Monday, November 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton Proposes A Trillion Dollars In New Spending

In order to play to the base of the Socialist Party, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is proposing a Trillion Dollars in new government spending for Infrastructure and Entitlements over the next ten years.  This at a time when Social Security and Medicare are headed toward insolvency with 78 million Baby Boomers retiring.  At the same time, ObamaCare numbers with expanded Medicaid were all smoke and mirrors.  The cost for ObamaCare, assuming it is not repealed sooner, is likely to be a Trillion dollars more than originally projected.

And, Hilly says she can do all this new spending by just closing some loopholes on business and raising taxes on the top 3% of income earners.  Really!! The top 3% of earners already pay most of the income taxes in our country, while a majority of Americans pay none.  When Obama thankfully leaves office, our National Debt will be $20 Trillion with no end in sight on the books.  There is local, state and federal unfunded liability for perhaps as much as another $150 Trillion for public employee pensions and all the borrowing that has been going on for years.  The total assets of all wealth in the country is about $120 Trillion.  If everything everyone owns, including monies in the bank, were confiscated, it would not be enough to deal with all this Debt. 

One of the reasons Socialists, never stop talking about Climate Change is that they want to tax carbon as a new source of government revenues.  They know that they can't tax Americans enough to do everything they want to do in Entitlements to keep buying votes, so a Carbon Tax is the answer.  Only problem is that a carbon tax will hit the poor and middle class the hardest, since the higher cost of utilities that would be the end result of a carbon tax, would be passed on to all Americans.   It is also a job killer so even more people on Welfare and Food Stamps. 

So when Hillary Clinton talks about a Trillion Dollars in new spending in the next ten years, hold on to your wallets because one way or another she is coming after you to pay for this new spending.  But more important, the country will face economic collapse long before because no where in this plan is there any way to pay off our National Debt and or to deal with all the unfunded liability that currently exists.  Buy Gold and Real Estate because at some point the FEDS will have to start printing worthless money to cover Entitlements.  There is no other way.  And, when that happens, we will see very high inflation and interest rates, which again will hit the poor and the middle class the worst. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

NSA Ends Collection of Bulk Phone Records

Legal authority for the National Security Agency to collect the phone records of all Americans, without a search warrant, recently ended.  So, at least this aspect of spying on all Americans in the name of protecting us from Terrorism is over for now.  I am quite sure that Big Brother is watching in other ways that are not quite as public.  Now the NSA must get a Search Warrant from a judge to pursue phone records from the telecommunications companies, which is in accordance with the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, prohibiting illegal searches and seizures.

It was overreach that ended this program, as both Socialists and some Conservative Republicans, though not all, would not vote to extend this authority.  However, to be sure, if there is another Terrorist attack on our Homeland, there will be another push to violate our rights in the name of National Security.  But here is the problem.  As a result of Political Correctness, which includes Socialist President Obama's refusal to use the words Radical Islamic Terrorist in the same sentence, we do not have Terrorist Profiling, which is what should be happening.  And, it would be easy to do.

Radical Islamic Terrorists, willing to die in the name of Allah, in order to murder innocent Christian's Jews, Muslims that don't adhere to their form of Islam and other peoples of other faiths, or no faiths, tend to have the same profile.  They are relatively young men and women, perhaps 16 - 35, often jobless, of Middle Eastern origins and from other Muslim countries.  Even if they are now American citizens, many of them have traveled to the Middle East where they have been radicalized.   They may frequent Radical Islamic Websites that can be traced.  They may attend Radical Islamic Mosques in the United States. 

While theoretically anybody can be a Terrorist and Yes we sometimes have mentally deranged individuals that murder in the name of a particular cause, the threat we are facing from Radical Islam that results in Terrorist Attacks is coming from people having this profile.  So, obviously, the US Federal Government should keep track of these potential Terrorists by getting the proper search warrants, from a Judge, to monitor not only their phone activity; but all their activities.   And, if it is determined that anyone is participating in a Terrorist Plot, or conspiring to commit an act of Terrorism, they should be arrested and charged with a crime and if convicted sent to jail.  

Radical Islamic Profiling is necessary to protect our Homeland.  Law abiding Muslims have nothing to fear from this process, particularly if they don't fit the profile.  However, it is just common sense that to prevent Islamic Radical Terrorism, we must profile Islamic Radical Terrorists.  Well dah!!    

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Obama's Climate Change Deal Will Be Unconstitutional

Socialist President Obama is going to Paris to meet with other countries to forge a Climate Change Deal that will likely be unconstitutional if the President puts this deal in place, which is really a Treaty, without Senate approval to make it binding.  Of course, the Constitution has never stopped Obama before as we saw with his Executive Amnesty Program that two courts have already ruled unconstitutional.  So now, this Executive Order is going to the Supreme Court.   Other countries need to recognize that without the approval of the Senate as required for a formal Treaty, the next President can simply strike down Obama's Executive order nullifying this deal. 

Further, even before then, if Obama attempts to impose his will on the people and the states with out Senate approval, you can bet we will see another lawsuit by Republican Attorney Generals challenging this Climate Change job killer.   Obama, the Constitutional Law Professor, just does not seem to understand the Separation of Powers in our Constitution, which was supposed to prevent a dictatorship.   And, the Supreme Court, over the years has ceded much to much power to the Presidency, allowing Presidents to rule by Executive Order, rather than seek Congressional approval and also allowing unaccountable bureaucrats to make laws by regulations, 2000 more of which were  added by Obamanistas this month alone.

If these deals and Executive Orders are allowed to stand, we don't need Congress at all.  The Republican Controlled Congress has sent Obama letters telling him that his Climate Change Schemes will not be funded; but apparently the President doesn't seem to care.  I guess Obama can just print money to fund his job killers.   He has been doing it for 7 years.  We are losing our Democracy because the Republicans in Congress don't have the guts to stand up to our first Black President.  If a Republican President were doing the things Obama is doing, you can bet Socialists in Congress would be calling for Impeachment and gutless Establishment Republicans would probably go along to get along.

Obama will be most dangerous during in his last year in office because the clock is ticking until January 20, 2017 when Obama will thankfully be gone.  Obama will attempt to do anything and everything he can on his own, without Congressional approval, daring Republicans in Congress to close down the government to stop him.  Republicans already gave Obama a blank check during the most recent budget deal that will result in our National Debt at $20 Trillion by the time Obama leaves office.  This was RINO former Speaker of the House Boehner's last shameful act before being pushed out of office.   

