Friday, November 20, 2015

Obama Focused On Climate Change While The World Is On Fire

As we just saw another Radical Islamic Fascist Terrorist attack in Mali that killed 27, as of this Blog Posting, just a few days after the attack in Paris, Socialist President Obama and his pals in government tell us that the biggest threat to US National Security is Climate Change.  Really!!!  I doubt very much that the innocent people murdered, or beheaded by ISIS are thinking much about Climate Change just before their deaths.  ISIS is attempting to get chemical weapons.  Iran is building nuclear weapons.  Unstable Pakistan and North Korea already have nuclear weapons.   Russia and China are asserting themselves aggressively around the world as a result of Obama's feckless foreign policy.  With all of this happening, shortly, Obama will be attending a meeting on Climate Change in Paris, of all places, while the world is on fire, when in fact the focus of that meeting should be destroying Islamic Fascist Terrorism around the world.

It really is time for a global reality check.  Climate Change, which has been happening for millions of years, to a greater or lessor degree, is not a threat to US National Security in any way, shape of form.  And or, this should be about priorities.  Islamic Fascists are murdering innocent people all over the world.  If there is any topic worthy of discussion and action by the United Nations and or a Coalition of the Willing, it is destroying ISIS to prevent these Radical Islamic Fascists from murdering any more innocent people. 

The United States must lead this fight at a time when Obama, our Commander in Chief is clueless.  How many more innocent people must be murdered by ISIS before Obama and other leaders of civilized nations take action.   Will it take a horrendous attack on the United States before Obama finally recognizes that Radical Islam is our enemy and that it must be destroyed. 

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