Friday, November 27, 2015

Some Black Lives Matter in Chicago

Hundreds of Black Activists in Chicago protested the death of Laquan McDonald, a troubled Black 17 year old, carrying a knife in the middle of the street, on a rampage breaking into cars, while on drugs.   McDonald was shot dead by Police Officer Jason Van Dyke, using 16 shots to end his life, under what appears to be questionable circumstances.  For political reasons, Chicago Mayor Raum Emanuel waited over a year to indict this police officer for First Degree Murder.  Emanuel did not want the video, or this case brought to light until after his reelection.  Whether this officer is proven guilty or not the Black community has a right to be angry about the delay in filing charges for political reasons. 

However, apparently only some Black lives matter in Chicago because on an annual basis 400 - 500 Blacks are killed by other Blacks usually in the drug trade, or as a result of gang violence.  Nationally, about 9,000 Blacks are murdered each year and about 93% of the time the murderer is another Black man.  In one of the most tragic recent cases, 9 year old Tyshawn Lee was murdered, execution style, by gang members led by Corey Morgan in retaliation against this child's father, a rival gang member.  Morgan has been arrested and charged with First Degree Murder. 

First, it is pretty sad when Socialist Politicians have to apologize for saying that all lives matter, including the half a million or more lives of the unborn that are aborted every year.  And, no one justifies the killing of anyone in the pursuit of an arrest unless the police officer is truly threatened.  However, the Black Lives Movement seems to focus on just those cases where a Police officer of any color kills a Black person.  Of course, Black rage is more furious if the Police Officer happens to be White even if the killing is justified in the line of duty. 

There should be protests on the streets of Chicago and all other major US cities related to all the murders happening because of Black on Black crime, which is among the worst in the nation.  All lives matter because life is precious.  The problem in Socialist run Chicago is a whole lot bigger than just the relationship between the Police and the Black community.  It is time for Black Leaders in Chicago and all over the United States to deal with the truth related to Black on Black crime.  Until that happens, these murders and the incidents with Police Officers, trying to prevent them, will continue and continue.   

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