Sunday, November 15, 2015

Radical Islamic Fascism - Global Threat

There are more than one billion Muslims around the world.   If just small percentage support Radical Islamic Fascism, that could be 10 million Muslims, either actively supporting these barbaric acts of Terrorism happening all over the world, with money and or by being their army.   Even Pope Francis has said we are fighting World War III.  France, a member of NATO, was attacked by this Islamic Fascist Army.  It is now time for NATO members to come together to organize an Army that should include cooperation with Russia and Sunni Arab countries to defeat this Islamic Fascist Army around the world. 

Of course, it is also time for American Socialists, including Obama and Hillary Clinton and others to actually start calling these Terrorists what they are, Radical Islamic Fascists, not just Extremists.  This movement is motivated by a perverse form of Islam.  It is what it is.   In addition, some delusional Socialists like President Obama, Bernie Sanders and others actually think that Climate Change is the biggest threat to our National Security; pretty darn dumb. 

The fact is that Bashar Assad, the Syrian Dictator, is small potatoes.   Defeating and destroying ISIS is far more important than worrying about which Dictator will end up ruling Syria.  In some ways, Assad was a stabilizing force in Syria.  At least he was not attacking Israel and Christians were not being beheaded in Syria while Assad was in control.  An Allied Army must confront ISIS and Al Queda in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan to destroy all of their bases of Operations.  It is not enough to kill their leaders with drones.  That will not do the job. 

There must be an Allied Army, Air Force and Navy focused on ending the Caliphate ISIS has established in the Middle East.   This is a clash of cultures.  Radical Islamic Fascists hate Freedom  and women's rights.  In their world, peoples of other faiths are infidels that must either be put to death, often by beheading, or made into slaves.  Gays would just be put to death by these Fascists. 

It is no accident that the recent Terrorist attack in Paris happened on Friday the 13th, the day the Knights Templar Crusaders were murdered by forces of the French king in France centuries ago.  Radical Islamic Fascists see this fight as a continuation of the battle with Crusaders.   They are wrong.   This battle is between the Civilized World, people of all faiths and a version of Islam that goes back a thousand years. 

This Radical Islamic Fascist threat is as bad, or worse, than the threat we faced from Nazi Germany and or the old Soviet Union.  Civilized nations must come together to destroy and defeat Radical Islamic Fascism to preserve our way of life.  The next President of the United States will have to lead this fight.  Let us hope that the American people have the wisdom to elect the right person to get the job done. 

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