Most likely, the only way to stop Obama will be court challenges filed by Republican Attorney Generals that have the authority to do so, with or without, a Governor's approval.  The Republican controlled Congress has proven over and over again that they don't have the guts, or the brains to confront Dictator Obama. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Some Black Lives Matter in Chicago

Hundreds of Black Activists in Chicago protested the death of Laquan McDonald, a troubled Black 17 year old, carrying a knife in the middle of the street, on a rampage breaking into cars, while on drugs.   McDonald was shot dead by Police Officer Jason Van Dyke, using 16 shots to end his life, under what appears to be questionable circumstances.  For political reasons, Chicago Mayor Raum Emanuel waited over a year to indict this police officer for First Degree Murder.  Emanuel did not want the video, or this case brought to light until after his reelection.  Whether this officer is proven guilty or not the Black community has a right to be angry about the delay in filing charges for political reasons. 

However, apparently only some Black lives matter in Chicago because on an annual basis 400 - 500 Blacks are killed by other Blacks usually in the drug trade, or as a result of gang violence.  Nationally, about 9,000 Blacks are murdered each year and about 93% of the time the murderer is another Black man.  In one of the most tragic recent cases, 9 year old Tyshawn Lee was murdered, execution style, by gang members led by Corey Morgan in retaliation against this child's father, a rival gang member.  Morgan has been arrested and charged with First Degree Murder. 

First, it is pretty sad when Socialist Politicians have to apologize for saying that all lives matter, including the half a million or more lives of the unborn that are aborted every year.  And, no one justifies the killing of anyone in the pursuit of an arrest unless the police officer is truly threatened.  However, the Black Lives Movement seems to focus on just those cases where a Police officer of any color kills a Black person.  Of course, Black rage is more furious if the Police Officer happens to be White even if the killing is justified in the line of duty. 

There should be protests on the streets of Chicago and all other major US cities related to all the murders happening because of Black on Black crime, which is among the worst in the nation.  All lives matter because life is precious.  The problem in Socialist run Chicago is a whole lot bigger than just the relationship between the Police and the Black community.  It is time for Black Leaders in Chicago and all over the United States to deal with the truth related to Black on Black crime.  Until that happens, these murders and the incidents with Police Officers, trying to prevent them, will continue and continue.   

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Democratic National Committee Deep In Debt

The Democratic National Committee, the organization that is in place to elect Socialists, managed by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Smith of Florida, is deep in Debt.  While the Republican National Committee currently has $20 million in the bank and just $1.8 million in Debt, the Democratic National Committee has just $4.7 million in cash and is $6.9 million in Debt.  It appears that Wasserman-Smith is a very poor manager; but then again all Socialists have a problem controlling spending.  The RNC has taken in $89.3 million during this election cycle, while the DNC has taken in just $53.2 million. 

Of course, this could be a little deceptive since donors know that if they really want to buy influence with Hillary Clinton, they must donate to the Clinton Foundation and or pay Billy and Hilly for speaking engagements.  Matter of fact, from the time Hillary Clinton left office as Secretary of State to the time she announced that she is running for President, Billy and Hilly collected more than $35 million in speaking fees.  Not bad for an hour's work here and there before Wall Street Banks, Insurance and other companies.  And, this does not include the millions that were probably donated to the Clinton Foundation, the family business, as well.  This is the reason that the Clinton's are reported to be worth more than $200 million, all gained since Bill Clinton left office.  As Scarlet O'Hara said in Gone with the Wind, Hilly is never going to be hungry again.  Remember, Hillary Clinton claims that the Clinton's were "Dead Broke" when they left the White House, since they had to pay all those legal fees defending Bubba's shenanigan.  They sure aren't dead broke any more.   Yet, Billy and Hilly that have not driven a car themselves in more than 30 years claim to speak for the common man.   Go figure. 

In any case, the DNC is not well positioned to gain seats in Congress going into this election cycle.  Given Socialist President Obama's unpopularity, it says that the big money is betting that the Republicans will not only retain the Congress; but that they will also win the Presidency.   Let's face it. In American politics, given all the corruption and crony Capitalism, it is always "show me the money" and "pay to play".  Frankly, we probably don't even need to hold elections anymore.  Which every party, or candidate raises the most money usually wins the election.   We would save a lot of time, money and hoopla if we just compared candidate and political party bank books in each election cycle and awarded the election to those that raised the most money.  After all, whose bread they eat, whose song they sing. 

P.S. Donald Trump does not need anyone's money.  As a result, he marches to his own drum for better or worse, which is why he is doing so well in the polls. 

Thanksgiving - Time To Count Our Blessings

President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a National Holiday in 1863 during the Civil War.  Since then, the last Thursday of every November has been a time for family and friends to get together presumably to give thanks for our blessings.  Eating a turkey has become part of this tradition, since it is big enough for a family feast.  Of course this holiday, like all holidays in the US have been commercialized into a day to watch football and to begin the Holiday Shopping season.  Nevertheless everyone living in the United States, no matter what our circumstances, should give thanks for the blessings we share especially as we see a world in turmoil.  

Most important, whatever our material condition, we should give thanks for the freedom given us by our Founding Fathers.  When these citizen politicians came together to implement the Declaration of Independence and then the US Constitution, risking their lives and everything they owned, little did they know that they were creating the greatest nation ever conceived in human history.   They got it mostly right in our Constitution.   What they could have never imagined is the material wealth that would be created by the Free Market Capitalism they were creating in our Constitution that comes from the rule of law.   And, since they were citizen politicians forced to act by the repression they were experiencing at the time, they had no thoughts of politicians serving for life and the corruption that would result. 

So, our Founding Fathers failed to add two provisions to our Constitution that are badly needed today; Term Limits and a Balanced Budget Amendment both of which would help address the corruption we see in our Federal Government.   And, though the Bill of Rights is exactly right, our Founding Fathers could never have imagined that we would have to continue the fight to protect our freedoms from both foreign foes and from politicians and judges that act to restrict our rights, so that they can continue feeding at the trough. 

So, the fight goes on as we seek to secure a more perfect union that is not politically correct.  And, yet whatever it is today, we still should give Thanks for the greatness of our people and our country, even if our elected respresentatives have betrayed us time and again to benefit themselves. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Climate Change Summit - A Rebuke To Radical Islamic Terrorists - Really

Socialist President Obama recently said that the Climate Change Summit, that will occur in Paris is a rebuke to Radical Islamic Terrorists, presumably because the leaders of about 20 countries plan to travel to Paris for this meeting.  Really!!   Does Obama really think that Radical Islamic Terrorists that are murdering people all over the world, care at all about Climate Change.  These fanatics want to take the world back a thousand years to impose a Caliphate on all of us where the choice is either convert to their form of Islam, be murdered, or be enslaved.  Obama just refuses to accept the threat that we face from Radical Islam.  Remember, this is the guy that will not utter the words Radical Islam when speaks of the Terrorism we see happening all over the world. 

