Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Climate Change Summit - A Rebuke To Radical Islamic Terrorists - Really

Socialist President Obama recently said that the Climate Change Summit, that will occur in Paris is a rebuke to Radical Islamic Terrorists, presumably because the leaders of about 20 countries plan to travel to Paris for this meeting.  Really!!   Does Obama really think that Radical Islamic Terrorists that are murdering people all over the world, care at all about Climate Change.  These fanatics want to take the world back a thousand years to impose a Caliphate on all of us where the choice is either convert to their form of Islam, be murdered, or be enslaved.  Obama just refuses to accept the threat that we face from Radical Islam.  Remember, this is the guy that will not utter the words Radical Islam when speaks of the Terrorism we see happening all over the world. 

Matter of fact, since the leaders of 20 countries will all be in room in Paris to discuss Climate Change, if Obama had a brain in his head, he would instead use the opportunity to discuss the Coalition needed to combat and destroy Radical Islam to end these murders.  This would take one tenth of the effort, time and resources expended during World War II to destroy NAZI Germany and Japanese Fascism and afterward to destroy Communism in order to deal with Radical Islam.    How long are we going to let these Radical Islamic Fascists continue to wreak havoc on civilized nations.   Again, this is not a war between Christians and Radical Islam.  It is a war between all civilized nations and peoples of all faiths, or no faiths, against Radical Islam. 

It is time to roll the tanks in from Turkey, Iraq, Jordon etc to destroy the ISIS state and army estimated to be between 30,000 and 50,000 in Iraq and Syria.  And, if they take refuge in Libya, Afghanistan or anywhere else, they die there too.  What choice do we have.  Do we need to see more senseless murders in the Capitals of the world before civilized nations come together to destroy Radical Islam.     

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