Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Is Ben Carson Ready To Be The President Of The United States

The base of the Republican Party is so disgusted with Establishment RINOS that they are looking to real outsiders for the Republican Presidential Nomination.  This is the reason both Ben Carson and Donald Trump are doing well in the polls.  Of late, some polls show Ben Carson ahead of Trump.   This Blogger recognizes that Ben Carson was a brilliant neuro surgeon before retiring.  There is no question that Carson is one really smart guy.  And, Carson has a compelling story growing up the ghetto in Detroit dirt poor to live the American Dream.  Further having a Black Man as the Republican Nominee for President would prove once and for all that Conservatives are not racist as always portended by the Socialists and the left wing lame stream media.  Finally, there is no doubt that if the choice was between Hillary Clinton, who is a Crook and a Liar and Ben Carson, that this Blogger would absolutely vote for Ben Carson without any hesitation. 

However, the real question is whether Ben Carson is ready to be President of the United States without any significant business management, or political experience.  We have seen this story with Obama and it has not been good.   Though Carson has served on various corporate boards, that is not the same as actually running a company and or have significant government managerial experience.  In addition, we need a real Street Fighter to not only defeat Hillary Clinton, the likely Socialist Nominee; but then after winning to deal with the Socialists in government to roll back 100 years of Socialist Creep.  And then there is dealing with foreign leaders and in particular confronting Iran, North Korea, Russia and China; not to mention ISIS and Al Queda.   We need a President who is tough enough to confront Dictators and the Terrorist Threats we face around the world.  While Pinocchio Obama has proven to be incompetent despite his obvious IQ, Ben Carson may be too much of an academic and a nice guy to do the job we need done today.     

This Blogger actually could see Ben Carson, perhaps as the Vice Presidential candidate, or in a cabinet post to cut his teeth on something big.  As much as I like Ben Carson,  I just don't believe that Ben Carson is ready to be President of the United States, when there are others running for the Republican nomination for President with more relevant experience.   

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