Matter of fact, since the leaders of 20 countries will all be in room in Paris to discuss Climate Change, if Obama had a brain in his head, he would instead use the opportunity to discuss the Coalition needed to combat and destroy Radical Islam to end these murders.  This would take one tenth of the effort, time and resources expended during World War II to destroy NAZI Germany and Japanese Fascism and afterward to destroy Communism in order to deal with Radical Islam.    How long are we going to let these Radical Islamic Fascists continue to wreak havoc on civilized nations.   Again, this is not a war between Christians and Radical Islam.  It is a war between all civilized nations and peoples of all faiths, or no faiths, against Radical Islam. 

It is time to roll the tanks in from Turkey, Iraq, Jordon etc to destroy the ISIS state and army estimated to be between 30,000 and 50,000 in Iraq and Syria.  And, if they take refuge in Libya, Afghanistan or anywhere else, they die there too.  What choice do we have.  Do we need to see more senseless murders in the Capitals of the world before civilized nations come together to destroy Radical Islam.     

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

US Intel Forced To Change Reports Concerning ISIS

Either someone high up at the Defense Department and or perhaps other agencies, or someone in the White House ordered US Intel to alter their reports to portray ISIS as "contained".  US Intel was ordered to "cut it out" when they properly portrayed the strength and or threat coming from ISIS.  Of course, the word is already out from Obamanistas that US Intel is not to use the words Radical Islam because none of this information fits the Obama narrative on Radical Islamic Fascist Terrorism.  And now, once again the Inspector General tells us that as was the case with the IRS and VA Scandals, emails and documents showing this cover up paper trail have been destroyed to protect the guilty.

Clearly, Socialist President Obama has been ignoring all the advice he has been given by his advisers and the military concerning Syria and Iraq and the ISIS threat we face because Obama refuses to accept the fact that Radical Islam is at War with the civilized world.  Socialist President Hollande is telling Obama that NATO must confront this threat in accordance with NATO's provisions that requires military action when a NATO country is attacked by another country.  ISIS has declared itself a nation within Iraq and Syria.  This is not just another Terrorist group, though clearly they are committing Terrorist acts; but rather the attack on Paris was an Act of War, requiring a full retaliatory response and the destruction of the Radical Islamic enemy.

It is important to recognize that a good percentage of Muslims around the world support Radical Islam, which requires either the conversion of the Infidels, namely us and even Muslims that do not adhere to their perverted, evil form of Islam, or our murder, or enslavement.  This is not a war between Christians and Muslims; but rather a war between peoples of all faiths, or no faiths and Radical Islam and this would include the majority of Muslims that do not support Radical Islam. 

There is now a Congressional Investigation into this US Intel Scandal, one of many Scandals added to the list during Obama's years in office.  This Scandal involves the National Security of the United States and our allies around the world.  If not for the Whistle Blowers that came forward to expose this US Intel Scandal, the American people would not know that they have been forced to Cook The Books, just like in the VA, or IRS Scandals to protect the guilty.  Whether feckless Obama likes it or not, we need the truth and nothing but the truth, rare during the Obama years, from US Intel to properly protect our nation from the threats we face from ISIS and other nations that are not our friends.  Hopefully, Congress will get the truth before we see another attack on our Homeland.       


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Donald Trump - Crippled America - Read The Book

All Americans should read Donald Trump's Book, Crippled America - How To Make America Great Again.  If you do, you will see that Trump clearly outlines the problems that we face both within the United States and around the world.  In doing so, Trump is voicing what most Americans see and feel concerning our economy, the social fabric of our nation and the threats we face from overseas.  Donald Trump then goes on to provide common sense, thoughtful solutions to deal with all the issues we face.

Establishment politicians, of both political parties, that have been feeding at the trough for years, will discount Trump's logical assertions, which is precisely the reason none of them should be elected President and all of them should be thrown out of office.  The fact is that Establishment politicians have caused all the problems that we face and will never be able to "Make America Great Again" because they are part of the problem rather than the solution.

It is going to take an outsider with a proven track record of success to get our country back on track.  This businessman Blogger has managed through at least three recessions, the highest and lowest mortgage interest rates in American history, the Dot.Com Bust, 9/11, the Fiscal Collapse in the last several years and high taxes and crazy regulations; yet my business is still standing 25 years later.   On a much bigger scale, Donald Trump has managed through these same factors and his company and brand are bigger today than ever.   We need this kind of hard knocks, tested experience to "Make America Great Again".   Only someone like Donald Trump is in a position to implement the kind of change needed to prevent the economic collapse of the United States and save the American Dream for all of us.  A Trump - Cruz Republican ticket might be just what we need to "Make America Great Again". 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Obama Deporting Iraqi Christians

At the same time that Socialist President Obama is allowing Syrian Muslim Refugees to enter our country, some of whom may be ISIS Terrorists, since we cannot really Vet these people, the Obama Justice Department is in the process of deporting 27 Iraqi Christians, sponsored by churches in San Diego, that came into our country without documentation from Mexico.  To be sure, these Iraqi Christians, seeking Refugee Status are illegal aliens, just like the Mexicans and others that come across our border every day.  The difference is that these Iraqi Christians are fleeing beheading and slavery in Iraq by ISIS.

Obama claims there should be no religious test for Syrian, or presumably Iraqi Refugees coming from this Terror Zone even though the law specifically considers denial of religious rights as a basis for Refugee Status.   In this case, we KNOW that Christians are being murdered in Iraq and Syria and other countries in the world just because they are Christians.  No real Christian would stand by and allow this to happen.  So clearly, Obama is not a Christian.

It is time for Congress to take action in a Bipartisan vote, that is VETO proof, to allow Christian Refugees from anywhere in the world where they are being persecuted and murdered to enter our country.  All they need as evidence is a Baptismal Certificate from a local church to prove that they are Christians along with a history of practicing Christianity.   Socialist President Obama has blood on his hands if he will not allow this to happen. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Obama Focused On Climate Change While The World Is On Fire

As we just saw another Radical Islamic Fascist Terrorist attack in Mali that killed 27, as of this Blog Posting, just a few days after the attack in Paris, Socialist President Obama and his pals in government tell us that the biggest threat to US National Security is Climate Change.  Really!!!  I doubt very much that the innocent people murdered, or beheaded by ISIS are thinking much about Climate Change just before their deaths.  ISIS is attempting to get chemical weapons.  Iran is building nuclear weapons.  Unstable Pakistan and North Korea already have nuclear weapons.   Russia and China are asserting themselves aggressively around the world as a result of Obama's feckless foreign policy.  With all of this happening, shortly, Obama will be attending a meeting on Climate Change in Paris, of all places, while the world is on fire, when in fact the focus of that meeting should be destroying Islamic Fascist Terrorism around the world.

It really is time for a global reality check.  Climate Change, which has been happening for millions of years, to a greater or lessor degree, is not a threat to US National Security in any way, shape of form.  And or, this should be about priorities.  Islamic Fascists are murdering innocent people all over the world.  If there is any topic worthy of discussion and action by the United Nations and or a Coalition of the Willing, it is destroying ISIS to prevent these Radical Islamic Fascists from murdering any more innocent people. 

