Monday, November 16, 2015

Taking Syrian Refugees - A Huge Mistake

Since it appears that a Syrian Refugee, was actually an ISIS Terrorist, that was involved in the Terrorist attack and murders in Paris, France, it is pretty obvious that neither Europe, nor the United States should be admitting these Refugees into our countries, unless it can be proven that they are persecuted Christians. There is simply no way to vet these people.   And, it is a great way for ISIS to get these Radical Islamic Fascists into our countries.  This is the reason 16 US Governors are now declining to accept any Syrian Refugees into their states.  The threat is just too great. 

Instead, we should create a safe zone in Iraq , Syria, Jordon and Saudi Arabia to provide Refugees assistance.  And better yet, men between the ages of 18 and 40 should be recruited to form the Free Syrian Army to both defeat ISIS and remove Bashar Assad, the Dictator of Syria, from power.  Why shouldn't these people fight for and in their own country to restore order and to form a decent government.   Of course, the United States and other countries should help train and supply this army.  If they are not willing to fight for their own country, then why on earth should we assist them. 

Given what just took place in France and other Terrorist attacks that are happening all over the world, it is time for some common sense related to dealing with these Syrian Refugees.   Letting them into Europe, or the United States is just too risky.   There should be humanitarian assistance; but provided in the Middle East.  We need to focus on destroying ISIS.  There is no reason Syrian Refugees should not be involved in fighting for their own country. 

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