Tuesday, November 24, 2015

US Intel Forced To Change Reports Concerning ISIS

Either someone high up at the Defense Department and or perhaps other agencies, or someone in the White House ordered US Intel to alter their reports to portray ISIS as "contained".  US Intel was ordered to "cut it out" when they properly portrayed the strength and or threat coming from ISIS.  Of course, the word is already out from Obamanistas that US Intel is not to use the words Radical Islam because none of this information fits the Obama narrative on Radical Islamic Fascist Terrorism.  And now, once again the Inspector General tells us that as was the case with the IRS and VA Scandals, emails and documents showing this cover up paper trail have been destroyed to protect the guilty.

Clearly, Socialist President Obama has been ignoring all the advice he has been given by his advisers and the military concerning Syria and Iraq and the ISIS threat we face because Obama refuses to accept the fact that Radical Islam is at War with the civilized world.  Socialist President Hollande is telling Obama that NATO must confront this threat in accordance with NATO's provisions that requires military action when a NATO country is attacked by another country.  ISIS has declared itself a nation within Iraq and Syria.  This is not just another Terrorist group, though clearly they are committing Terrorist acts; but rather the attack on Paris was an Act of War, requiring a full retaliatory response and the destruction of the Radical Islamic enemy.

It is important to recognize that a good percentage of Muslims around the world support Radical Islam, which requires either the conversion of the Infidels, namely us and even Muslims that do not adhere to their perverted, evil form of Islam, or our murder, or enslavement.  This is not a war between Christians and Muslims; but rather a war between peoples of all faiths, or no faiths and Radical Islam and this would include the majority of Muslims that do not support Radical Islam. 

There is now a Congressional Investigation into this US Intel Scandal, one of many Scandals added to the list during Obama's years in office.  This Scandal involves the National Security of the United States and our allies around the world.  If not for the Whistle Blowers that came forward to expose this US Intel Scandal, the American people would not know that they have been forced to Cook The Books, just like in the VA, or IRS Scandals to protect the guilty.  Whether feckless Obama likes it or not, we need the truth and nothing but the truth, rare during the Obama years, from US Intel to properly protect our nation from the threats we face from ISIS and other nations that are not our friends.  Hopefully, Congress will get the truth before we see another attack on our Homeland.       


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