The United States must lead this fight at a time when Obama, our Commander in Chief is clueless.  How many more innocent people must be murdered by ISIS before Obama and other leaders of civilized nations take action.   Will it take a horrendous attack on the United States before Obama finally recognizes that Radical Islam is our enemy and that it must be destroyed. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

ISIS Islamic Fascist Terrorists Are Determined To Build Chemical Weapons

ISIS has employed Scientists from Iraq, Syria and other parts of the Middle East to build chemical weapons.  Freedom loving nations, along with Russia and other countries in the Middle East likely to be targets of these weapons of mass destruction cannot allow that to happen.  It is estimated that ISIS has an army of Terrorists between 30,000 and 50,000 based in Iraq and Syria along with cells of Terrorists in many other countries.  It is time for the United States to lead a coalition of 100,000 soldiers to take them out once and for all. 

It may only be that the US needs to supply about 10,000 foot soldiers, along with logistical support and our air force and navy to make this happen.  Clearly, after the attack in Paris, France and many other countries in Europe and the Middle East, it is time for NATO to lead this effort.   Surely, units from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East can will provide additional army units.  And, Yes, Russia should be involve in this fight, since they too have been attacked by ISIS.  This is a clash of cultures that we must win much like occurred during World War II.  What choice do we have. 

Are we going to wait for another horrible Terrorist attack in the United States, Europe or the Middle East before we act.  We must rid the world of these Islamic Fascist Terrorists to prevent the murder of both Americans and our allies.  This probably will not happen as long as Socialist President Obama is in office.  Let us hope that the American People elect a President that will serve as our Commander and Chief to protect our nation and our allies around the world.  In the mean time, it may be France and Russia leading the way. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Senator Dirty Harry Reid Under Investigation In Utah

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada is under investigation by Utah County Prosecutor, Troy Rawlings, for a Pay to Play Scheme and charges of bribery.  Apparently, former Attorney Generals in Utah, John Shurtleff and John Swallow were both arrested last summer for taking bribes for favors.  It is alleged that Dirty Harry Reid was somehow involved in one of these deals to end a federal investigation into a software business. 

Given Dirty Harry's history of crooked real estate deals in Nevada and his unexplained wealth, nothing would surprise this Blogger.  And, of course, since Socialists are involved in these cases,  the Obama Justice Department will not pursue the case.   Honestly,  Obama is the most corrupt President since Nixon, Harding and Grant.  And in general, the corruption we see in government is legend.  How is it that many Members of Congress that earn $174,000 a year and must maintain two homes end up as millionaires after serving 10 or more years in Congress.  

Obviously, there is shenanigans going on with campaign money and special "gifts" to buy influence.  Dirty Harry Reid is a multi-millionaire many times over.   Dirty Harry claims he made a lot of money as a lawyer more than 40 years ago while working in the hell hole he calls home, Searchlight, Nevada in the middle of the desert about 60 miles from Las Vegas.  Dirty Harry lives at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC.  Given what that must cost, it is hard to believe that money earned more than 40 years ago is paying those bills.  Some of Reid's family members are paid lobbyists in Washington DC and they too have made millions engaged in the family business; influence peddling.  

We will see if this investigation goes anywhere; but somehow Dirty Harry always seems to escape judgment and conviction.  But then Dirty Harry Reid is just one more Washington Crook.  So what's new. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Delusional Obama - Clueless About The Threat From Radical Islam

Perhaps because Socialist President Obama grew up in a Muslim home, he simply refuses to see the reality we face from the Radical Islamic Threat.  These are not just random Terrorists murdering people of all faiths around the world.   They are Radical Islamic Fascists that kill in the name of Allah, their God.  But the God of Islam is also the God of Israel and of Christianity and that God is the same God of all peoples of the Book whether he be referred in the Torah, Koran, or Bible.  And that God would never continence the killing of innocent people in his name.  No, these Radical Islamic Fascists are doing the Devil's work, or at least they are the agents of evil.  What else can this be?

Yet, they themselves claim to be acting in the name of Islam and Allah, so we must take them at their word.  To be sure, the majority of Muslims are peace love people devoted to the one and only God of Abraham and Moses; but they are not the Radical Islamic Fascists that we face.  Socialist President Hollande of France understands the threat we face, which is why he has declared war on Radical Islam. 

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and their American Socialist Pals in government need to recognize the Radical Islamic Threat that we face in order to destroy them.  Sunni Arabs refer to ISIS as DASH, which is apparently a derogatory name for them.   President El-Sisi of Egypt and King Abdullah of Jordan understand the threat they face as they both are fighting these Islamic Fascists in their countries.  We cannot defeat Radical Islam if we don't call it what it is.  It is time for Obama to have a reality check and admit that his policy to "contain" ISIS has failed.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Taking Syrian Refugees - A Huge Mistake

Since it appears that a Syrian Refugee, was actually an ISIS Terrorist, that was involved in the Terrorist attack and murders in Paris, France, it is pretty obvious that neither Europe, nor the United States should be admitting these Refugees into our countries, unless it can be proven that they are persecuted Christians. There is simply no way to vet these people.   And, it is a great way for ISIS to get these Radical Islamic Fascists into our countries.  This is the reason 16 US Governors are now declining to accept any Syrian Refugees into their states.  The threat is just too great. 

Instead, we should create a safe zone in Iraq , Syria, Jordon and Saudi Arabia to provide Refugees assistance.  And better yet, men between the ages of 18 and 40 should be recruited to form the Free Syrian Army to both defeat ISIS and remove Bashar Assad, the Dictator of Syria, from power.  Why shouldn't these people fight for and in their own country to restore order and to form a decent government.   Of course, the United States and other countries should help train and supply this army.  If they are not willing to fight for their own country, then why on earth should we assist them. 

Given what just took place in France and other Terrorist attacks that are happening all over the world, it is time for some common sense related to dealing with these Syrian Refugees.   Letting them into Europe, or the United States is just too risky.   There should be humanitarian assistance; but provided in the Middle East.  We need to focus on destroying ISIS.  There is no reason Syrian Refugees should not be involved in fighting for their own country. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Time To Declare War on ISIS

It is time for President Obama to ask Congress for a Declaration of War against ISIS and Radical Islamic Fascism.  France, one of our NATO allies has been attacked.  We have an obligation to come to the defense of any NATO country that is attacked by a foreign enemy.   Clearly, ISIS has declared war on NATO and the United States, in particular.   How long can we ignore the threat that we face from Radical Islamic Fascists.  And, this is a global war.  

