Saturday, November 7, 2015

Big Government - Corruption, Failure, Intrusion and Crony Capitalism

Everyday we learn of more Big Government Corruption because the Government confiscates so much money from hard working Americans, the Makers in society and goes on to borrow even more to allow all of those working within the Beltway to continue feeding at the trough.  Members of Congress end up as Millionaires, after serving 10 or more years in Congress, by using campaign monies as personal slush funds in addition to being on the take from those that buy influence, one way or another.  We see failure in virtually every department of the Federal Government and even illegal activities; yet government employees are rarely FIRED, nor do any of these Crooks ever go to jail. 

The more than 80 million Americans on Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, ObamaCare with subsidies and Disability Benefits are slaves on the Big Government plantation.  They have to kiss the Masters ring to stay on the dole.  The rest of us, the Makers in Society, have our assets confiscated under threat of arrest, or as result of the Big Government Barrel of a gun being pointed at our heads.   Rather than doing Terrorist Profiling, the Federal government spies on all Americans to "protect" us from Terrorism.  The real question is who is protecting us from Big Government; certainly not our elected representatives in Congress of both political parties, all of whom have been feeding at the trough for years and are bankrupting our country as a result of 100 years of Socialist Creep, that threatens our freedoms, to buy votes. 

Local, State and Federal Governments are responsible for about $7 Trillion of annual purchases out of our $16 Trillion Gross Domestic Product.  That is more than 40% of our GDP.   Is it any wonder that major companies and organizations like the US Chamber of Commerce recognize that Big Government is their biggest customer. For the most part, as a result of onerous Procurement Rules and Federal Government Regulations, only the biggest companies can do business with Big Government.  Smaller companies could never afford the Compliance Cost.   Big companies could care less if Socialists, or Republicans control the government, which is why they support both.  After all, government has to buy toilet paper and a million other things no matter who is in power. 

And, since such a huge amount of big company revenues come from Big Government purchases and publicly traded companies are measured quarterly, which ties to big bonuses, big companies only care that the money keeps coming from government purchases, often whether it requires higher taxes, or borrowing that is bankrupting our country.   And, it happens no matter which party is in power.  In fact, Crony Capitalism is rampant as Big Government chooses winners and losers in the marketplace.   Like the slaves on the dole, big companies too are on the dole, since they need Big Government purchases to make their numbers.  When Big Government comprises more than 40% of all purchases, what else can big companies do; but play ball with the Crooks in government. 

Big Government distorts markets and threatens our freedoms.   We cannot deal with deficit spending at all levels of government and pay off our local, state and National Debt without shrinking government.  It will not happen any other way.  Of course, it will be tough to do with so many people and companies benefiting from government largess.  However, we either shrink the size of government and soon, or we will experience economic collapse, with all of its consequences.  It really is that simple.   

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