Monday, March 28, 2022

Joe Biden & The Perfect Storm Dumpster Fire

Since Joe Biden took office we have gone from one crisis to another.  We could attribute it to bad luck, but unfortunately Presidents must take responsibility for the crap they create.  When Trump left office, the United States was energy independent for the first time in decades.  We actually were exporting oil and natural gas because we had more than we could use in the United States.  Biden screwed that all up by waging his war on carbon energy on day one by issuing many executive orders that were detrimental to the oil and gas industries.  Naturally production has fallen. 

Since so many of the problems we face today stem from Biden's actions to push the Green New Deal at the expense of carbon energy,  we now have gas prices at $5 a gallon or much more in many parts of the country.  The cost of energy is baked into everything we do, buy, eat etc and as a result the cost of everything is going through the roof.  Inflation will top 10% this year, which means the Federal Reserve will be forced to raise interest rates.  So credit card, car loans, home loans etc will cost the consumer much more as rates go up.  

Cuts in energy production in the US emboldened Putin to attack Ukraine because Putin knew oil and gas prices would go up dramatically to fund his dirty little war because Biden stopped a lot of energy production in the United States.  Europe is so dependent on Russian oil and gas that even with various sanctions, they can't stop buying oil and natural gas from Russia.  This is giving Putin the money he needs to fund the savage attack on Ukraine. 

Next, we now have an open border.  More than 2 million illegal aliens have come into our country in the last 12 months with no end in sight.  Almost more important are all the illegal drugs coming into the United States, which is resulting in thousands of deaths from drug overdoses.  In addition, the murder rate all over the country is skyrocketing as crime is out of control.  And, the departure from Afghanistan was a national disgrace emboldening our enemies.  

We face one crisis after another under Joe Biden.  Biden is one big perfect storm and dumpster fire.  Let's just hope that China is not emboldened to attack Taiwan.  They see a weak and feeble Joe Biden so maybe now China will miscalculate and attack.  Biden's approval rating is around 40%.  All of sudden President Trump is looking pretty good.  Let's Go Brandon!!

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