We cannot allow these Radical Islamic Fascists to establish a Caliphate in the Middle East committed to the murder of all those that do not adhere to their radical ideology.  Our way of life and very freedoms are at stake.  And, we must also unite with Russia and other Sunni Arab nations to end this Fascist threat, once and for all.  We must act soon and before these Terrorists have access to nuclear weapons and or other biological agents that could kill millions of people.

Freedom loving nations cannot ignore this new age Fascism that is as bad as what we faced with NAZI Germany.   Only the United States can lead this fight.  Since we can't count on Obama, who will not even utter the words Radical Islam, we can only hope the next President of the United States will get the job done.  The longer we wait, the harder it will be to destroy this Fascist threat. 

Radical Islamic Fascism - Global Threat

There are more than one billion Muslims around the world.   If just small percentage support Radical Islamic Fascism, that could be 10 million Muslims, either actively supporting these barbaric acts of Terrorism happening all over the world, with money and or by being their army.   Even Pope Francis has said we are fighting World War III.  France, a member of NATO, was attacked by this Islamic Fascist Army.  It is now time for NATO members to come together to organize an Army that should include cooperation with Russia and Sunni Arab countries to defeat this Islamic Fascist Army around the world. 

Of course, it is also time for American Socialists, including Obama and Hillary Clinton and others to actually start calling these Terrorists what they are, Radical Islamic Fascists, not just Extremists.  This movement is motivated by a perverse form of Islam.  It is what it is.   In addition, some delusional Socialists like President Obama, Bernie Sanders and others actually think that Climate Change is the biggest threat to our National Security; pretty darn dumb. 

The fact is that Bashar Assad, the Syrian Dictator, is small potatoes.   Defeating and destroying ISIS is far more important than worrying about which Dictator will end up ruling Syria.  In some ways, Assad was a stabilizing force in Syria.  At least he was not attacking Israel and Christians were not being beheaded in Syria while Assad was in control.  An Allied Army must confront ISIS and Al Queda in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan to destroy all of their bases of Operations.  It is not enough to kill their leaders with drones.  That will not do the job. 

There must be an Allied Army, Air Force and Navy focused on ending the Caliphate ISIS has established in the Middle East.   This is a clash of cultures.  Radical Islamic Fascists hate Freedom  and women's rights.  In their world, peoples of other faiths are infidels that must either be put to death, often by beheading, or made into slaves.  Gays would just be put to death by these Fascists. 

It is no accident that the recent Terrorist attack in Paris happened on Friday the 13th, the day the Knights Templar Crusaders were murdered by forces of the French king in France centuries ago.  Radical Islamic Fascists see this fight as a continuation of the battle with Crusaders.   They are wrong.   This battle is between the Civilized World, people of all faiths and a version of Islam that goes back a thousand years. 

This Radical Islamic Fascist threat is as bad, or worse, than the threat we faced from Nazi Germany and or the old Soviet Union.  Civilized nations must come together to destroy and defeat Radical Islamic Fascism to preserve our way of life.  The next President of the United States will have to lead this fight.  Let us hope that the American people have the wisdom to elect the right person to get the job done. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Islamic Terrorist Attack In Paris

Once again, radical Islamic Fascists have committed a brutal, heinous Terrorist attack in Paris, France.  At writing of this Blog Posting, more than 128 people were murdered and many others wounded.  Once again, President Pinocchio Obama referred to this as a Terrorist attack, refusing to add the word Islamic to describe just who is committing these mass murders.  To be clear, whether ISIS, or Al Queda, these radical Islamic Fascists have declared war on the United States and all freedom loving nations.  It is time for all freedom loving nations to come together, to which I would add Russia and more moderate Arab Sunni nations, to crush this Islamic Fascist movement.  Let's not forget that we had an alliance with the old, evil Soviet Union to destroy Nazi Fascism in Germany.  The threat we face today from Islamic Fascists is just as bad, requiring the United States to work with any and all other willing nations to destroy this threat to our freedom and our lives.

And, the last thing either Europe, or the United States should be doing now is allowing millions of refugees from the Middle East, unless they are Christians being persecuted, from entering our countries.  There are sure to be Terrorists among these people.   We cannot risk having them in our countries.  These Muslim peoples should be resettled into other Muslim countries.  And, at all cost, the United States must secure our border with Mexico once for all.  Aside from Illegal Aliens coming into the US to work, we have to both stop the drug traffic and make it impossible for Terrorists to enter our country by this route.

It is time for some common sense in this struggle.  These Islamic Fascist Terrorists want to murder our people.  We cannot allow this to continue.   The United States must lead a real coalition to go into Iraq and Syria to destroy this threat once and for all.  What other choice do we have.   Must we wait for the detonation of a nuclear weapon on our soil to take action.  Do millions have to die before we destroy these Fascists? 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

American Universities - Centers Of Left Wing Ideology & Intolerance

American Universities today are centers of Socialist and Communist ideology because students are being taught propaganda by left wing professors that hate the Free Enterprise System.   These Professors hate Capitalism, that requires competition because it never worked for them.  First Amendment rights; freedom of speech, religion and the right to assemble apparently no longer exists in these politically correct zones.  Instead of being institutions of higher learning, where different points of view are not only tolerated but welcomed, only Socialist or Communist ideology and politically correct thought are permitted. 

Obviously, religious Pro Life Conservatives, that believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman are not welcome on most secular private, or public university campuses because this thinking does not conform to the left wing propaganda taught on these campuses.    

Now, students are calling for "Free" university tuition.  There is no such thing as Free anything.   One young lady that was interviewed said that the rich 1% should pay for her education, providing her "Free" tuition, presumably so that she would not have to work her way through school and or borrow money to benefit herself.   The fact is that the 1%, the richest Americans are already supporting this young lady, since the 1%, already pay 47% of the income taxes in our country, while the bottom 53% pay just 2% of all income taxes.  And that is because the bottom 50%, including this young woman, pay no income taxes at all.  If this young woman was better educated perhaps she would know the facts; but don't count it because her teachers before college and professors have been feeding her this BS. 

In addition, some university campuses are out of control as student protests are causing administrators and professors, that have done nothing wrong to resign just to pacify these students.  These left wing professors and administrators are going to get exactly what they deserve as they lose their jobs.   They have created this monster and it is going to consume them. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Honoring Veterans & Their Families - Thank You, Thank You

President Ronald Reagan often said "That Freedom Is Not Free".  Since our founding as a nation, Freedom has often been paid for by the sacrifices of our Veterans and their families.  As we celebrate Veterans Day, whenever any American encounters a VET, saying Thank You is very appropriate.  Only 1% of our population serves in our all volunteer Armed Forces; but especially today with all the threats we face around the world, these Americans, willing to serve to protect our Freedom are heroes better than any of those depicted in the movies, or on TV. 

