Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Veterans Administration Scandal - Only Getting Worse

In the latest episode of the Veterans Administration Scandal, apparently executives used the VA's Relocation Program to swindle millions of taxpayer dollars into their pockets while being moved by the VA.  It is so bad that two of the culprits; women took the 5th rather than testify before Congress.  To make matters worse, Congress is attempting to pass legislation that would allow the Veteran Administration Secretary Robert McDonald to fire these crooks; yet this clown does not support the law.  And, Obama has said that if enacted he will Veto the bill.  What we are seeing is unbelievable corruption at the Veterans Administration, like at so many other government agencies.  Remember, these are the same people that cooked the books related to service metrics so that they could get bonuses that they did not earn. 

This Blogger wants to know not only who will be FIRED; but who is going to jail for fraud embezzlement.  And, as usual in government, the answer is nobody.   The American people are so disgusted with government that they are looking to outsiders to win the Presidency.  It is pretty obvious that those that have been working within the Beltway in both political parties for decades are all feeding at the trough.  Clearly, our elected representatives, the people they employ and all their cronies are getting rich at our expense. 

It is time to auction off all Veterans Administration medical facilities to privatize the system.  Vets should be given a Vetecare Card and allowed to get medical services anywhere they want at taxpayer expense.  We owe our Vets that much for their service.  At this point, it is pretty obvious that many working at the Veterans Administration should be in jail; but don't count on it.  Sadly, these crooks give the good employees working at the VA a bad name.   A fish rots from the head down.  Secretary McDonald, who was hired to clean up the VA mess should resign because he has failed miserably.      

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