Sunday, November 8, 2015

Obama's Bogus Unemployment Numbers

Socialist President Obama loves to talk about our Unemployment Rate falling to 5%.   271,000 Americans found jobs in the month of October.  How nice.  What Obama does not mention is that 665,000 left the labor force altogether because they can't find jobs.  In fact the Labor Participation Rate at 62.4% is the lowest it has been since Carter, another failed President, was in office.   And, the annual growth rate under Obama, averaging 1 - 2% during his Presidency, as contrasted with Reagan's at 4 - 7%, has been dismal.   We cannot deal with our National Debt with this dismal economic performance. 

The Unemployment Rate reported by Obamanistas are completely Bogus.   There are about 55 million Americans on Welfare and or on Disability Benefits fraudulently, not even counted in the Unemployment Rate.  These numbers added to the 10 million or more people that have just dropped out of the Labor Force, because they can't find jobs, represent about 20% of our entire population and 42% of those working now.  So, when Obamanistas report a 5% Unemployment Rate they are not including the millions of Americans that are on Welfare, fraudulent Disability Benefits and or that have just dropped out of the work force altogether. 

Socialists in government, or running for the Presidency, are all job killers.   They have used high taxes and onerous regulations to push entire industries out of our country.   Those jobs are now overseas and unless we change course are never coming back.   Obama just killed the Keystone XL Pipeline that would have created 42,000 high paying union jobs, which is why the President of one of the nation's largest unions came out and attacked Obama for favoring green collar jobs over blue collar jobs.  This plays right into Republican hands as union members that work in manufacturing will abandon the Socialists in the next Presidential election. 

69% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, which is no surprise.  What we see is bloated, corrupt Big Government Failures, everyday, at our expense.   We see crooks at the IRS and Veterans Administration, taking the fifth, rather than incriminate themselves.   We see billions spent on the TSA every year to protect Americans traveling on airplanes, only to learn of their failures at airports.   It goes on and on and on.  Donald Trump speaks of Making America Great Again.   To do so, we need Term Limits to throw the bums out that have been in Congress for decades bankrupting our country, while enriching themselves.   It is time for radical thinking to get our country back on track.  One thing is for sure, Establishment Candidates of either political party won't make it happen.   

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