Friday, November 13, 2015

Islamic Terrorist Attack In Paris

Once again, radical Islamic Fascists have committed a brutal, heinous Terrorist attack in Paris, France.  At writing of this Blog Posting, more than 128 people were murdered and many others wounded.  Once again, President Pinocchio Obama referred to this as a Terrorist attack, refusing to add the word Islamic to describe just who is committing these mass murders.  To be clear, whether ISIS, or Al Queda, these radical Islamic Fascists have declared war on the United States and all freedom loving nations.  It is time for all freedom loving nations to come together, to which I would add Russia and more moderate Arab Sunni nations, to crush this Islamic Fascist movement.  Let's not forget that we had an alliance with the old, evil Soviet Union to destroy Nazi Fascism in Germany.  The threat we face today from Islamic Fascists is just as bad, requiring the United States to work with any and all other willing nations to destroy this threat to our freedom and our lives.

And, the last thing either Europe, or the United States should be doing now is allowing millions of refugees from the Middle East, unless they are Christians being persecuted, from entering our countries.  There are sure to be Terrorists among these people.   We cannot risk having them in our countries.  These Muslim peoples should be resettled into other Muslim countries.  And, at all cost, the United States must secure our border with Mexico once for all.  Aside from Illegal Aliens coming into the US to work, we have to both stop the drug traffic and make it impossible for Terrorists to enter our country by this route.

It is time for some common sense in this struggle.  These Islamic Fascist Terrorists want to murder our people.  We cannot allow this to continue.   The United States must lead a real coalition to go into Iraq and Syria to destroy this threat once and for all.  What other choice do we have.   Must we wait for the detonation of a nuclear weapon on our soil to take action.  Do millions have to die before we destroy these Fascists? 

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