latter of which are all part of NATO.  If these things happen at some point NATO will get dragged into a hot war with Russia,which could go nuclear.  It may be that if Putin uses chemical, or tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine that NATO and other countries will be forced to act to stop Putin.  If Putin is losing in Ukraine combined with Western destruction of the Russian economy, he will get desperate and go for broke, which would mean the complete annihilation of Ukraine.  Western countries cannot allow that to happen. 

And, then there is China.  If Putin were to succeed in Ukraine, China would be emboldened to attack Taiwan, which could result in a bigger war in Asia.  The good news is that China is seeing the economic disaster that is destroying the Russian economy.  Though China has more leverage, major sanctions would retard their economic growth.  They fear uprisings in their country that would come from economic upheaval so just maybe they are thinking twice about attacking Taiwan despite all the bluster.   There is more to lose than to gain from taking over Taiwan. 

Clearly, there is a lot more at stake in Ukraine than just Ukraine.  If history is our teacher, we could be headed toward World War III and Mutually Assured Destruction, which we assumed would never happen because the devastation would be so great.  However, unless the Russian people remove Putin Dead or Alive,  we could face the armageddon predicted in the Bible.  Many Christians believe we are living in the End Times.  Let us hope they are wrong.  I for one don't want to see Jesus just yet.  

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