Thursday, November 12, 2015

American Universities - Centers Of Left Wing Ideology & Intolerance

American Universities today are centers of Socialist and Communist ideology because students are being taught propaganda by left wing professors that hate the Free Enterprise System.   These Professors hate Capitalism, that requires competition because it never worked for them.  First Amendment rights; freedom of speech, religion and the right to assemble apparently no longer exists in these politically correct zones.  Instead of being institutions of higher learning, where different points of view are not only tolerated but welcomed, only Socialist or Communist ideology and politically correct thought are permitted. 

Obviously, religious Pro Life Conservatives, that believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman are not welcome on most secular private, or public university campuses because this thinking does not conform to the left wing propaganda taught on these campuses.    

Now, students are calling for "Free" university tuition.  There is no such thing as Free anything.   One young lady that was interviewed said that the rich 1% should pay for her education, providing her "Free" tuition, presumably so that she would not have to work her way through school and or borrow money to benefit herself.   The fact is that the 1%, the richest Americans are already supporting this young lady, since the 1%, already pay 47% of the income taxes in our country, while the bottom 53% pay just 2% of all income taxes.  And that is because the bottom 50%, including this young woman, pay no income taxes at all.  If this young woman was better educated perhaps she would know the facts; but don't count it because her teachers before college and professors have been feeding her this BS. 

In addition, some university campuses are out of control as student protests are causing administrators and professors, that have done nothing wrong to resign just to pacify these students.  These left wing professors and administrators are going to get exactly what they deserve as they lose their jobs.   They have created this monster and it is going to consume them. 

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