That is why when we see Scandals in the news at the Veterans Administration, related to VET's medical care, or misuse of funds,  it is particularly infuriating.  Of all the government failures we see on a daily basis, the inability of VETS to get medical care in a timely manner is the worst.   That is why, this Blogger is calling for the Privatization of the VA's medical care system.  All VA medical care offices, hospitals and clinics should be sold off to the highest bidders in the health care industry.  And then, VETS should be given a Vetecare Card and allowed to go to any doctor or hospital of their choice. 

VETS should be able to access health insurance, at government/tax payer expense, so that they would pay nothing for medical care for themselves for the rest of their lives.   We owe VETS, that have sacrificed so much for us, the best medical care in the country; not second rate Socialized Medicine that many times fails them.

Hillary Clinton and her Socialist pals in government continue to push for more money for the Veterans Administration as a reward for failure.  What should be happening is that the crooks at the VA, that cooked the booked to steal bonuses from the American people that they did not earn, should not only be FIRED, they should be prosecuted and sent to jail for embezzlement.  Of course that will not happen because there are rarely consequences for government employee wrong doing.  It is what it is.

That is bad enough, but the fact that many VETS are still not getting the medical care they deserve, is inexcusable.  As we honor our VETS on Veterans Day, we need to make sure they have excellent medical care, no matter what the consequences for government union employees. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Republican Presidential Debate - Winners & Losers

Finally, we saw a Republican Presidential Debate, hosted by the Fox Business Channel, that was in the interest of the American people.  In fact, the real winner of the Debate was the American People because we saw substantive questions about the Economy and definitive answers by many of the candidates.   Specific to the Candidates that won this Debate, the order would be Cruz, Rubio, Trump and Fiorina.  Trump's message is simple, Make America Great Again, which resonates.  Cruz, Rubio and Fiorina did best on the issues important to the Conservative Base of the Republican Party, critical to winning the nomination. 

Ben Carson's performance was lackluster; but not completely damaging.  Rand Paul does not understand that the base of the Republican Party supports a strong military.  Paul comes off as weak on Defense, which is the reason he will not be the nominee.   Finally, Jeb Bush and John Kasich, both Establishment Republicans, just don't get it.  Neither of them understands the anger and disgust Conservative Republicans feel for RINOS and the Federal Government.  We don't want to "fix it" Bush's slogan.   We want to dismantle it by pushing back 100 years of Socialist Creep to take our country back and prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.  Neither Bush, nor Kasich will be on the Republican Ticket.  It is not going to happen.

So, this Blogger predicts that this race is between Trump, Rubio, Cruz and perhaps Carson.  Fiorina will not have the money to go the whole way to the last primaries in June.  So, even though this Blogger likes Carly Fiorina, though she may end up in a Republican Administration, she will not be on the ticket; particularly if Cruz, Rubio or Carson is on the ticket.   Shortly, we will see more Republican Candidates fall by the wayside.  Those candidates will simply run out of money, perhaps even before the first primary in Iowa.  We are getting down to the top four Republican Candidates and all of them can beat Hillary Clinton. 

Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Obama's Executive Amnesty Program

Socialist President Obama said 26 times that he did not have the authority to ignore federal laws related to the deportation of Illegal Aliens.  And then, since Congress would not give him what he wanted, which is basically the legalization of 11 million or more Illegal Aliens in the United States, Obama issued his Executive Amnesty Program that would give at least five million of these Illegal Aliens legal status.  26 states immediately filed a lawsuit to stop Obama's unconstitutional action, claiming irreparable harm if this action was allow to go forward.   Two courts have now ruled against Obama's lawlessness. 

This means that Obama's Executive Amnesty Program is now thankfully dead because this case will not be adjudicated, with potential multiple appeals, going all the way to the Supreme Court before Obama leaves office.  And, if any Republican wins the Presidency, there is no way this Executive Action will be resurrected.   Perhaps now, Obama will work with Congress to enact serious Immigration Reform. 

A common sense plan must begin with Securing the Border, deporting convicted Illegal Alien Felons, enacting Kate's law as a deterrent to help stop these criminals from coming back into our country, providing for the issuance of Green Cards to students graduating from our colleges and universities and allowing more highly skilled and educated people to enter our country legally.  Once these pieces of the puzzle are in place, as measured by effectiveness, then and only then should we provide some sort of legal status, but not citizenship, to other Illegal Aliens in our country provided they have committed no crimes.

And, we need to deal with the Constitutional issue of anchor babies.  The children of Illegal Aliens, born in the United States, should not automatically become citizens of the United States.   We are one of few nations in the world that allows this to occur.  Why on earth would we give  Illegal Aliens an incentive to enter our country by providing citizenship to their children.   And, by the way, this is not just applicable to people coming from Latin America.  

Thousands of Chinese are coming to America on travel visas to have their children in our country to get American citizenship for them.  All of this is crazy and it has to stop.  In any case, the Courts have said NO to Obama to stop his unconstitutional Executive Amnesty Program. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Ben Carson & The Left Wing Lame Stream Media

The left wing lame stream media is so determined to destroy any Conservative Republican Candidate for President that they are attacking Ben Carson on passages in his book concerning his youth.  I suppose Carson should feel good about it because it signifies that the Socialists see Carson as a threat to Liar and Crook Socialist Candidate Hillary Clinton.  While this Blogger has concerns about Carson's lack of management experience in business, or government that would prepare him to be President, be assured the American people see these attacks by the left wing media as about as dumb as it gets. 

Ben Carson claims that as a ghetto Black kid he was often angry.  Carson says he almost stabbed a relative and that he got so mad at his mom that he was about to hit her with hammer until his brother stopped him.  Ben Carson goes on to say that becoming a born again Christian changed him forever into who he is today.  Gosh, I wonder how many ghetto kids living in poverty might be angry.  This Blogger spent six years teaching in the inner city in Los Angeles and I would say I encountered lots of poor angry kids that hopefully grew out of their frustrations. 

Next, apparently, Ben Carson was a stellar member of the ROTC and as a result he got invited to various military dinners.  During one of them, someone told him that if he applied to West Point given his grades, he would get a Scholarship to West Point.  This happened when Carson was about 17 years old.  At the time, he told who ever told him this that instead he planned to be Doctor, so he declined the opportunity.  Carson apparently got a scholarship to go to Yale.

The lame stream left wing media is trying to say that this never happened because West Point requires an appointment by a Congressman.  Do you suppose that the typical 17 year old kid, no matter how smart he or she may be is aware of the process to get into West Point.   Certainly, Ben Carson at 17 could have interpreted this discussion to mean that someone was offering him a Scholarship.  Given the times, no doubt there was a real push to get bright Black kids into West Point.  So naturally officers interfacing with ROTC kids would most certainly have pushed the option. 

In any case, this whole discussion is about as dumb as it gets; but it shows just how far the lame stream left wing media will go to discredit Christian Conservatives, particularly when one is Black, or a woman.   At the same time, we know that Hillary Clinton is a Liar and a Crook; yet do we hear much about her foibles.  Nope. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Obama's Bogus Unemployment Numbers

Socialist President Obama loves to talk about our Unemployment Rate falling to 5%.   271,000 Americans found jobs in the month of October.  How nice.  What Obama does not mention is that 665,000 left the labor force altogether because they can't find jobs.  In fact the Labor Participation Rate at 62.4% is the lowest it has been since Carter, another failed President, was in office.   And, the annual growth rate under Obama, averaging 1 - 2% during his Presidency, as contrasted with Reagan's at 4 - 7%, has been dismal.   We cannot deal with our National Debt with this dismal economic performance. 

The Unemployment Rate reported by Obamanistas are completely Bogus.   There are about 55 million Americans on Welfare and or on Disability Benefits fraudulently, not even counted in the Unemployment Rate.  These numbers added to the 10 million or more people that have just dropped out of the Labor Force, because they can't find jobs, represent about 20% of our entire population and 42% of those working now.  So, when Obamanistas report a 5% Unemployment Rate they are not including the millions of Americans that are on Welfare, fraudulent Disability Benefits and or that have just dropped out of the work force altogether. 

Socialists in government, or running for the Presidency, are all job killers.   They have used high taxes and onerous regulations to push entire industries out of our country.   Those jobs are now overseas and unless we change course are never coming back.   Obama just killed the Keystone XL Pipeline that would have created 42,000 high paying union jobs, which is why the President of one of the nation's largest unions came out and attacked Obama for favoring green collar jobs over blue collar jobs.  This plays right into Republican hands as union members that work in manufacturing will abandon the Socialists in the next Presidential election. 

69% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, which is no surprise.  What we see is bloated, corrupt Big Government Failures, everyday, at our expense.   We see crooks at the IRS and Veterans Administration, taking the fifth, rather than incriminate themselves.   We see billions spent on the TSA every year to protect Americans traveling on airplanes, only to learn of their failures at airports.   It goes on and on and on.  Donald Trump speaks of Making America Great Again.   To do so, we need Term Limits to throw the bums out that have been in Congress for decades bankrupting our country, while enriching themselves.   It is time for radical thinking to get our country back on track.  One thing is for sure, Establishment Candidates of either political party won't make it happen.   

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Big Government - Corruption, Failure, Intrusion and Crony Capitalism

Everyday we learn of more Big Government Corruption because the Government confiscates so much money from hard working Americans, the Makers in society and goes on to borrow even more to allow all of those working within the Beltway to continue feeding at the trough.  Members of Congress end up as Millionaires, after serving 10 or more years in Congress, by using campaign monies as personal slush funds in addition to being on the take from those that buy influence, one way or another.  We see failure in virtually every department of the Federal Government and even illegal activities; yet government employees are rarely FIRED, nor do any of these Crooks ever go to jail. 

The more than 80 million Americans on Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, ObamaCare with subsidies and Disability Benefits are slaves on the Big Government plantation.  They have to kiss the Masters ring to stay on the dole.  The rest of us, the Makers in Society, have our assets confiscated under threat of arrest, or as result of the Big Government Barrel of a gun being pointed at our heads.   Rather than doing Terrorist Profiling, the Federal government spies on all Americans to "protect" us from Terrorism.  The real question is who is protecting us from Big Government; certainly not our elected representatives in Congress of both political parties, all of whom have been feeding at the trough for years and are bankrupting our country as a result of 100 years of Socialist Creep, that threatens our freedoms, to buy votes. 

Local, State and Federal Governments are responsible for about $7 Trillion of annual purchases out of our $16 Trillion Gross Domestic Product.  That is more than 40% of our GDP.   Is it any wonder that major companies and organizations like the US Chamber of Commerce recognize that Big Government is their biggest customer. For the most part, as a result of onerous Procurement Rules and Federal Government Regulations, only the biggest companies can do business with Big Government.  Smaller companies could never afford the Compliance Cost.   Big companies could care less if Socialists, or Republicans control the government, which is why they support both.  After all, government has to buy toilet paper and a million other things no matter who is in power. 

And, since such a huge amount of big company revenues come from Big Government purchases and publicly traded companies are measured quarterly, which ties to big bonuses, big companies only care that the money keeps coming from government purchases, often whether it requires higher taxes, or borrowing that is bankrupting our country.   And, it happens no matter which party is in power.  In fact, Crony Capitalism is rampant as Big Government chooses winners and losers in the marketplace.   Like the slaves on the dole, big companies too are on the dole, since they need Big Government purchases to make their numbers.  When Big Government comprises more than 40% of all purchases, what else can big companies do; but play ball with the Crooks in government. 

Big Government distorts markets and threatens our freedoms.   We cannot deal with deficit spending at all levels of government and pay off our local, state and National Debt without shrinking government.  It will not happen any other way.  Of course, it will be tough to do with so many people and companies benefiting from government largess.  However, we either shrink the size of government and soon, or we will experience economic collapse, with all of its consequences.  It really is that simple.   

Friday, November 6, 2015

Obama Kills Keystone XL Pipeline - For Now

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama officially killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, even though the Canadian company proposing it recently withdrew the application knowing that it would never be approved as long as Obama was President.   So, in doing so, the Socialists, including Hillary Clinton, choose their Environmental Wacko big money supporters over their Big Union Supporters.   The Keystone XL Pipeline project would have directly created more than 20,000 good paying Union jobs for this infrastructure project, paid for without one dime of taxpayer money.  But that is the tip of the iceberg because of the multiplier effect.  There would have been an additional 100,000 or more jobs created from the purchasing power given these Union Members and related to all the equipment needed to build the pipeline over the next 3 or more years.  

Socialists are always screaming about creating jobs to build infrastructure at taxpayer expense and by borrowing from China; but this project apparently didn't matter to them.   Obama is a Moron.   Or is he?   This oil from Canada will be shipped into the US primarily by rail and truck anyway, which will produce a far bigger carbon footprint than had the pipeline been built.  And, guess who owns the railroad.  None other than Obama's Pal Warren Buffet.  Buffet companies will earn billions of dollars over time transporting this oil.  It could be that Obama knew exactly what he was doing to reward Buffet, who is a big Obama supporter.

This creates a wonderful opening with Union Workers for any Republican running for the Presidency.   While Socialists will always have the support of Big Government Public Employee Unions, various Trade Deals, which the Unions and Donald Trump hate and now the killing of the Keystone XL Pipeline could cause these private sector Unions to finally see which political party will benefit them the most.  Even if their leaders still support the Socialists, Union Members can clearly see what the Socialists have done to them.   Donald Trump is making a big play for Union Member votes when he talks about bringing jobs back from China, Japan, Mexico and other countries.  It is those Union Member jobs that no longer exist in the United States.   So, Obama and Hillary Clinton have played right into Trump's hands should he get the nomination.  Most important, virtually all Republicans support building the Keystone XL Pipeline.  If any of them is elected President, this pipeline will be built. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Iran At War With The United States

Iran declared war on the United States right when the Ayatollah Khomeini took power after deposing the Shaw of Iran.  This happened the day, during the Carter Presidency, when Iranians took control of the US Embassy, capturing our diplomats and holding them hostage for more than 400 days until the day Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President in 1980.   Iranians were behind the explosions that killed several hundred of our Soldiers both in Lebanon and in Saudi Arabia.   Finally, we know now that between 2003 and 2011, Iranian explosives were used to kill about 200 American Soldiers in Iraq and further wounded about 861.  In addition, Iranian sponsored Terrorism has killed more than 500 US Soldiers in Iraq and other locations. 

It is pretty odd that since Iran has declared war on the United States that instead of recognizing the obvious result that Presidents of the United States going all the way back to Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush 1, Bush 2 and Obama have not asked for a formal declaration of war against Iran.   Instead, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his Secretary of State Weakling John Kerry have negotiated a deal with Iran that will give them a path to having nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  There is something very wrong with this picture. 

Iran is still the biggest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world, killing Americans and our allies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and other countries.  Iranian leaders regularly speak of destroying Israel.   What we are seeing in the Middle East and beyond is the 1930's all over again, only this time we are dealing with Islamic Sunni and in Iran's case Shia Fascists.   Iranians leaders say daily what their intent is in the Middle East.  Why aren't we listening to their words and seeing their actions.  Now that Iran is in Syria and Iraq, it is clear that they seek hegemony over the entire Middle East including destroying Israel.   

Though we are seeing a battle between Sunni Islamic Fascists and Iranian Shia Fascists, for dominance in the Middle East, in either case we are dealing with Fascist Evil just as bad as what we saw during World War II with Adolf Hitler.  It is time for the countries that value Freedom to wake up to this threat.  Certainly, this will not happen as long as naive and incompetent Obama is President; but hopefully the next President will better understand the threat we face and deal with an Iran that is clearly an enemy to the United States and our Allies.   

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Veterans Administration Scandal - Only Getting Worse

In the latest episode of the Veterans Administration Scandal, apparently executives used the VA's Relocation Program to swindle millions of taxpayer dollars into their pockets while being moved by the VA.  It is so bad that two of the culprits; women took the 5th rather than testify before Congress.  To make matters worse, Congress is attempting to pass legislation that would allow the Veteran Administration Secretary Robert McDonald to fire these crooks; yet this clown does not support the law.  And, Obama has said that if enacted he will Veto the bill.  What we are seeing is unbelievable corruption at the Veterans Administration, like at so many other government agencies.  Remember, these are the same people that cooked the books related to service metrics so that they could get bonuses that they did not earn. 

This Blogger wants to know not only who will be FIRED; but who is going to jail for fraud embezzlement.  And, as usual in government, the answer is nobody.   The American people are so disgusted with government that they are looking to outsiders to win the Presidency.  It is pretty obvious that those that have been working within the Beltway in both political parties for decades are all feeding at the trough.  Clearly, our elected representatives, the people they employ and all their cronies are getting rich at our expense. 

It is time to auction off all Veterans Administration medical facilities to privatize the system.  Vets should be given a Vetecare Card and allowed to get medical services anywhere they want at taxpayer expense.  We owe our Vets that much for their service.  At this point, it is pretty obvious that many working at the Veterans Administration should be in jail; but don't count on it.  Sadly, these crooks give the good employees working at the VA a bad name.   A fish rots from the head down.  Secretary McDonald, who was hired to clean up the VA mess should resign because he has failed miserably.      

Is Ben Carson Ready To Be The President Of The United States

The base of the Republican Party is so disgusted with Establishment RINOS that they are looking to real outsiders for the Republican Presidential Nomination.  This is the reason both Ben Carson and Donald Trump are doing well in the polls.  Of late, some polls show Ben Carson ahead of Trump.   This Blogger recognizes that Ben Carson was a brilliant neuro surgeon before retiring.  There is no question that Carson is one really smart guy.  And, Carson has a compelling story growing up the ghetto in Detroit dirt poor to live the American Dream.  Further having a Black Man as the Republican Nominee for President would prove once and for all that Conservatives are not racist as always portended by the Socialists and the left wing lame stream media.  Finally, there is no doubt that if the choice was between Hillary Clinton, who is a Crook and a Liar and Ben Carson, that this Blogger would absolutely vote for Ben Carson without any hesitation. 

However, the real question is whether Ben Carson is ready to be President of the United States without any significant business management, or political experience.  We have seen this story with Obama and it has not been good.   Though Carson has served on various corporate boards, that is not the same as actually running a company and or have significant government managerial experience.  In addition, we need a real Street Fighter to not only defeat Hillary Clinton, the likely Socialist Nominee; but then after winning to deal with the Socialists in government to roll back 100 years of Socialist Creep.  And then there is dealing with foreign leaders and in particular confronting Iran, North Korea, Russia and China; not to mention ISIS and Al Queda.   We need a President who is tough enough to confront Dictators and the Terrorist Threats we face around the world.  While Pinocchio Obama has proven to be incompetent despite his obvious IQ, Ben Carson may be too much of an academic and a nice guy to do the job we need done today.     

This Blogger actually could see Ben Carson, perhaps as the Vice Presidential candidate, or in a cabinet post to cut his teeth on something big.  As much as I like Ben Carson,  I just don't believe that Ben Carson is ready to be President of the United States, when there are others running for the Republican nomination for President with more relevant experience.   

Sunday, November 1, 2015

American Combat Boots On The Ground In Syria

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama told us several times that he would not put American Combat Boots on the ground in Syria.   That was then.  This is now.   Of course, they are not calling them Combat Troops.   Apparently, there must be a difference between the style of boots they wear because Obama has sent a squad of 50 soldiers into Syria to support operations there.  And further, an American Soldier was just killed in an operation in Iraq providing support.  This distinction is ridiculous.  Of course, they are Combat Boots on the ground. 

Look, things are falling apart in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.   Obama attempted to pull all troops out of all three countries, which has led to a resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Queda and ISIS in Iraq, Syria and Libya.  The reason Obama has had to play games with words related to the definition of Combat Troops as opposed to Support Troops is that the Generals are telling him of the dire situation in these countries.   The fact that Obama insisted on broadcasting troop withdrawal dates was about as dumb as it gets.  The enemy just waited us out rather than fight to the death. 

So now we have a Middle East on fire with Russia and Iran in Syria.  Iraq is a client state of Iran.  Afghanistan will be taken over by the Taliban very shortly after we take our troops out of the country.  Obama is now just playing out the clock to prevent complete disaster while he is in office.  The next President of the United States will have to clean up the mess that Obama leaves behind.